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Chris Martin - July 29th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption has (finally) been beaten. Due to the fact that I refrained from hacking people to death left and right, I had a nice, high humanity at the end of the game: Happy ending for e!

As promised, the old horrible picture of me has been replaced with something less horrible.I think I just can't take a decent picture. Look away quickly and read the column.

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Yes...yes...yes...NO! NO!

Greetings (hentai Paws sings) CHESH

Now where was the TRC and Lord Brian yaoi picture from your game? I need to figure out how to make silly pictures since I got a silly idea. Let's just say it involves a mixing of Jim Traficant and Rezo so let's see you guess what that entails. I do need images of those two in similar poses.

Imperial Mog

Cheshire Catalyst:
All pictures were taken unceremoniously (no ceremony was involved) from the staff bios page. I have pictures of such shady characters as FireMyst, Mistress Nightshadow, and Googleshng, but they were not used. (Especially Mikel's. Woof.)
If you want pictures, send your favorite staff member 5 bucks, and specify the type of exotic underwear.

Oh no! Incorrect composer recognition!

I just finished playing through Chrono Trigger for, like, the one billionth time a few days ago, and this time, I noticed something that I thought was kind of... odd. At the end credits, under "composer" (or something to that effect... maybe it was "music composer"? whatever.), it says "Nobuo Uematsu". Now, I knew Uematsu had a hand in composing some of the tracks for the game, but I was always under the impression that Yasunori Mitsuda did most of the soundtrack, himself. So why the heck is Uematsu the only one credited for it?

I... don't get it.


Cheshire Catalyst:
I don't get it either. I suspect a large payoff involving booze and whores was involved.

Set sail for new platforms.

Hi There, do you have any idea whether or not ski's of Arcadia is going to make North American shores for the PS2?

There was the rumor that sega had canceled it but they came back and said it hadn't been canceled, so what's up!


David Hackman

Cheshire Catalyst:
No sign of it. Since nothing's been mentioned, it's doubtful. There is a port being made for Gamecube, though.

Big-Ass Letter

(Imperial Mog sings) Cheeeesh,

It was a long time coming.

Anyway, a few quick ::coughnotreallycough:: questions for you. Feel free to ignore, delete, bbq, ravage, or shrug-off any q you like, but I didn't really have to say that did I?

1. I heard "Chrono Break" is just a (presumably) game title that Square has copyrighted for the sake of copyrighting. Is there more to it than that?

2. How come you guys don't have "Custer's Revenge" on the game list? Eh, eh?

3. Why does that guy want an LoD sequel? Does he need another doorstop?

4. What do you believe to be the best movie-licensed game? "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"?

5. On the same subject (sorta), why do you think it is that no one ever thought to make a "Pulp Fiction" game? I can see it now ::rubs chin::....

"So how do you feel now that you're back in Midgar?"
"Eh, you know, it's odd, it's the little differences."
"Well, you know what they call a quarter-pounder with cheese in Wutai?"
"No, what?"
"A Yuffie with Cheese, which either has to do with the metric system, or Yuffie being a nasty slut."
"Shit man, that's harsh."

HAHAHAHA.... HAHAHA.... HA.... Yeah.

6. Who is your favorite character from "Xenogears" (my favorite RPG) and why?

7. And finally, does this sentence make me look fat?

OK, those were the questions/inane ramblings I felt like tossing your way. Catch them if you will.

Sincerely Lyniad,

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Copywright is the first important step. I still have the Inquest magazine (Yes, I used to read that...) where it was announced that Lucasfil copywrighted names like "Padme Amidala", "Darth Maul", "Darth Sidious" etc. etc.
2. We make porn. We don't review it.
3. I dunno. Maybe the sequel will feature more of Rose's tasteful vagina-powered attacks.
4. Probably that Batman game made for the NES
5. I like the scene where Tifa ODs, and Cid has to give her an adrenaline shot in the chest. He goes to do it, but he can't stop staring at her tits.
6. PC wise, I liked Fei and Citan. If Shinji Ikari could do bad-ass karate, I'd like him too. I also liked the captain, but everyone likes the captain.
7. Yeah, it does. Sir, you are not a size 8.

The Last Laugh:

I'm going away for a while, folks. Since I'm headed home where there's no broadband connection, I'll be handing off this column to someone for the next six or so weekends.
See you in the fall!

Chris "Just one more thing! The people and the friends that we have lost, or the dreams that have faded..." Martin

...never forget them.

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