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Chris Martin - May 28th '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Yo! Been a while. E3 and ACen are over, and now everything slowly returns to a vague state of normalcy around here. You may be thinking, "Hey! What's with the column lackage?"

Over the course of the weekend, I received about 10 letters. Total. If there are no letters, we cannot bring you a column. Such is the tragic circle of events. Fortunatly, I've saved up all of the letters from the weekend for now so that we can have a decent sized column. Hooray!

Soulcaliber is fun. I rule with Siegfried. That sword is awesome, though I suspect some "phallic" imagery, no?

This column strengthens the soul of Cheshire Catalyst...

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The villainess has 47 HP. Called shot: her bra-strap.

Dear sir/madam:
s'ok. Somedays, I can't even tell anymore.

I was wondering if you can help me with my Baldur's Gate, and Neverwinter Night questions. I plan to buy Neverwinter Nights b/c I heard it will let me use my character from the Baldur's Gate II games. Will it also take characters from the Baldur's Gate II add-on that is coming out soon?

I want to know what kind of stats would Vampire Hunter D have if he would be a Baldur's Gate character. I liked the Vampire Hunter D movie so much I decided to make him my main character for BG. However, I want him to regenerate (and he recovered pretty well), and swing his sword like the original D by using tomes that boost your stats. How many tomes should I find to make an accurate Vampire Hunter D?

His stats are the following:
Strength - 18/99
Dex - 18
Const - 19 (18+1 tome)
Int - 10
Wis - 10
Cha - 8 (7 + 1 tome)

Thank you for reading my letter, and I am sorry if it was a pain in the arse for you. I hope to chat with you again.

- JP

Cheshire Catalyst:
Letters don't bother me none. (Shut up. It's memorial day. The rule of double negatives takes a day off too.)

Regarding compatability, since the Tales of the Sword Coast add on for BG1 didn't hurt the compatability with Baldur's Gate 2, I suspect that you will still be able to port your character to Neverwinter Nights.

D's strength would be pretty high. Remember, he's not a mere mortal, so a 19 or higher strength would certainly be justified.
D's Dexterity would also be monster high. Be sure to make him a fighter with insane "Broadsword" skill points.
According to me D&D 2nd ed guide, Vampires heal 3 HP per turn. There really isn't a Constitution level built to copy that ability.
Finally, D's pretty damn old. His Wisdom is reasonably high, with his Intellegence probably in the middle range. Finally, His Charisma should be above average. (That whip-honey sure liked him.)

All in all, the Baldur's Gate character system isn't broad enough to create a half-vampire PC. Still fun to try though. Maybe you should pick up the Vampire:The Masquerade RPG for the PC. Sounds up your alley.

A purchase for you!

Hey Chesh,

I have a SLIGHT problem here. I haven't played a new RPG in a few months and I just plain need one. I know you get this a LOT, but here goes again... can you recommend any RPGs for the PSX? Yeah, don't have any other systems (besides the 64, which I wouldn't want RPGs for). Just to help you out, the RPGs I have are FFVIII, FFIX, Xenogears, Legend of Legaia(yeah, heheh), Lunar: SSSC, Lunar: EB, and Vagrant Story. I am thinking of getting Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Not really an RPG but an addicting change of pace. Then again, I also played Tomba 2 due to my lack of RPGs. ACK! I also started Vagrant Story again, which is holding me over. Well, I rambled on, and now I need you to help me here. I know CT and FFIV are coming up, but that is too far away. So, one last thing... it'd be nice if you name good games before the end of this month. Thanks.

Cheshire Catalyst:
Hey, I played Legend of Legaia. It's not THAT bad. In fact, it's pretty fun. Kick Kick Punch! Then the screen says "New Arts!" and you beat the shiznit out of some unsuspecting monster. heheheh.

You don't have FFVII, maybe you should pick that up? Great game. Got a lot of people into the genre. Chrono Cross is worth it if you've played the original. Front Mission 3 is a nice, long TRPG. Wild Arms 2 and Suikoden 2 are two examples of mad improvement on a sequel. All of these games should rest somewhere in the "el cheap-o" price range (especially if they're used). Pick one up today.

This one's goin' out to all the ladies...

To paraphrase the Cryptic Monkey in his letter yesterday, I'm afraid the poor fellow made a great "uncorrectivity" when he so callously assumed I was male. Ahem -

I. Am. FEMALE. Got it?

Yes, gaspity gasp gasp, I'm a woman gamer. You shouldn't make assumptions about gender on the internet, you know.

Oh, and I am quite aware of the proper useage of the word "Frood." I just needed an F-word other than the obvious one, and it was the first to spring to mind. So there.

*Blows a raspberry*

- Negative Creep

Cheshire Catalyst:
What can we say? Some people are women. It's wrong to assume someone's gender. It's also wrong to ask RPG-playin' ladies to send in their pictures so I can do a "Gamer Hotties" section. Wrong. Very, very wrong.


A difference of opinion.

I would just like to respond to Goog about E3, I was talking to my local game store owner about E3, since he went, and he said taht the XBox wasn't as bad as Gog seems to think... He said that the controller was a bit smaller than the DC's and the XBox itself is small, but not NGC small. He also said that Square and Sony people are jackasses, I don't know if Goog had a chance to talk to them, but I would like to know what they are like. Anway, since these two reports on E3 are conflicting, I would like to know which is more correct.

Oh, and I have to ask, do you know the Swat Cats?

Thank you.

Cheshire Catalyst:
Well, hell. If you can't trust the opinion of a disgruntled game store owner, then who's can you trust? Fair warning, I wasn't at E3.

Some people just hate certain companies. I suspect your local game-store owner might just have a bug up his or her butt about Sony and Square. I try to stay away from that. A lot of people also discredited the X-box long before E3 solely on the grounds that it was made by Microsoft. :P That's not cool, folks. Don't be a coropration bigot. Still, the nigh unanimous sentiment here - and throughout the online gaming community - seems to be that the X-box and it's controller are so large, that if you put for of them together in a square pattern, you'd call it "Colorado." Also, the controller could stun a horse just by swinging it. (Presuming you have the massive upper arm strength the swing it.)


Just a quicky, and I know that somebody answered this before, but I don't remember/can't find the answer. Where does the quote "you shall be as gods" come from in the bible?
~Lance "" Lappin

I answered this question, actually. I don't feel likelooking up the actual Chapter/Verse right now, but it's in the infamous King James Version in Genesis. The serpent tells Eve that eating the naughty fruit would NOT kill her, but rather, in eating the fruit "You shall be as gods" with knowledge.

Hello !

Hi the name is joshua I love rpg's sometimes I have a hard time finding a good one too download... Any way my ques. was when if ever might ff10 ( final fantasy 10 )be out???????? in america my email ..

me respond noone hardly does>?

Please note: take thy Ritalin before writing. Look for a July release of FFX in Japan, with a November release in America.

Why do I see the lightning before I hear the thunder?


Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear intelligent until you talk to them.


do you sell your respective Final Fantasy VII figures? if you don't than why do ost up pictures of them on your site(that i truely enjoy)?

long FF7 fan

We're a news site. We say, "Look! Square's making some sw33t figures!" We don't sell them, however.

Remember. Ritalin!

The Last Laugh:

Watch anime with drunk friends. It's a great experience. Especially when one of them is despressed. Poor Steve. He danced with a girl for about an hour. Got a little touchy-feely too! Eventually, he asks her is she wants to do something afterward. Her response, "Oh, I have a boyfriend. He's upstairs."


Don't tease like that, ladies. It's like lying, only with your crotch. Also, I'm now going to use (abuse?) my position to publically decry my friend Paul's roommate Justin. Justin is a damn pig. Coming from me, that's insane. Justin leaves his underwear (tighty whities, of course) in full view in the middle of the room. Skid marks fully in view of all who enter. Last night went too far. Not only was the stained underwear in the middle of the room, but the underwer looked like it had been used in lieu of toilet paper. Freaking nasty. You suck, Justin.

Enough bashing. Have fun with Goog, and see you next week.

chesh "The Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica"
I'll never turn my back on an enemy and run away!

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