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Chris Martin - June 2nd '01- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Long night tonight. Watched 6 episodes of "Child's Toy" at Anime Club, saw a concert by some kids who wanted to be the Beatles so badly it hurt to watch them, and went to a party where I tried to pick up some chick while watching other chicks play Mah-Johng. (Mission... failed. Weep weep weep)

After a night like that, I'm hardly in the condition to make naughty jokes about Garnet's butt or Vyse's pimpin' airship of hot Arcadia mamas, but I'll try my damned hardest. I've got a public to please.

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Don't bother me none.

I just read over at Penny Arcade (that's that the GameCube version of PSOv2 will NOT be playable on-line. Um...that...boggles the mind! The name of the game is Phantasy Star ONLINE! Split screen play is not online play. So the game really shouldn't be called Phantasy Star Online. Not to mention the fact that it would suck if it wasn't online. Is there any validity to this statement?


Cheshire Catalyst:
Yamauchi said that "Unless the business[of online gaming via the 'net on consoles] proves profitable, Nintendo will not be involved in Internet games." Hey, I can sympathize with Nintendo's desire to make money. I like money a lot, myself. Whenever I get a paycheck, I rub it all over my body in sheer joy. However, I can also sympathize with gamers who think that this (and it does) suck. A name change sounds in order. How about "Mario Star Offline?"

Or, if you're like me, you tried the first version on DC, found it to be an insane waste of time, and thanked the Silicon Gods that you didn't buy it. If that's the case, have a chuckle at other people's misfortune. Go ahead. I won't tell.

One last note though re: PA. Is it just me, or is Tycho looking more and more like a blocky Shaggy every day?

Who are these crazy people?

Hey Chesh-man

Who is that guy who says "Red alert! Red alert!" in the Gundam Wing opening theme? And is he the same one who mumbles "Sentient mode is activated!" during Knight of Fire in Xenogears?

One more question - You know how in the intro of Wild ARMs (yeah, old game) there's that guy whistling? Did anyone else notice his name in the credits? For some reason, seeing "Whistler - *whatshisname*" at the end just cracked me up.

Alright, so I lied about just one more question. What's your favorite game intro/ Mine would have to be a tie between Wild ARMs and Chrono Cross (Chrono Trigger, too, just for nostalgia)

"Tea is good for you!"

Cheshire Catalyst:
It's "Sentient Mode is Capable", and nope I have no idea who those people are. Probably some homeless bums they hired to talk into a microphone. Paid 'em in heroin that turned out to be lemonade mix.
I really liked FF7's back in the day. Lunar's is ok. But song wise, you don't get much better than the opening to "Chrono Cross"

This one's goin' out to all the ladies...

To paraphrase the Cryptic Monkey in his letter yesterday, I'm afraid the poor fellow made a great "uncorrectivity" when he so callously assumed I was male. Ahem -

I. Am. FEMALE. Got it?

Yes, gaspity gasp gasp, I'm a woman gamer. You shouldn't make assumptions about gender on the internet, you know.

Oh, and I am quite aware of the proper useage of the word "Frood." I just needed an F-word other than the obvious one, and it was the first to spring to mind. So there.

*Blows a raspberry*

- Negative Creep

Cheshire Catalyst:
What can we say? Some people are women. It's wrong to assume someone's gender. It's also wrong to ask RPG-playin' ladies to send in their pictures so I can do a "Gamer Hotties" section. Wrong. Very, very wrong.


I'm seein' this girl and she just might be out of her mind...

Hola, Chesh! I gots some kwestions!

1. Where can I get a copy of Lunar for the Playstation. Am I too late ;_;?

2. I'm writing a fan-fic about WA2. You said you're an English major. Any suggestions?

3. Surrender your cheese!

Uhh, that's all. ^_^; Ja ne!

- DryadGirl

Queen Beryl:

I imagine you thought I was gone. Fool! Villains never die. They just go into syndication.

1. I'm holding a copy of LUNAR:The Silver Star Story complete in my hand. You may have it, if you sufficiently amuse me. I suggest you begin by punching a Japanese schoolgirl right in the teeth. Then, eat your own ear. Go ahead, amuse me.
My contract requries me to tell you to check eBay, but trust me, eating your own ear is much more enjoyable than trying to deal with those whelps. That said, it's a handy service. You have no idea how many "evil crystals" I've sold on that thing. "Evil Crystals" Ha ha ha. Retards.
2. This is neither my nor Cheshire what's-his-name's job. It is the job of Alanna. However, to give you a glimpse of literary perfection, here is a sample of my own Chrono Trigger fan-fic.... (work in progress, foolish mortals)

Crono rubbed his firm, young hands along the bosom of the young, beautiful, well-endowed, versatile, intelligent, maiden Leryl. "Oh Leryl," he said in a deep voice not unlike Barry White, "I don't know what I ever saw in Marle or Lucca. But it doesn't matter now, them having fallen to their deaths in that tragic ski-lift accident."
"Yes," Leryl said as she winked at the reader, "very tragic indeed."
"Come on, Leryl honey," Crono said as he caressed her long amber mane of hair, "let me freak it. Let me freak it real good."
And so, Leryl and Crono went off to Crono's house where they lived happily for the rest of their days, except for the times when they would be awakened in the middle of the night by their neighbors Tuxedo Mask and Allen Schezar and the noises of their constant lovemaking.

Believe it or not, that's not even my best work. I wrote that after a night of Captain Morgan's Rum, Weed, and Vanguard Bandits.

3. You dare make demands or me? No one talks to Queen Beryl like that! (Except for Nicholas D. Wolfwood. He can order me around anytime. Who's a naughty girl, Nicky?)


What is this about resurecting Leo and Aeris? How do you breed a white chocobo? Where is this reviving item for Leo? I MUST KNOW!!!!


Forget that crap. How can you get Luna's bath scene in Lunar 1?

hey Cheshie,

just fyi, is selling Hong Kong versions of the GBA in all colors.....HK version meaning that the system would play both Japan and N.America games.
Sweet ain't it?

Dan Tao
"If there is such a thing as happiness, then one only has this prayer, 'Let this moment last.......forever.' "

ps. include my e-mail address if you think that's a good pick up line. (Eh, it could work if the targeted girl is drunk enough)

Asia is cool. I'm reminded of a quote from Deus Ex. (Which IS an RPG! Not just a shooter!) When you examine a store on a street, you hear "It's an overpriced electronics store. Don't buy anything there. You can get anything you need in the Chinese black market for %10 of the price." Which was made cooler when my then-neighbor Chris Toy (from Hong Kong) said "Yep, it's true."
Asia rules.

The Last Laugh:

That's all! I'm busy with finals, so I'm hitting the sack so I can get up and work work work tomorrow.

BTW, swear-to-God, true story.
Girl: "What's your screen name?"
Me: "Oh, Cheshire Catalyst."
Girl: That is SO cute!

Very cool, though she left later that night. Fie, she shall be persued. (Or Stalked, if you must)


chesh "He always seemed so big before. But that night, as his father carried him home, for a while he looked like the little boy that he really was."
Apologize or it's naked fun time!

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