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Chris Martin - May 19th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So very, very late. But that won't stop me! Good news, folks! I got the freaking Sun Sigil in FFX. 14 Balloons and one lousy bird. Eat it, Svanda. Gimme my Sun Sigil.
Now I have Tidus doing 80,000+ damage whenever he swings that sword of his. Combine Sentinel with Evade & Counter, and you've got yourself one ass kicking blitzball player.

In far less relevant news today, I got a haircut. I spied a clump of hair that fell from behind my ears. There was a whole buncha grey hair in there. My impending mortality has never been so up in my face. Seeing that has driven me to unheard of heights of curmudgeonliness. (My word. I invented it. You don't like it? Tough cookies. I'm old! I want my 10% discount and Matlock reruns.)

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The Thunder Plains Game is still Hell.


>>2) What is the most annoying thing to happen to you in a game? For me it was a tie between getting to the bottom of the Ancient Cave in Lufia 2 only to find the game was glitched, or attempting to reach level 99 on FF 2 (IV) only to have my game save get erased (GRRRR! Death to game batteries!) >>

Just FYI, the last level of the Ancient Cave is supposed to be glitched, like the Dual Sword shrine (( I think that is the name, I haven't played it in two years))
I personally think the most annoying thing in Lufia II is being killed by the )(&$^(*&$^(*& Gold Dragons in the lower levels, they kick your @$$, then lather, rinse, and repeat. It is no fun being killed, except in Dungeon Siege, where you can come back as a ghost


Cheshire Catalyst:
Just a piece of pertinant (It's so late, I don't even care if I misspelled that) information for you Lufia fans out there.

Hooray! More WhiteWolf questions.

Hey Kit-Kat. I have some questions that need satisfaction.

1. Whatever happened to the Werewolf: the Apocalypse game that White Wolf was making? Vampire !@^&ing OWNED!
2. If you were Garou, what tribe would you be? What Vampire clan? Mage Tradition? Hunter Type?
3. Is it true that Whitewolf killed of Ravnos himself? How did THAT happen?
4. Question about the Exalted Metaplot too. Just who is Chejop Kejak? I know he's a siderial, but what's his role?
5. What happens when a Brujah, a Get of Fenris, a Euthanatos, and a Wayward all meet?


Cheshire Catalyst:
Attn non-White Wolf fans. I'm not even going to TRY and explain some of this stuff.

1. It's been suspended indefinetly. It was going to be an FPS. Wierd, huh? That's not the wierdest part. You were going to be playing a White Howler. In modern times. "But... there ARE no more White Howlers? They all became corrupt..." Hey, sounds nice and wierd to me too.

2. In that order, Glasswalker (Gotta have my toys), Tremere (No, I didn't learn my lesson from reading Dr. Faustus), Order of Hermes (I know. Formerly, one and the same), and let's say "Judge."

3. The technocracy dropped some spirit-nukes on his undead ass. Spirit-Nuke = Nuke designed to kill supernatural creatures.

4. He's Very, VERY old. About 5000. He's one of the guys who started the entire Immaculate Philosophy. He controls the immaculates. Very old, very powerful.

5. Nothing good.


Damn that Square, putting that horrible, horrible, god-FREAKING-awful mini-game in FFX, and making it required to get the main character's ultimate weapon. I still have flash-backs.


I'll never understand the desire behind torturing the player that way. If you're going to create a mini-game within an RPG, remember these rules:
1. Speed. When I lose, let me try again immediatly. Don't make me have to run completly across the map (and get in about 100 pointless random monster encounters in the process) just to play again.
2. More Skill, Less Luck. If it's of minor consequence, I don't mind an entirely luck based minigame. Pick a random door, win a random prize, that's cool. But if it's a game that requires some degree of skill, then allow me to improve. I shouldn't have to play a game over and over, knowing exactly what I'm supposed to do, just waiting to get "Lucky" (Placement of balloons, birds, etc.)
3. Remember, it's a role playing game. The focus should be on the plot and character development. I bought Final Fantasy X. I wanted to experience the trials of Tidus and Yuna firsthand, watch them grow as people, and participate in a kickass story. I distinctly remember NOT recieving "Chocobo Humper VI!". Don't make me waste too much time on something as pointless as chocobo racing.

See you space cowboy ...

What a great soundtrack.

-Hishou Genbu

You're preachin' to the choir, son.

The quote if from Aladdin. Genie had just been released and was explaining the extent of his powers. Btw, Aladdin has the best songs of any Disney movie : )

Great Gummi

A ~ for you! And ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ for everyone else.
I may contest your music preference, though. If you go see The Lion King musical, then there are some really excellent performances there. But Aladdin wins out because Jasmine was sex-ay. Unless you're a furry (shiver), then Nala wasnt that sexy.

That quote of course is the Genie in Disney's Aladdin, where he explains the ups and downs of Genie-hood! I also have to ask: Of the FFs out on the PS (excluding the rereleases of 4-6), which so far have been your favorites? I ran into some idiot who claimed FFX was crap. I had to lay the smack down on the idiot.

You really shouldn't get into the habit of beating the snot out of people who disagree with you. (Granted, if this WAS the case more often in public discourse, then I might actually watch "Crossfire." Robert Novak vs. James Carville in a no-holds-barred cage match! While it was a good game back on the SNES, the CD port rendered FFVI unplayable. Only 5 seconds to load a menu or a battle? How can I lose?! My favorite was FFVII. I was a major change for the Final Fantasy series. It was also the catalyst (ha HA!) that started a new era in gaming. FFVII brought a LOT of new players with it. I first saw it at a friend's house. He'd rented it. We put it in, and he started playing. (With the rest of us coaching, of course.) Oooh, the graphics were cool, and the battles were awesome, and OMFG!!! Barret just cussed! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOL!!!!1111 :P~~~~~~~~~~
Seriously, I was shocked. Gone were Ted Woolsey's Spoony Bard's and Sons of Submariners.

Hey Chesh,

Your quote is from Aladdin when the genie is complaining about being cooped up in his lamp for so long. Great movie.

Do you believe in the excuse most kids gave their parents for playing video games: It promotes hand-eye coordination? I never really believed it myself, but used that line all too often. Take it easy man.

Dark Imp

I remember reading that in an issue of Nintendo Power. I was young, naive, and believed every thing I read.


Take a wild guess. What ISP do you think this guy uses?


I'm trying to collect all the ultimate wepons for the characters in FFX of course. Where is the chocobo in the calm land. I can't find it for the life of me and I'm getting sick of fighting all the fiends without finding that damn bird


You need to talk to Svana to get it. She's usually in one of three places: near the store/save point, near the road to Bevelle, or at the edge of the gorge. Talk to her, and you'll be able to train/ride a Chocobo.

The Last Laugh:

Caladbolg., so pretty.

Chris "You'll be happy. You'll receive eternity, and the prince shall live with the princess happily forever and ever." Martin

We just finished off this series in Anime Club. It deserved a post.

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