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Chris Martin - September 17 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Honey, I'm home!

It's a brand new school year folks, and I've returned to rock your weekends so hard that they'll pass out on your couch at 4 am and puke all over your dog. I got back to school yesterday, and after having to replace TV that some ignorant mother-trucker decided to steal, I've finally settled in.

Just thought I'd repeat something Chi said at the end of yesterday's column. We'd like to broaden the focus of this whole Q&A dealie. Yes, it will remain primarily RPG questions, but don't be shy about submitting other questions, opinions rants or musings about gaming, tv, music, or life in general. In fact, please feel free to share any embarrasing stories with us. You know, like the time you caught your older brother wearing women's underwear, or the time you brought your pet iguana to school and it ate the class hamster. Anything will do. Variety is the spice of life. (And cliche's like that are the spice of every hack writer's repitoire.)

Now, before I become too distracted with Capcom Vs. Marvel 2, (Go Morrigan, Megaman, and Gambit!) let's do this dirty column.

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Jammin' along with Jowy

Well I guess I'm one more idiot with too much ::cough:: free time, but I was wondering if you had any idea of where I could get say....
Sheet music for Genso Suikoden (I, II, Gaiden, Gaiden II)? I've found some piano music for FFVII and FFVIII, but no luck with


Cheshire Catalyst:
It doesn't look like there's any actual sheet music for sale at the moment. However, the liner for the original soundtrack for Genso Suikoden does contain some.
Music is nice, but pimps are bad. I hate pimps!

It appears I'm officially back

Hey (monks sing) CHES-IRE CAT-AL-YST
I have to ask what have you done over the summer? Also I just laughed at the idea of the lack of bathrooms in most RPG's. Why don't they have them anyway? Also what do you think of the Suikoden III info? I can't help but laugh at the idea of a character who's a duck wearing a football helmet.
Imperial Mog

Cheshire Catalyst:
More Suikoden please. Also, putting animals in funny clothes is always funny. (Terribly cruel, but funny)
My summer,

June- Saved planet from invisible aliens. My work goes unappreciated as I pose as a not very mild-mannered teller. Also, invented the rhubarb slurpee.
July- Battled my evil Russian twin brother from another dimension in a dance contest. Went on the hit Icelandic game show, "Who wants to not freeze to death?" Got all the way up to "space heater", but answered the question wrong and went back down to "light bulb."
August- Turned 21. Got really drunk. Not in that order.
Early September- Lost it to a lovely young lady named "Magenta." The next morning, I discovered "she" was a "he!" It remained the most shocking event in my life for 30 entire seconds until I realized that Magenta was also a marmoset.

And the serpent said unto Eve, "ye shall surely not die, but you shall be as Gods!"

Hey Chesh,

Got some Xenogears questions for ya. I know I should find the answers in some FAQs but I can't find them anywhere!

1. What do the Jr. Dolls do?

2. This FAQ told me that I could've gotten this Kijin sword for Fenir by trading in the Kishin sword in the crashed Shevat. I stupidly sold it after I got a new sword. Is there anyway I can get it back?

3. What is the purpose of the mermaid's tear?


Cheshire Catalyst:
1. The Dolls can be used as accessories. The Fei doll increases the critical hit damage, the Bart doll increases the critical hit rate, the Billy doll increases Acc and Evade, the Emeralda doll allows for equal damage when counterattacking, and the Elly doll gives a random -%50 or +%50 to any ether attack. They also make you a girl, because only girls play with dolls. Boys collect poseable action figures and yell "Napalm attack, look out Snake Eyes!" and light them on fire.
2. Doesn't look like it. Tough break, dude.
3. On Disc 2, in the now crashed Shevat, go to the carbonite freezing room with Emerelda in your party. An old woman will be by the now wrecked door. Talk to her, and she'll make the "Mermaid's Ring" for you. It increases Attack and Ether Defense each by 10. Nice.

Wow, first column back, and they ask me again.

Hey Chesh, nice to see ya again ^_^
4 Questions!

1- Any good anime I should get? My faves are Sailormoon, Fushigi Yuugi, and Escaflowne!
2- Who's your favorite Chrono Cross char?
3- Whatever happened to Queen Beryl?
4- What happens when you get all 50 Jewels in Illusion of Gaia? I'm replaying it and I wanna get 'em all!

Light of Hope

Cheshire Catalyst:
Ahh, opinion letters. Always the easiest to answer.
1. Might as well get the show that's all three of those combined. Magic Knight Rayearth.
2. Kidd or Glenn
3. She's waxing her back. Very nasty.
4. You get to go to Jeweler's secret zone. Turns out he isn't as benevolent as we thought he was. You'll have to fight through a small dungeon as Will. Not an easy boss.


Hey Cheshire Catalyst,

Welcome back to Q&A! I've included a "welcome back" gift in the form of a humorous image I created. Enjoy!


The picture is below. Very awesome. You get a tilde, "~", and the admiration of your peers.

You're back! You're back! Yeah!

Amazing! Just what I was thinking.


...that you, Thor?

The Last Laugh:

What a nice first day back. Aegis will be back next week to do monday's column, so I'll see you next weekend.
But now...
ger ready for it...
Go to school! Get on the bus! Hahahahah!

chesh "I kill the spiders to save the flies."
Gekigan FLARE!!!!!!!!!

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