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Chris Martin - May 12th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The bed looks soooo comfortable. But I must be strong!

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Questions 6

Question #1 (rather long winded): At Electronics Boutique, they'll sell a GBA for $30 IF you give them (either) eight Game Boy games OR a Game Boy Color and five games (what I'm doing.) Is this a good deal? I'm turning in Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon TCG, Final Fantasy Adventure and Kirby's Dream Land 2, leaving me with the three GB Zelda games. Would it be more worth it to, say, turn in all my stuff at Funco Land and use store credit there, or sell them on Ebay?

Question #2: How many Harvest Moon games are there for Game Boy that were released in America?

Question #3: Are they really good, as in, great for a long car ride good, as in, I'm going to be stuck in a Forester for eight days winding through the heartland of America listening to G. Gordon Lyddy, Ollie North, Rush, and other smartass talk show hosts so they had BETTER be good.

Question #4: If not, what games should I get instead? I already have my eyes on Super Mario Bros. Advance 2 and The Legacy of Goku (I'm an on-and-off DBZ fan, it depends on which voice actor is playing Piccolo.)

Question #5: What's with the absence of Sailor Moon Another Story from the coverage list? It's an RPG, albeit a rather...slugfest-y kind of one.

Question #6: I've run out of questions.*blushie blushie* did you know that Be-Papas and Chiho Saitou's new series is called "The World of S and M?" No joke. And it doesn't have to do with what you're thinking, either *hears disappointing groans*

Oh yeah, I don't know whether or not you should be flattered or not, but I'm beginning to call the Cheshire Cat in American McGee's "Alice" Chesh. (Note: I don't own this game, Dad does, and he can get away with it because he's an Alice in Wonderland fan. Whoever can tell me why my mom likes The Osbornes, do so before my head explodes.)

Card Captor Ribby, who thinks Piccolo is pretty fly for a green guy

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Value can not be determined by price alone. To someone who's played neither, which is worth more? A used $15 copy of Chrono Trigger, or a $49 copy of SaGa Frontier 2? I never cared much for EB's trade us a crapload of your "old and therefore useless" games for a discount on new hardware. If you are truly bored with your GBC and have no desire to play those games ever again, then go for it. But make sure that you really want to do this. I just never liked EB's policy about that.
2. One for the original gameboy, two for the Game Boy Color. (A third installment was created called "Harvest Moon: Boy Meets Girl". Not unlike pokemon, a boy and a girl version was created.)
3. You poor, poor soul. That's how I always envisioned purgatory: forced to drive through the midwest with nothing but uber-conservative talk radio to listen to. The first game was considered ok. The graphics weren't too good though. The Game boy color versions were an improvement with reviews averaging in the 7-9 range. The best one appears to be Harvest Moon GBC 2. So if you can only get one, get that one.
4. If you like the screaming, energy-throwing, bizarre world of DBZ, "The Legend of Goku" might not be a bad choice. Advance Wars is an addictive little war game, and Golden Sun is quite the fan-favorite.
5. Sailor Moon: Another Story was never released in the US. (Yes, yes, the fan translated ROM doens't count.) In short, there are a LOT of obscure Japanese RPGs, and the RPGamer news dept. feels that its time is better spent reviewing more recent games. (That, and having sex with all the news groupies.)
6. That's...interesting. Cool story about your dad, and no I can't explain the hypnotic lure of the Osbornes. They have that same eerie sold-their-souls-to-satan look that the Baldwins have.

Dungeons and Dragons. Keeps women away better'n dirty socks.

"Inavder Zim and an all-nighter of GTAIII and Arc The Lad 2&3, or Prom with my insanely beautiful girlfriend...

choices, choices... "

I am a die-hard gamer, but I have only one thing to say to this. When the choice of what to do here is not obvious, it is time to pick up your Playstation/Game Cube/X-box, put it back in the box, fill the remainder of the box with concrete, tie it around your ankle and throw yourself off a bridge. I would say that anyone who SERIOUSLY asks a question like this either does not really have an insanely beautiful girlfriend, or won't fairly soon.

Okay, now for a question.

Have you played Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance? I am playing it right now. I chose the elf wizard. Normally in AD&D a mage starts out very weak but as the game progresses they become the most powerful characters. My friend is using an Archer. We are near the end of the game (first time through) and his character is more powerful than mine (despite being 5 levels below me). I don't think that is fair. What is the advantage of being a wizard if you start out weak and end up still weak. I can't carry anything because my armor weighs too much and they don't have bracers of defense or anything. This means that he gets to pick up everything, and I get stuck with no money. So remind me, why did I pick the wizard rather than the dwarf?


Cheshire Catalyst:
There was a bit of imbalance in Dark Alliance. Traditionally, the wizard always starts out as the frail little guy who dies if a goblin looks at him wrong. Twenty levels later, the guy has the power to nuke cities and summon monsters from the underworld. Not so with the sorceress in BG: Dark alliance. She's forced to just hacking with her sword just as much as the dwarf. Sad, sad, sad.

Nazis + Flamethrowers. They plump when you cook 'em!

Beat down Nazis, hm?

You're an Ally too? =)

Watch out for the Japanese, and especially, watch out for the Borg. Strange things happen with dice, Borg cubes, and tired teenage minds.


My friend Chris Jones (No, not the GIA's Chris Jones) *always* plays the Japanese. He's pretty good. Don't tell him, but I was only able to win by switching out some of my units for micromachine Klingon Birds of Prey. Suck disruptor, Hitler!

Greetings (Merle screams) CHESH-SAMA

Now can I get some fangirls since I need a group of them around me. Now what might happen soon is that everything going on in the world might really be controlled by the real villian. I'm expecting some silver-haired prettyboy or some ancient demon or maybe both of them to show up soon. Is this likely to happen Chesh?

Imperial Mog

Kefka, Sephiroth, Seifer, Kuja... we must all beware the pretty boys. Knowing this, we must keep an eye on Billy Idol. He will surely prove to be earth's GREATEST ENEMY!

**Waves her hand frantically** Ooh ooh, pick me, pick me! The quote from Jet Grind/Set Radio (one of the most kick-ass games for DC), more specifically from the song "Everybody Jump Around" by Richard Jaques. Best. Soundtrack. Ever.

Also, a Star Ocean 2 question: I just started the game, and am unsure about the skill system. I'm a bit undecided for Rena- is Cooking worth the Skill Points, or should I focus on healing?

>>Geirahod "The music just turms me on" Svanmeyja

~ for the quote.
The best skills, or rather the first skills you should save your Skill Points for, are Perseverance and Effort. These skills reduce the SP cost for skills and the XP needed to gain levels respectivly. You get more bang for your buck, so to speak. Cooking can be pretty handy, and the skill "Kitchen Knife" can be especially useful for characters like Ashton, Claude, and Dias.

The Last Laugh:

That'll have to be it. Was up late watching Tenchi Muyo and Niea Under 7 tonight. I've become the anime librarian for the dorm, and I suspect things will remain the same once I move into Phi Mu Alpha next year. (Not part of the frat, just living there with a roommate who is.)
Thanks to everyone who sent in words of encouragement about the LSAT. I usually don't print those letters in order to keep a limit on the levels of self-aggrandizement on this page to a minimum. (Conversely, the "U suk" letters also remain column absent that way.)

Chris "Let's shake the dew off that lilly!" Martin

Naughty! Naughty!

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