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Chris Martin - May 24th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

My incredible luck at raffles has once again paid off. I walked home from Animé movie night (Metropolis) one Cowboy Bebop wallscroll richer. And once, I won a George Foreman grill at a high school band concert. We all have our own little special talents. Mine just happens to be raffles. If I was an X-man, my name would be "The Ticket!". I'd use my amazing powers to help a world that fears and hates me. Should Mr. Sinister ever try to take over the United States by raffling off the sentinels, I'd be there waving the winning stub in my hand. Sinister would shout, "Who is that?!", and his henchmen would respond, "That's The Ticket!"

Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw! Kill me...

And does anyone else have serious doubts that George Foreman actually built that grill?

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Narbus' guide to the Thunder Plains

A few tips on getting Lulu's best weapon, in FFX.
First, make sure you're nice and awake. I messed the dumb thing up several times just because I wasn't all that alert.
Next, pick the right place to do the actual dodging. The best place I've found is on the north part of the map, just north of the travel agency. If you look at the mini map, you'll see the two paths north coming together, right were they meet is the best place. Why? Different areas on the thunder plains have different "strike rates," that is, lightning strikes more often in some places than others. It's pretty darn often at this place, I got the 200 dodges in about 40 minutes. (It can take hours other places)
You cannot save or leave the thunder plains (includes going into the travel agency) while doing this. Either one will reset your counter.
You CAN however pause. If your nose itches or the phone rings, pause away.
Run in a circle while dodgeing the bolts. If you just stand there, not doing anything, your mind'll probably start to wander a bit, and that's bad. If you actually do something in game, you'll stay a bit more focused. Be patient. It's a pain to do, but the reward is worth it.
Lulu's best weapon comes with break damage, triple overdrive, magic booster, and one mp cost. So, if you ever wondered what it'd be like to doublecast a uber-powered ultima for a whole 4 mp, you'll know now.
Yuna's weapon doesn't have magic booster, and you can't double cast holy. Double cast only works on black magic spells. And Lulu's onion knight doll is much much cooler than Yuna's boring ol' staff. It's all about the style, folks.

And now, for the questions, so you have something to do.

1. Since you guys are at E3 and I'm not, is there any info on FFXII? Such as how online-intensive it'll be? I really don't wanna blow the extra cash on a harddrive, etc etc if I don't have too, and I've got a computer, so if I wanna play FFXI, I don't have to right now.

2. I can't remember what it's called, but there was a little thingy you could buy that hooked up to your computer and had a slot for PS1 memory cards, so you could store your saved files on your computer. I heard plans for a PS2 one, but haven't heard anything about it since. Any word on what the thing's called or if a PS2 version is in the works?

3. How good a series is Trigun. I've heard some good things about it, and my brother works in a store that sells the box set, so his discount gives it to him cheap, hence giving it to me cheap if I wanna get it. Recommendation?

There you go. Enjoy


Cheshire Catalyst:
Basically, if you're willing to sit still for an hour and dodge lightning bolts, then the game is going to reward you quite well.
1. There is no information available regarding Final Fantasy XII at this time. It could be another MMORPG, another RPG, or maybe even a pornographic dating sim starring Lulu, Tifa, and Celes. We don't know just yet. As soon as Square says something, our team of dedicated and incredibly stoned newsies will post the story.
2. That peripherary you are referring to is the infamous Dex Drive. A similar tool for the PS2 is called the "Shark Port" It's produced by GameSharkGear, and retails for about thirty bucks. You can find it for sale at their site, or possibly, in a Best Buy or Circuit City near you.
3. Trigun is a morsel of sweetness. The first fifty percent "wacky comedy with a lesson". The latter half has a darker tone. It's one of my favorite series. If you like Cowboy Bebop, then you'll probably like this. If you're a fan of Ruoroni Kenshin, then you'll definitly love this series. (In a sense, Vash the Stampede is Kenshin Himura with a six-shooter) If you can get a good deal, then yes. Go for it.



There are too many critics of cel-shading. At first, i was skeptical, but, any of you who have seen clips from the new zelda game must admit that it looks awesome. I am actually excited about it from just seeing a few movies of it. Gamecube's future looks very bright right now-StarFox, Metroid, Mario, and Zelda all look fantastic in terms of both gameplay and graphics. On to some questions:

1. Do you know when Grandia Xtreme is scheduled to be released?

2. I was thinking about this, am i wrong, but didnt Nintendo originally say that they were not going to bother with any online business? Do you know how much the broadband adapter is going to cost for Gcube and PS2?

3. I heard that Sony is encouraging a price drop in their software to 39.99, is this true? If so, do you believe that this could cause Xbox's and Gamecube's game price to decrease?

"I bit my wookee"
Ryan Grattoni

Cheshire Catalyst:
It looks like all three consoles have games that warrant purchase. The Gamecube will be recieving the sequels you've anticipated for years.

1. Right now, we're looking at an October 30th release for this year. Ideally, Game Arts would like to keep this date in order to make it in time for the holiday rush.
2. I believe that comments along that line were made a good while ago. Hey, people change their minds.
3. I don't have any information of an impending price drop for Sony's games. If they did drop the price of their games, Microsoft and Nintendo might follow suit to remain competitive. If that's Sony's plan, then it's a risky one.

Also, I think it's "I bent my wookie."

The FFT Debate

FFT spoilers Hey Chesh

You probably hate getting letters like this, or maybe not. In regards to Delita wanting to know what Ramza got in return for his idealism, as close as Delita and Ramza were, it seems strange that Delita did not recognize Ramza's compassion towards people. Delita should know that Ramza would have derived satisfaction from saving humanity from Lucavi. Of course, a more simplified, alternate explanation would be that the writer wanted to call more attention to Ramza's idealism, make certain that the player understands the message being conveyed (that message being to take the path that you feel is right, not just the path of least resistance). That is my interpretation, I could be wrong.



p.s. Final Fantasy VIII is not bad, it is just misunderstood.

Cheshire Catalyst:
Ok, maybe not a "debate."
Like any work of art, FFT is open to a degree of interperetation. This is one of those things where there may be no right answer.


i AM serious and don't call me shirley
-francois couture

Classic stuff.

Your quote, "Whoa there, Gumshoe! I don't recall "hunting down reawakening God of Evil" as being part of my job description," sounds suspiciously like something Ryudo from Grandia II would say...


Another quote courtesy of Working Designs' wacky localization department.

How do you break a character's HP and MP limit in FFX?

Customize their armor. 30 "Wings of Discovery" breaks the HP limit. 30 "Three Stars" breaks the MP limit.

The Last Laugh:

Ugh. That'll have to do for tonight. A lot of you wrote in asking about what has been/hasn't been announced at E3. I learn about this stuff as you do, folks. Keep your eyes on the news section.
Now time for the sleep. Later.

Chris "Huh? Finger? What the Hell?" Martin

hehehe. "Finger"

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