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Chris Martin - September 29 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I had both Aikido club and Anime club today. Why the hell don't I just MOVE to Japan?

Aikido really is enjoyable, though. It's healthy, and I can really appreciate the philosophy behind it. (Hint: The name means "The way of inner harmony") Love and peace, amigos!

One day, I will have to get a PS2. Xenosaga and FFX demand it. Watching my friend play through Xenogears for the first time has rekindled my entirely platonic love for Citan Uzuki. I can't say no to a man who looks THAT MUCH like Egon Spengler. Eat righteous fist, Solaris!

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Just think of MSWorks as "BookMaker 2000" and you're set.

Have you heard any news about the Rpgmaker for Playstation? I would really like to know when it is going to be released in the United States. If you find out when the release date is could you tell me? I've been waiting for a long time for it. Thanks.


Cheshire Catalyst:
That game's been out for a while. I saw it on the shelves of the local EBX. Rated "E" for everyone. Goes for about forty bucks.

I like oriental food.

Hello Chesh.

I just wanted to bring something up that really bugs me. On the RPGamer website in a recent news update regarding a Yoshitaka Amano art book collection, the writer wrote the sentence "For a taste of what our oriental brothers have been treated to, check out the images of The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy below." Believe it or not, using the word "oriental" to describe people is not only politically incorrect but can also be offensive. I hear this a whole lot from Americans, as most people don't even realize the distinction. People are Asian; Rugs are Oriental.

Thanks for listening, I just had to get that out of my system. :-P


Cheshire Catalyst:
It happens. Sometimes reporters slip up. No harm was meant, I'm sure. I don't use the term "politically (in)correct", though. I've always thought it to be just a meaningless term. The two words don't even go together! It's impossible to be "politically correct" on an issue. There's no 'correct' stance to take on hot-button issues. It's just meaningless media-generated jargon. It'll have a lot of company in American english. Anyway, I don't say "PC". I call it "being polite." It works well. I'm nice to people, people are nice to me. Works out well, and it's not hard to learn.

Would a Golden Sun be anything like a Golden Shower?

So, I don't have a PS2. So what? Ico's shortness is quickly becoming legendary and having just finished grading my latest batch of papers, I've got some free time this weekend. So, I figure I'll rent a PS2, a crisp, clean copy of Ico and sit down for 7-8 hours of gaming goodness. But alas, the evil Empire (Blockbuster in this case, not the USA) doesn't have the thing. I cry, I tell you. I cry.

To make matters worse, they don't have Advance Wars or DWIII (gbc) either. Eight miles of games, and not one that I want.

I suppose I'll go back to waiting for a game on a system that I own. If only I could find two people who agree on when Golden Sun is being released.


Cheshire Catalyst:
Your lettermakes me sad. I weep with you.
November 12. Until then, just hide under the bed.

The Last Laugh:

Short column. Few letters, and it's late.
Time for a cheap letter boost trick. Here's 5 Questions for the next column. Answer some or all of them when you write in. That means YOU, sucka.

1. You're designing an RPG. What elements from other games would you employ? Battle systems? Overworld qualities? Mini-games? Tactical combat, turn-based, or real-time?
2. This has been asked before. Tough. Who's your favorite sidekick from a game? Nall? Morte? Shadow? Who's the most awesome?
3. Is it ok to kill the spiders to save the butterflies?
4. Any table-top RPG's you'd like to see remade for the console or PC?
5. What's the worst cartoon/anime ever made? Be honest.

Write in with your opinionated.... erm.. opinions. Maybe we'll start a pointless flame war. That would be fun, in a diseased way.

chesh "Some days I think.... there's no place worse than this planet."
Vash the Stampede is my hero.

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