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Chris Martin - July 6th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I'm all patrioted out. It's back to the life of a cynical twenty-something for me. Let's answer your questions!

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FM4: Now with more anger!

HI Chesh:

I think Front Mission 4 would be great.. however, I hope I could get on the development team so I could make some improvements...keep most of the elements of FM3, some extra elements to the weapon system; Less useless dialoge. More rational characters. Otherwise. it would be a perfect version of FM3. Of course, better visuals for the PS2 and such. but I liked FM3..

So Squaresoft....Hire me for the development of FM4.

and's the question:
"I'm having problems on those things that go up and down on level 4"

No.. just kidding.

Buying games is sometimes hard. Do you have a process for deciding to buy when you're stuck between 2 games?

Thank you,
DEFUNCT webmaster

Cheshire Catalyst:
My biggest complaint with Front Mission 3 were the long, tedious conversations. Keep the conversations shorter, give me a little more interaction within the conversations, and keep the comedic Engrish to a minimum, please. It's hard to take your gripping plot about the fallout-free nuclear bomb seriously when lines like "I don't like murderers." For a sequel, I think I'd be happy with more of the same gameplay wise. More robots, more weapons, and more cool websites. Hey, here's an idea. Combine Front Mission 3's "internet" with real internet access. Create mock webpages for the players to access. Various PCs could have their own favorite sites. Ryogo loves Seanbaby, while Dennis is a big fan of the Darwin Awards.

When I'm stuck between two choices, I weigh. If they're PC games, I may pick the one I think will run on my machine better. I usually prefer an RPG to any other type of game: more gameplay for my dollar.

My clone is sending me letters, I think.

Do you like romance in RPGs? I can take some in mild doses, but too much (FFX) just makes me sick, and i usually don't finish those types of games. Have you played Shadow Hearts? If so, what do you think of it? And you mentioned Onimusha, I've been thinking about getting it, how good is it? And how long is it?


Cheshire Catalyst:
Granted, I don't want to play Richard Gere: The RPG, but a dash of romance can be nice. Especially between the hero and the princess. It feeds that male conciet that we have about rescuing helpless damsels. I haven't played Shadow Hearts. Onimusha is Resident Evil in ancient Japan. Only instead of Jill "Eek! Eek!" Valentine, you get to be a badass samurai. The game is dissapointingly short, however. You can play through the whole thing on a saturday afternoon.

Formalities Dispensed With

Hi again Chesh,

I'll get right to the question since I have no setup for it.

Do you think a certain time period will be used more in future games (medieval, renaissance, 50,000 years ago, present, get the idea.) or will it stay varied like it is now and was in the past?

And which period of time do you prefer when playing a game? (I go from 11 AM to about 5 PM...bad joke)

And can't you give us a hint of what happened after 9 PM on the 4th? Or don't you remember?

Get some air conditioning, or an oscillating fan. Don't drink stuff with caffeine or eat foods that cause water loss but eat lots of fruits with potassium and stuff like that. That way you won't get heat stroke.

Stay um.. American,


Cheshire Catalyst:
Thanks, Silversol! Now I know!
Traditionally, RPGs have been set in a mideval-style setting reminiscent of Tolkien and Dungeons and Dragons. I use the word "Traditionally" here in the context of "Overused to death." Sci-fi and contemporary settings have been interesting me, lately I guess.


Hey, fat bald insecure broke guy! (did I get the 4? haha)

Your quote was too easy...If about 490932 don't get it I say you hold an evil dead/army of darkness day to show everyone how stupid they were for not knowing what it was.

Army of Darkness? Jesus, if Its evil dead 2 I'm gonna shoot myself. =)


Cheshire Catalyst:
Correct about the quote! However, I am not bald.

The Last Laugh:

Another column, another full inbox printing. Hell, as long as the 'box remains sparse, you guys make my job easier. Who am I to complain? Later.

Chris "I'll get you Jesse Custer! You're a vicious, wicked little whelp and I'm going to punish you! I promise you, you brat! I'll be waiting for you in hell!!" Martin

I never thought I'd see an old woman get exploded out of her house and say, "Hell Yeah!"

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