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Chris Martin - October 6th '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I am revived! The terrible flu has vacated my body. Which was good, because I had a pretty damn good week. The best thing was that my friend Sterling managed to hook me up with an excellent quality fansub of the Cowboy Bebop movie, "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." The word "bitchin'" was invented exclusively for this flick. Damn cool.

I also picked up the table-top RPG "Exalted." A game system that borrows heavily from elements of Final Fantasy VII (Equip your weapons with Hearthstones) and Ninja Scroll (Do super powered moves!). This isn't my own observation, by the way. They actually admit to as much in the first few pages of the book. So far, it looks cool.

Here's two questions for you, then column. (Oh, and yes, I'll use letters from last week.)

Did you see last Sunday's/Thursday's episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force?"
If so, wasn't that friggin' hilarious? Hell, had me saying "We smoke WHILE we shoot the bird..." for hours afterwards. Maybe it'll become a lame catchphrase or somethin'...

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Screw Anger Management.

Yo Chesh!
Listen; we have got to start a petition against Sega of America to make them bring Shenmue II for the DC. I just read on RPGamer that Sega has cancelled the realease for the DC version in North America! No way! I don't want a BEEP!(yeah I said it!)Xbox!! This is inconceivable! It's outrageous! It's the worst videogame-related news in the history of mankind! Someone has to start a petition and stop this madness!!! I would gladly do it, but I don't have the slightest idea how. Or at the very least, tell me this is all just a BAD JOKE!! PLEASE!!!

~Xeros89 -Miserable...

Das Cat:
I hate to say it, but online petitions are about as effective as fire magic on a lava dragon. This DOES really suck, but I'm afraid that there are about two things we can actually do. "Diddley" and "Poop". Microsoft is just acting in their own best interests (which is how a company profits.) All we can do is maybe grab a european copy, if that turns out alright.

Oh yeah, and I had to censor you. Yes, it sucks. But if I can't say that word, neither can you.

Time Kompression

Hey there!

Alright, so I'm playing through FF8 right? I remember a friend of mine saying something like "Do everything you have to do before you get to the fourth disc, because you can't do anything in the fourth disc!" Now just a minute... What is everything? What kinds of stuff can I do in the third disc that I can't in the fourth? I read the walkthrough and it mostly just covers the main events. What kinds of sidequests should I go on before I make my assault on the Lunaric Pandora that I won’t be able to do later?


Cheshire Catalyst:
Once you reach disc four of FF8, none of the towns are accessable. There is away to get back to the Ragnarok, so that you can buy items, but no more towns. Do all of your in-town chilling prior to entering the Lunatic Pandora.

Ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more...

'Sup Cheese Catal Rancher? A few Q's, like always.

1. What is the oddest thing to ever happen to your video game consol? My PS2 did the Homer Simpson once. (It wasn't working, So I kicked it. Now It works.)

2. What's the most suicidal thing you've done in an RPG?

3. Does toothpaste cleaning work on PS2 CDs?

4. Are you getting the PS2 Internet Connection?

5. Scariest RPG?

6. Oddest Quote from RPG? ( Ryogo: You're such a manly man, Kazuki. ((That's why I say Ryogo is GAY!)) )

7. WHAT!?

Xuelian "Heeere Slime... I just wanna drop you off the empire state building... Aw come on... It's for a school project!"

Cheshire Catalyst:
That's an... interesting way of spelling cattle.

1. My old NES gave me the same problems it gave everyone else. Fortunatly, said problems were fixed simply by ignoring the warning and blowing on the cartridge. My Super NES has yet to fail me as has my Dreamcast. My Playstation has been surprisingly obedient, (even after an incident involving Mountain Dew.) as has my N64. My friend's PS2, sucks though. DVDs skip, and a few times, games just decided to crash in the middle of something.
2. Fought FFVII's weapons as soon as I could. Freakin' deathwish.
3. ...I wouldn't know. Does it remove tartar and prevent gingivitis on games?
4. I've yet to get a PS2. I will, eventually, thanks to FFX and Xenosaga.
5. Lunar 2's Borgan will leave you huddled in a corner like Cobra Commander. "I was once a man! Once a MAN!" I dunno, maybe the first Parasite Eve or one of the Persona games. Neiher managed to "scare" me though.
6. "Spoony Bard!", that one started it all.
7. You heard me...


Hey Chesh,

Did you ever had an Atari and if you did what was your favorite game for it? I still have mine and the best game (in my very humble opinion) ever to come out on that system was River Raid. I played that game for hours..... Anyway which game was your favorite?

Sage of the Stars

Unlike many other Gen-Xers waxing nostalgic about their early video-gaming childhoods, I did not have an Atari 2600. My baby sitter's youngest son did, though. I remember that I thought "Night Stalker" was pretty cool. I did have a Commodore 64. (Program in BASIC on your TV!) I liked "Sea Horse Hide and Seek" as a little 'un, Pitfall, Number Crunchers, and uh... Defender.

Don't even trick yourself into thinking that you are ready to come out of the prison you call life.



Why is everyone spelling my name "Dr. Cossak" instead of Dr. Cossack?

- Dr. Cossack
12 days...

Because they're all fools. FOOLS!

Is the X-box gonna have decent rpg's, or are they gonna suck along with the rest of their other games?

-Strung Out 182

It's gonna have Shenmue II, and that looks good. Grumble Grumble...*

The Last Laugh:

My parents are in town. Gonna go watch the Wildcats beat the tar out of Penn State tomorrow and then hear Margret Thatcher speak. See ya'll tomorrow.

*My grumbling indicates disatisfaction. In no way do I need meat right now. Dodongo Dislikes Smoke.

chesh "Let's live our lives heroically. Let's live our lives with style."
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