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Chris Martin - June 14th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I finished finals week alive! Always a reason for much rejoicing, summer is finally, officially here. I celebrated by turning in my last paper and passing out unconcious on my bed. There, I had a bizarre dream about Jeff the Mannequin from "Today's Special" and that frightening woman from Romper Room with her magic mirror that delved the depths of my soul. I realize the phrase "Whoever made this was on crack..." gets thrown around a lot lately, but a severe substance abuse problem is the only thing I can think of that was responsible for the vast amount of insane children's programming from the early eighties. You kids think Barney is wierd? I grew up watching "The New Zoo Revue." Certainly explains a lot about my generation, I guess.

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I'm not even going to think about Richard III for a long, long time.

You have no chance of survival!

Hey Chesh!

The quote's from my favorite game of all time: Final Fantasy IV. That's after the party escapes the tower of Babil with Edge. They find the Falcon, and Rydia says the first part, followed by Edge with the second. I know this game by heart.

Well here's some random questions:

1) I just got a PS2 today, and I bought FF10. I was just wondering, can you name all your characters? So far I can only name Tidus and it's kinda pissing me off. Maybe it's possible to rename them later????

2) This is something that really bugged me a long time ago and forced me to stop playing a pretty fun game. In Valkyrie Profile, how do I keep my weapons from breaking so often?!?!! It's so annoying.

3) Since you were talking bout your muscles in your intro, how much can you max bench press?

- krayzee cat lovin' dog

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. As was the case with Final Fantasy VIII*, the only renamable character is Tidus. Personally, I think it gets a little annoying as the game goes on. You can't change the names of the other characters, as their default names are part of the spoken dialogue. It gets wierd as people never refer to Tidus by his name.
2. Buy weapons instead of picking them up off of the field. Discarded weapons have a tendency to break, while weapons that you buy won't break. Save up some Materialize Points, and go shoppin'.
3. *ahem* Let's just say, not enough for a guy my size. Moving right along... *That's something you don't like to hear.

Final Fantasy X 2! Yuna's back. And this time, it's personal.

If Square makes a sequel to FFX, won't the FF games lose their reputation for not being related in any way except for the fact that they're named Final Fantasy and made by Square? And what would they call the sequel? "Final Fantasy: Gaiden"?

PS-- I thought FF4's PS port was done pretty well.

Cheshire Catalyst:
Not sure about a title just yet; "Final Fantasy X: Side Story" is being thrown around though. Why couldn't this have been done for FFVI! Why, Lord, Why?!


Hey, Chesh, that quote is from Final Fantasy 2/4, when Edge stea... BORROWS the Falcon.

Conor Edmiston

Connor Edmiston is A plus, number one, first quote guesser. ~!

hey, i heard a rumor about FF7 being remade on the GC. know anything about that?


Lies and Chicanary propigated by those jerks at RPGamer on April Fools day! Scandalous!

Your quote from 6/9: That would be Rydia saying, "That's not yours!" and Edge saying, "It's okay! It would be happy to be used by us!" as they're boarding the Falcon. At least, I think it's the Falcon... :)

I was wondering what you thought about RPGs on the GCN? I mean, it's so deprived...the future is looking okay, but sadly nothing compared to the PS2. I will continue to pray for the next Dragon Warrior game on the GCN.

-Dude Love

The system just needs a little more time. There was a serious deficiency in RPGs at one time for the DC and PS2 as well. Keep you pants on! (Seriously. Keep your pants on. We're having the pope over for dinner.)

You and your old FF quotes… now that was banter between Edge and Rydia! You’re making me want to go play old school Final Fantasy games, and since I only have a General Speech final and a Japanese essay this week… I think I will!

-Josh Hime

Wow! Envy AND hatred filling my soul at the same time! (I lie. Writing my paper on restoration comedy involved more than a few FFVI breaks.)

"Thats's not yours!" "It's okay! It would be happy to be used by us!"

That would be a badly translated argument between Rydia and Edge, over whether to steal the Falcon. (Ever wonder if Cecil and Rosa saw those two flirting, remembered the younger Rydia from a month before, and simultaneously went "EWWWW"? I would.)

- ChocoMog ZERO, whose college also closes sadistically late

That's an interesting perspective. Rydia as jailbait.

The Last Laugh:

Due to the great summer move, I'll be taking the next five columns off. Be nice to your guest hosts, and I'll see you in two weeks!

Chris "We're fighting again!? What's up with that!?" Martin

TRPG goodness.

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