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Chris Martin - July 27th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

No excuses for yesterday besides the large paper that demanded finishing. Saying that you have a column to have done by the next day is only a good excuse for an extention if you work for the government and write columns about the mean price of grain commodities. I write about role playing games and zombies. Sensible farmers and other down to earth types don't care about that!

In other(old) news, I finally have the chance to give the Final Fantasy IV PSX re-make a whirl. Not only does it bring back buckets of nostalgia, but the game comes with an all-new translation! It's like playing a whole new game, sorta! Maybe! Another nice touch was that the new translators saw fit to leave in "You Spoony Bard!" It's FFIV hardtype with a new translation! It's like I fell into some kind of alternate old-school dimension where Ted Woolsey serves us all margaritas, and 3d graphics were never invented!

Column. It's called that because you scroll down to read it, smartass.

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I gave my Toreador a chaingun.

I like spending other people's money.

Hey, Chesh;

What should I get? Warcraft 3 or Neverwinter Nights? Both games seem really good, but at this moment I can only afford one. Do you have any preferences? Or should I really start saving and buy both?

- Moriya

Cheshire Catalyst:
Neverwinter Nights allows for a greater stretching of the creative muscles. Unless you're a big fan of the Real-Time Strategy games, I'd suggest Neverwinter Nights if your box can run it.

A return of Dart and his boys?

i'm just curius, but have you heard any rumors of a Legend of Dragoon sequel or even another Chrono series game possibly being concived of? -thanx...


Cheshire Catalyst:
While no sequels to Legend of Dragoon have been announced, another Chrono game titled "Chrono Break" is in the works. Nothing is known at this time besides the name, however.

Hopefully, this time, you have a chance to murder Lobelia Sackville-Baggins.

To start, Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic is not a xbox exclusive, its also for PC ( ). And Halo is being ported to the PC as we speak (,10870,2874180,00.html ), so there goes two of bean's oh so great xbox-only games. (And I bet at least 10 other people pointer this out)

And now since this is Q&A, do you think the LotR GBA game will be the standard piece of shit that comes out for movies, or not? Their taking so long, is it an actual delay for quality, or just waiting for part 2 to boost sales? And those sprites...just..look...bad.



Cheshire Catalyst:
It can't be any worse than the SNES Lord of the Rings game. While I've built up a nasty little prejudice over the years for movie-liscensed products, I'll try and remain positive here.

I will not go to the love hotel with you!


I was just wondering. What projects are the RPGamer staff working on currently? Any games or music projects or anything? I wanted to offer my services.


Cheshire Catalyst:
For Leviticus and the lot of ye, check the staff bios page or email your favorite staff member and ask nicely. Outside of RPGamer, the lot of us rarely work together. The rare exception was "Naughty website producers 4", the blockbuster Japanese hentai game.

We're very, very sorry to have done that. We needed the money to support our individual cocaine/Taco Bell/Red Bull habits. Also, that's probably the uglist picture of me ever taken. I better update that with something that makes me look less "special" sometime soon.

Silversol works for the government, I bet. Don your tinfoil hats, my children!

Hey Chesh,

I did an elaborate spreadsheet. Well not that elaborate. Anyway I calculated the votes and came up with the top 10 games straight from the RPGamer staff. Here they are. Percentage of the votes is next to the game.

1. Chrono Trigger 19.41%
2. Final Fantasy VI 15.61%
3. Super Smash Bros. Melee 10.97%
4. Final Fantasy IV 10.55%
5. Final Fantasy Tactics 8.02%
6. Xenogears 6.33%
7. Skies of Arcadia 5.06%
8. Final Fantasy 9 4.64%
9. StarCraft 4.22%
and a 4-way tie for 10th all with 3.80%
T-10. Advance Wars
T-10. Final Fantasy V
T-10. Final Fantasy VII
T-10. Tales of Phantasia

Hope this information is....umm, I don't know. I hope it's something. It took me awhile to do this since there are like 29 or so on the RPGamer staff. In short I hope this work was not in vain. If you can't do anything with this email please tell me who to send it to.

~Silversol aka Phil Tyran

Cheshire Catalyst:
Silversol offers up a cool little list. In an interesting twist, the fan has polled the staff! Oh HO, Silversol. The tables have now turned, and now its personal, and were on the edge in a world gone mad!
The good news is that everyone likes Chrono Trigger and FFVI! RPGamer is the best source for RPG Information because of our superior tastes. We're much better than, say, Fox News or CNN. Did you know that Tony Snow thinks Deadly Towers was the best RPG ever? And that Larry King really enjoys Lord of the Rings for SNES? What a pair of maroons!
Ahem. Cool effort, Silversol!

The Last Laugh:

Just a quick note for clarity's sake out there. My fourth of july rant was meant largely in jest. While I may not agree with many political/economic points of view, I wouldn't really label many of them as "evil." That was just me being silly. Remember: much of what I say is largely meant in jest, jolly good fun, etc. etc. If I'ever serious about something like that, I'll make it clear. Trust me. ;)
That said, have a nice day!

Chris "The hunger rises... and death is near." Martin

Serena is more goth than anything.

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