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Chris Martin - June 9th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The muscles in my arms and chest are currently lodging very angry complaints with my nervous system. They don't seem to be too pleased about me using them, for once. Stupid exercise. Stupid obligatory pain that comes with gain.

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If I wasn't so excited, I'd be confused!

And stop tracking mud across my nice, clean column floor!

I hate to do this, but it's just a quick clear-up.

When I was talking about buying games with Canadian money versus American money, I assumed that the purchaser would be in Canada with Canadian money, and America with US money. Therefore, import fees are a moot point. After all, the comparison is how much more money Canadian gamers have to spend versus how much money American gamers have to spend.

Sorry again. I don't mean to debate through your column.


Cheshire Catalyst:
No big deal. The clear-up is appreciated, but there's nothing so much fun as a nice column-wide debate.

Next time! Why conservatives are all stone-hearted facists and why liberals are all bleeding-heart communists! Just you people wait, I'll get James Carville and Robert Novak debating the Mitsuda Vs. Uematsu issue someday.

For God's sake, just type out "Spirit of Wolf." Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Quoth you, .hack needs status effects like, "no social interaction with human beings", "foul odor", "large gut from too many 7-11 combos" and, the worst of all, 'pathetic "female" PC stalker."

The anime directly related to .hack, .hack//sign, actually HAS that last one -- some psycho bish guy named Sora who asks for the "member address" (I dunno if that's a mistranslation of something that was supposed to mean e-mail address, or if it's the actual correct term within the show) of any female PC he comes across, who then performs a PK if the female PC says "hell no."


Cheshire Catalyst:
That's funny and very scary at the same time.


Ha ha, Iím back, and I believe youíre quoting FF3 (or 6, any way you cut it). I believe that Sabin says it, because heís just that kind of guy!

-Joshua Hime

~! Thou art quite correct. At first glance, you might have thought he was a bodybuilder who'd escaped from his gym. Sabin was twelve gallons of whoop-ass in a five gallon jug.

No, dude, I remember Channel One quite well, Lisa Ling in particular. Isn't it funny how no one else from that godforsaken show ever made anything with their lives? Why is that, I wonder?

Heff Out.

Duh, she was the hottest one. Why hire a good reporter when you can hire one who's good AND sexy?
Oh, and be sure to check out Channel One's webpage. They have interviews with Priest Jailbait Aaron Carter and Trailer Park Poet Laureate "Jewel". Hot damn! I can't wait!

Here's a quick one for you:

The Dragonball Z game for the GBA stinks. Outright, it's just bad. If it isn't too late, don't waste your money on it! And if you want real bad, e-mail me and you can pay premium used price for mine. But I wouldn't recommend that, either.


Surely you jest! An RPG based on Dragon Ball Z somehow being bad? A show that features twenty two homoerotic minutes of men squatting and grunting, cardboard characters, bad animation, and inane dialogue gets turned into a type of game that focuses largely on character development and it's somehow...bad?
Ok, ok, sorry. DBZ isn't all bad. Chi-chi is sexy in a bitchy sort of way, (She wants Goku for his man-junk. That has to be it.) and Mr. Popo may be the last negative black racial stereotype left on TV. "Massa Kami! Massa Kami! I done picked all the cotton you done asked me for! Can I please have more colligen to inject into my gargantuan, red lips?"
DBZ: Guiltiest of all guilty pleasures.

The Last Laugh:

A short column. You do not have time for column reading, though! Go do your homework that you put off until this weekend.

Or not... since most of you are out of school for the summer. (I am not! Damn you NU!)

Later, gators.

Chris "Thats's not yours!" "It's okay! It would be happy to be used by us!" Martin


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