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Chris Martin - June 28th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

In a manner not unlike the influenza virus, I have returned to the world of Role-Playing Game Question Answering again to infect and nauseate. After a week-long break of yard work, Excel Saga, GTO, and watching my sadistic cat cull the herds of newborn rabbits in our yard, I'm once again full of clever witticisms and sly innuendos to use when telling you guys to use the blue key on the third floor of the antlion cave or whatever dungeon you've gotten yourself into. Stay the hell out of those dungeons! It's dark and dirty in there! It's full of bees and spiders, you might poke your eye out! Wait 'till your father comes home!

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The bad sentence was written in the passive voice by me.

Link love loves you. Do you love love him?

Hey Chesh,

This new Zelda with the new cel shading is very controversial. Many wont even give the game a chance anymore. I believe that the game will be fine! The graphics are great and the gameplay looks great. Sure Zelda is a bit cartoonish but i think it should be fine! What do you think?

Also did you ever play Terranigma?

Finally another opinion, a RPGamer person gave BoF II a 3! What would you have givin it?

Cheshire Catalyst:

The major complaint about cel-shading seems to be that it somehow makes Link look too childish. While we are talking about a game about a little elven boy in a jerkin collecting crystals and cute lil' weapons, I can understand this dilemma. Especially because the designers, for reasons unknown, decided to give Link eyes the size of Vermont. The cel-shading itself isn't what people dislike, but rather Link's new resemblence to those precious moments figurines that are popular among the grandma crowd. All I can say is, "Suck it up, soldier." Come to grips with the fact that you've outgrown the demographic that Nintendo seems to be targeting, and enjoy the game anyway. It's Zelda, for crissakes! Have fun.
I haven't played all of Breath of Fire II. More importantly, I didn't play the game around when it was released. While it's not a major deal, I just believe that reviews concerning a game are best made when the game is fresh in the public conciousness and when the technology behind the game is still current.
That said, I'd give it pi, because more games deserve that rating. I have, however, played much of Terranigma. It's a lot of fun, from the cobat system to the hero's parachute pants. Not enough heroes wear parachute pants anymore.

Surprise Plot Twist! Lemina's a man!

A few questions for you dude.

I'm playing Lunar 2 and noticing that most of these level bosses are pretty damn hard. I don't remember them being this hard in the first game (Lunar: SSSComplete). What really bothers me is I'm not really getting into the story line and I've just reached disk 2. So what I guess I'm asking is, Does it get any better after you reach the middle of this game or should I just move on to something else?

Also, how was you vacation?
What did you do?
Did you get into trouble?
Did you have to use money to get out of trouble?
Were there tribbles involved?
Why does goog always refer to the status/quality of any game by comparing it to koudelka?
Does he get kickbacks from the manufacturer for mentioning it in everyday columns, or just has some kinda weird hangup on the game like everyone else does about Final Fantasy 7?
Anywho, glad your back.


Cheshire Catalyst:
I never get in trouble on my vacations. My training as a samurai keeps e out of trouble, but puts evil right in it! Like this one time, some kids were trying to buy alcohol with a fake ID! I immediatly knew that they were up to evil, and employed my katana to divorce the cashier's head from his body. Then, I told the kids not to do drugs and taught the how to build a real swell lean-to.
I too, have a scale against which I compare how uch I like a new game, book, movie, or flavor of carbonated beverage. I like to include more qualifiers, myself. For example, "Saiyuki was ore enjoyable than Carrot Top, Diet Tab, and Mrs. Dalloway, but not quite as good as Neal Stephenson, A Flamethrower, or Wierd Al Yankovik."
See! Much better than those stupid adjectives they teach you in school.

But back to the main question. Shortly after Disc 2 begins, a big ol'plot twist shows up and causes new problems for the heroes. It's worth it.


Morrowind Roxorz

- Scull Lead -

Morrowind pluses: Lots of freedom, non-linear, lots of fun getting different items, going on different quests, exploring different worlds, etc. etc. etc.

Morrowind Minuses: To run it, I understand that you need some kind of super-computer with eight tonnes of memory and a graphics card that they only manufacture in Area 51 and on the larger Jovian moons.

Is there any RPG where a Chicano is represented in a positive light? The only game I can think of is OB64, and im not too entirely sure that dio is chicano, and even then he seems to conform to stereotypes. merci boucoup senor

-Bill Bojangles

When it comes to ethnic diversity, the first game to make most everyone's short list is "Chrono Cross" An Austrailian theif, a German mermaid, a French Harlequin, an eastern-european mad scientist chick, and a fat, black woman who defeats her enemies by sitting on them. While not the most sensitive stereotype, it's certainly a step up from Square's "Tom Sawyer." (You don't want to know.)
Since many of them tend to not take place on earth, we don't see very many ethnic groups represented in games. Most characters seem to fall into that anime limbo between Caucasian and Asian. The most postive latino character that comes to mind is Paco "El Puņo!" from Anachronox. He's a superhero who joins your party. There's a really sweet scene of him rescuing a young girl from the security system of a military outpost.

I was playing Suikoden, and I saved it on the world map, and when I went to play it again, I had no idea where I was supposed to go. I did the same thing with FF8, and that's when i stopped playing it.


I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. hate, hate, hate, HATE when that happens. In any game, I find myself wandering around on the world map waiting for some triggered event to occur. All RPGs need to include either some sort of automatically updated journal, or some sort of radio that you can use to communicate with someone who knows what the hell is going on. (Think "Wild Arms 2")

The Last Laugh:

That's all, kiddlets. Enjoy your video games responsibly.

Chris "Super Special Deluxe Robot Type 2...With Turbo!" Martin


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