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Chris Martin - September 23 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Guess what? Called the girl today. Asked if she wanted to go out. Her response, "Umm... I was kinda drunk, and I kinda have a boyfriend." Ain't that ducky?
But she wants to be friends. To quote Chris Rock (many wise men named 'Chris', this I know) "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm in the friend zone!" The friend zone is a sad place to be.

In other news, I rule at Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. I totally own everyone at this game. Trust me, there's a deliciously naughty feeling of satisfaction when you beat your opponent with what I call "Little Girl Strikeforce Alpha!" Or, B.B. Hood, Tronne Bonne, and Roll. Yes, you read that right, I'll kick your ass with Roll. LUV BUSTAH!

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Wolves don't meow. This could be a sinister trick...


When they say 'Domestic Soundtrack', does that mean they're available in any music store? I want the new FF soundtracks, but I'm pretty sure my local Specs and Camelot don't have 'em, though I'll have to go check again. I'm going to assume you can only get them easily off of Which is just the same as buying an import soundtrack, if cheaper. I hate ordering things online. Most stores don't have a number for you to call in an order. I refuse to put my CC # on the internet. Even if they do, I still don't like ordering things. I prefer to -see- items first.


"The following segment of this show may contain mature themes and language, so if you have any small children in the house, you might want to kill them"

Cheshire Catalyst:
Basically, Domestic soundtracks are Soundtracks produced for use by US fans. "Domestic" anything means made in -insert your country here- Domestic policy, Domestic beer, (which don't go well together). Domestic really means something close to "home" (Domestic Abuse), but the word is most often used on a national scale. Yes these CD's are for sale in the US. Most general record stores don't carry them. Have a specialty shop for games/anime in your local area? They might carry them. Over the summer, I went to "Joy's Japanimation" in Greensburg, PA.

A lot of people are nervous about using a Credit Card online. However, it's actually pretty safe. Just as many people will see your # if you take it out in a regular store. And if you go to a place that you know you can trust, you can feel safe. I've recieved nothing but good service from in the past, for example. They'll probably have what you're looking for. Even if you don't like it, it might just be the only way you can acquire one of these tracks...

I'd like to see someone get hit by a bus. Mean? Yes, but damnit, that would be cool.

Heya, Chesh,

I have things to ask/say. I hope it helps to fill that void of letters. (hah!)

Opinion START!
There is a such thing as a hardcore gamer. It's just a very rare occurrence. People who can play DDR in front of a large crowd of people (doing poorly or making every correct move) without being embarrassed, is one example(it's harder than you might think). Another might be someone who takes the time and effort to master all materias in FF7 without using the W-item duplication trick and feeding 99 elixirs to a bunch of magic pots. I guess the hardcore type is in the eye of the beholder. Too many gamers today proclaim themselves as such. From what I've experienced, if one calls themselves a hardcore gamer, then one usually isn't. Sooooo, if anyone says they are hardcore, smack them and tell them to play through Strikers 1945 on one credit.

Question, begin!
This question is in regard to Xenosaga/Xenogears in general. As has been stated numerous times, Monolithsoft is going to try to create six games to go with the timeline of the Xenogears universe. This also includes the "remake" of Episode V(otherwise known as Xenogears, duh ^_^). How do you think they are going to handle this? Do you think they will actually remake Xenogears for the PS2/GC, possible recreating the sprites, and maybe even redubbing the English voice actors?(If they turn the sprites into polygons, I'll bury my copies of the rest of the timeline....I swear), or do you think they'll just pull a SquareSoft and just make all the prerendered scenes into realtime ones? Do you think the story will change? What about the dialog? WILL THEY ACTUALLY MAKE CHU-CHU A VIABLE CHARACTER?! *ahem*

Quickies, accelerate!
1. Is there a Q&A host war going on that I've missed? Do you have your own set of readers that only worshi.., er, write in to you? ;)

2. A question about Square and SquareSoft. I know that one of those names is the collective name of the programming teams, and one is the publishing arm of the company. Which is which?

Well, I think I'm done rambling. Thanks in advance for printing this, if you do.

Xero "I like pretzels!" Zohar

PS: When my spell checker comes to PS2, it wants to change it into "pest".
Food for thought. ^__^

Cheshire Catalyst:
Ok, so maybe I was a tad harsh on the whole "Hardcore" gamer bit, but that kind of elitism simply nauseates me. Onward!

Is Xenogears popular enough to support six titles? I guess it all depends on how well "Xenosaga" works out. I smell a simple repackaging for Xenogears, while what I would like is a complete rebuild. Xenogears is a good game, but it looks like something someone put together the night before it was due. Plotlines started and left unresolved, too much text... A lot could be trimmed down and some of the more annoying areas (Like that damn Babel tower) could be fixed. Sadly, 'tis too much to hope for I fear.
No war that I was ever made aware of. People will always have their favorites, though I've yet to see anything like street gangs for because of it. "Dis be Brad turf, yo!"
Squaresoft programs, Square publishes. However, I think that they're simply one and the same "Squaresoft"

I'm a slave to cookies.

Hola, Chesh

You talked to a girl? I can one up that. I danced with a girl last night. A pretty horrifying thing when you consider that I dance as well as a quadriplegic dog that's blind. Anyway, I have this dilemma. I recently went on sort of an RPG buying binge by buying Front mission 3, FFT, Alundra, Valkyrie Profile, FF9, Saiyuki, Wild ARM's and Vandal Hearts (screw textbooks, games are more important damnit!) and plan on continuing this little binge by getting Hoshigami, DW7 and Arc the Lad Trilogy, whenever that comes out. I have beaten all the games on my list up to FF9 and am currently working on Saiyuki. So what I need to know is what to play next. Should I start on Wild ARM's or Vandal Hearts? And when the new games come out, should I forsake the game I didn't choose so that I can beat the newer ones, or should I beat the one that I already have? And if I start on the newer ones, which do I play first, seeing as how the gaming gods have decided to screw with me and release Hoshigami and DW7 on the same day! I don't know! Help me! Please? I'll give you a cookie . . .

now in new and improved chibi form!

Cheshire Catalyst:
Dancing is a scary sight for me. Maybe I should have just gone to BYU and avoided the whole dance thing altogether. Opression is for my own good...

Sometimes it's a good idea to play the games you have now before buying the new ones. Two reasons. One, you may never go back and finish the old ones, and two, if you play the old ones, then it'll give the new games time to drop in price. Used isn't too bad. I got a bunch of games for $19 that way.

Go for Hoshigami. Looks purty.


Hey Chesh, here's a problem for you:

I finally just got both Xenogears and Chrono Cross... WHICH ONE DO I PLAY FIRST??? I've wanted both games since I first heard about them and can't decide...

Chris "Today on Raul's Wild Kingdom, we're teaching poodles how to fly!", the big red jumpsuit guy

What's with the UHF quote resurgence lately? The coolness quotent of this page has gone up significantly because of them.
Friend has the same problem. Have you tried... both? Xenogears is a LOT longer than CC, so you might want to play CC first.

I ran on the varsity cross country team at my high school for 3 years so I feel your pain. If your calfs were hurting, you probably need to pick up a good pair of running shoes (New Balance or Adidas are my recommendations). Also make sure to run a light warm up/cool down and stretch before and after (keeps lactic acid from building up in muscles which is painful). You've probably heard that all before but I wouldn't want you to get injured like I did.

Exercise safe, kids. I don't have the best running shoes on earth right now, but I really don't want to spend the cash on new ones right now. I should be fine. Your concern is much appreciated.

The quicky on what games were based on cards, Arcana for the SNES used cards for character interaction, enemies and spells. One of my fav's on the SNES. Just a FYI.


Got this from a couple people. Good thing to know.

The Last Laugh:

Be nice to Aegis tomorrow or no school on Monday.

It's been awhile, hasn't it? But fear not, true believers, I'm on schedule for tomorrow, and I've got a topic I want you to write in about. Which one game (from all genres; don't limit yourself to only RPGs), scheduled to be released in North America between now and the end of the year, are you looking forward to the most? And, of course, tell me the why.

Also, if you're up to the challenge, I want you to give me a comprehensive list of all the gamestuff you plan to buy (or receive as gifts, if that's more appropriate) between now and the end of the year: games, systems, controllers, other peripherals, etc. I know I'm know that I'm going to be spending a veritable fortune on gaming goodies this year, and I'm curious as to what my fellow gaming brethren intend to get.

Send me your responses, as well as any questions you might have, and we'll compare answers tomorrow.

Ha HA! Just kidding. School actually starts Monday for me. In addition, all the other stuff starts too. Wednesday I'm going to an actual Aikido lesson. At the booth they even had one of those wooden swords. (You know, like Kuno's) It's going to take a lot of self-control to resist picking one up, screaming "Hiten Mitsurugi Style.... Smack in the head!" and clubbing someone. Wish me luck.

chesh "Kenshin Himura... the legendary Battousai the manslayer."
Happosai vs. Battousai?

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