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Chris Martin - October 21st '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Mad apologies for the tardy column. So, instead of wasting time on an intro, let's do letters!

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So many questions!

Yo CheSh,
You would think I would be happy having a job where I just sit in a computer lab making sure people to steal one of the 25 1ghz computers and no one ever comes in this lab when I am working, and I can to pretty much anything I want. I also get paid 10 bucks an hour. Well.. I AM happy having a job like that! I'm bored here so I thought I should e-mail you some questions.

1. Do you have GBA? If so how you likin' it?

2. Besides Breath of Fire, do you know of any other RPGs for GBA that are coming out within a 6 month time frame?

3. What percentage of the people who visit Rpgamer only come for the news and Q&A? I'm by far not one of them but i'm just curious!

4. If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes?

5. Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do "practice?"

6. What do you do when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant?

7. Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?

8. If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?

Whoa, kinda got off topic.. but those things happen!

peace. ---- Lyle Smith, another Canadian

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Nope. No GBA for me. Maybe, someday.
2. Golden sun looks like your woman.
3. I think a lot of people come and check out the fan submissions. It's just that Q&A is updated daily along with news. If you're not looking at the fan-art, fan-tunes, etc. , then you're missing out. Don't make me come over there.
4. We evolved alongside Monkeys and Apes, not from them. Ook Ook Ook!
5. A medical "practice", a law "practice", a "practicing" homosexual... I'm pretty sure only one of those you don't need to practice too much for. Odd use of the word.
6. I pitch a couple endangered minerals at it.
7. I think so. Vegans can't, I imagine.
8. I guess you've succeeded in failing... I suppose.

Goodnight, Julia.

Cowboy Bebop Sorta Spoilers Kinda

Glad you've healed from the flu. With that out of the way...
Curse you, CC! Now that I know the Cowboy Bebop movie is stateside, I cannot rest until it is mine. Speaking of Cowboy Bebop, and more specifically,
Episodes 24-26:
Waaaaah! nononononono, not fair! It can't end like that!
*clears throat, gets up off of floor* Okay, I'm better.
I'm not happy, but I'm better.

Anyways -

1. Having recently become a PC-only gamer (in a fit of madness, I sold all my Playstation stuff), I feel the urge to say "Hunt down Anachronox and Septerra Core." Both are excellent console-style RPGs, but only one has a robot with the voice of Eric Cartman. Which is which? Find out for yourself! Plus they're kinda old, so you can get 'em on the cheap.

2. I happen to work in a bookstore, thus Exalted (in the aisle where we keep all of the videogame/scifi stuff, lovingly named, "The Geek Trap"), has caught my eye many a time due to the snappy faux-anime art. How does it play?

3. Speaking for the average gamer/otaku/social outcast's wallet, 'ARRGH!' There's too much stuff coming out this winter! I have 3 different anime movies and 4 different anime series to collect, and I'm not even THINKING about the videogames. I propose we as an unathletic, flabby people rise, and claim disability for our geek status - thus allowing a heavy discount on 'prescriptions' of our various addictions, including Doritos and Mountain Dew.

4. Please, if you haven't already, see Memento. I said this in the last letter, but just in case you, I dunno, forgot or something, SEE IT. If you do, I promise to start watching Adult Swim. (I forget to watch TV...I'm a bad American).

See You Space Catalyst (Haw! I'm funny!),
Johnathan "Bang." Mason

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Anachronox is my pick of the two. There are some other good stuff like "Fallout Tactics" and the Baldur's Gate series.
2. Plays pretty well. It comes to us from White Wolf games, so it has similar mechanics to other world of darkness games. (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage). "Charms" rule. Little mini-spells that let you do super moves. "Rain of Feathered Death", daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.
3. After hearing Margaret Thatcher speak last night, I'm afraid of any governments. Sure, she did a lot of good, but her Iron Heart turns me on in ways that Queen Beryl and Hillary Clinton could only hope to strive for in their lifetimes.
4. I swear to Bob, next trip to the video store, I'm picking it up. Adult Swim is better than TV. It's TV with coolness slathered all over it.


Watch the Wildcats beat the tar of Penn State? You wish. Well, at least you get to go down as the team that gave Joe Paterno his record.


Ahem. "RAGE!" (38 to 35. Lost to a winless team. Grumble grumble...)

r they making any final fantasy games for xbox

Providing Miicrosoft's acquisitions department doesn't have any more evil tricks up their sleeves, no. Looks like they're all headed for the PS2.

Mr. Cookie Cat,
Knockin on heaven's door..... hmm, that's the mid episode title of ep. 24 of Eva?

Q: Are you going to buy a Gamecube?? If so, why?

"Knockin' on Heaven's door" is also the title of a song written by Bob Dylan. Methinks he came up with it first. (BTW, the song r0XXors, but if you don't like the nasal voice of Bob Dylan, Guns and Roses does an awesome version of it.)

The Last Laugh:

That's gonna have to be it for this late posting. Give LB your love.

chesh "Bakane..."
Everyone loves Ruri...

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