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Chris Martin - July 21st '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Before we go any further, I need to give you guys another one of my animé reccomendations. Go rent/buy/watch-at-a-friend's-house "Now and Then, Here and There." It's a thirteen episode OAV series, and its one of the best series I've seen in quite a while.
While riding his bike after Kendo class, Shu sees a young girl sitting atop the smokestacks of an abandoned factory. She's watching the sunset. He climbs up after her, and tries to start a conversation. After a few failed attempts and an awkward silence, they sit and watch the sunset together. Suddenly, in a sphere of green light, they are transported billions of years into the future by soldiers who are looking for the girl.
The future ain't pretty.
It's a hellish world covered in sand. They arrive in a military fortress called "Hellywood" that commands a massive army under the service of a mad king. Life is harsh, especially for the children who are forced into military service at a young age. It's a bold stroke of an animé that shows an interesting degree of depth on a variety of issues. I don't mean to be evasive, but specifying which issues would spoil many later plot twists.

There's my note for the day. Let us journey to a cave of monsters together!

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Have a drink of Holy Water, Tremere scum!

Sometimes, I'm retarded

You said:
-- 1. Yep. There's a Record of Lodoss War game for the PSX with diablo-style gameplay.

What you should have said:
1. Yep. There's a Record of Lodoss War game for the Dreamcast with diablo-style gameplay.

Cheshire Catalyst:
New rule! In addition to the guess the quote game, first person to correctly fix my retarded screw-ups gets a free experience point! Go buy yourself an extra ability or save 'em up and buy a charm/gift/sphere/discipline/attribute/edge!

I could REALLY go for a baked potato right now.

Hey Chesh, thought I'd help you out since it looks like you're going to be short on letters.

1. Have you seen Donnie Darko? Damn good movie. Right up Google's alley I think, what with the 6 foot demonic bunny rabbit among other things. Enjoyable for everyone who likes trippy movies.

2. Know anything about Weiss Kreuz? I rented the first 5 episodes and they were nothing special (and a little fruity), the outtakes were the best part, does it get better?

3. ...

4. In FFX is the chocobo game REALLY worth the trouble?

5. May I have a toothcake?

6. What's your most hated status ailment? Well, it's about time for me to get some sleep now so I'll leave you with this quote:

"every time I see something screech across the room and latch onto some guy's neck and the guy's screaming and trying to get it off, I have to laugh, 'cause what IS that thing?"

Johrdan, Norse God of Paleness

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Nope. The last "trippy" movie I've watched was Adolesence of Utena. I think any movie that has characters turn into cars is certifiably trippy.
2. Watching Weiss Kreuz (aka "Knight Hunters") is like being sucked into the event horizon of an astronomically large singularity of gay. Four alleged boys work in a flower shop by day, and... uh... hunt knights by night. Actually, they're good assasins or something and they go around killing crime bosses and such. Oh! And let's not forget that the show's name translates into "White Cross". White Cross? Why that sounds almost religious!
Believe it or not, the whole thing sucks. I honestly don't know how you take a show about a team of elite gay ninja assasin vigilanties and make it so damn bad. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against vigilaties, gays, or florists, but this show is ass. If you want bishounen, then go buy Gundam Wing. You can have fun trying to throw rocks at the screen every time hell-beast Dorothy comes on screen.
3. ...Whatever
4. Sadly, yes. You need to beat it to get the sun crest. You need the sun crest to make Tidus's best weapon. It sucks, Johrdan. It sucks hard.
5. I guess. Don't spoil your dinner, or your mother will kill me.
6. Confuse is annoying in Final Fantasy. In Baldur's Gate, it's The Absolute Worst Thing Ever. Half of your party is now trying to kill the other half along with the beholders! Hooray!

Why don't people try making games about killing Zoroaster or Buddha? They sound like easier targets.


I really chuckled at your thoughts on Xenogears. Pretentious is the perfect adjective. If you haven't visited and read up on the history of religious symbolism in video games, do so at first opportunity. It's so zany!

Anyway, I made this for you. I thought'd you'd get a smirk out of it.

-Tommy Moo

Cheshire Catalyst:
If you ever made a church out of sarcastic, disillusioned twenty-somethings, Jeremy Parish would be immediatly crowned pope.

Also this... the funniest pic I've seen in approximatly forever. It's much better than my old crap, anyway. You win.

Only the wise know the quote...

Firesign Theatre, The Adventures of Nick Danger, Third Eye, 'nuff said.

P.S. How has the old site been holding together without me? Well, I hope? Still a regular reader.

Cheshire Catalyst:
~! You are correct!
The site's been ok, but ever since you left, Mikel drinks a lot now and he beats me with an extention cord. I mean I fell down the stairs and off my bike!

The Last Laugh:

Before I am assailed with emails from the entire US bishounen fanbase, let me assure you of something. I know that the boys in Weiss Kruz are not gay! That's just me being a product of being raised in rural Pennsylvania where men were forbidden from sharing their emotions because of societal taboos! My fragile feminine side is crying out from the depths of my soul, "Help! Help! I'm being repressed!", but I just try harder to drown it with more NASCAR racing, Pro-Wrestling, Arm Wrestling, Bear Wrestling, and Beer.
I hope that's all cleared up. Next week, kiddos.

Chris "Quatre plays the flute!" Martin

Hur Hur Hur! Thas so funny!

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