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Chris Martin - May 11th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It's saturday! If you're reading this on the day noted above, I'm probably doing one of two things: Taking a practice LSAT or playing Axis and Allies with friends. One is fun, the other is not. But you knew that! There are, however, things you don't know! They shall all to be answered below.
A side note on the whole Pen and Paper RPG front, BTW. White Wolf will be releasing two sw33t-arse sourcebooks this Monday. "Savage Seas" for Exalted and "Tribebook: Get of Fenris" for Werewolf. If you like pirates or nordic werewolves or...both, then Monday will be just like Kwanzaa in May. Now for the letters!

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How to play video games in the Middle East and not have the machine explode like the grenades outside.

Special Note from Columnmaster Chris Martin: Many, MANY people are much more knowledgeable about electronics than I am. i don't even know how to operate a toaster without burning/electricuting/stabbing/raping myself. I'm not even the one using this computer! My slave woman does it for me. She spends the week tied up under the bed and given only Lime Jello and Vanilla Coke to eat and...I sense I've said too much.
Here are all of your helpful suggestions for helping Mystere's friend take the joy of Grand Theft Auto III and Final Fantasy X into the middle east. Don't be surprised if you see Ariel Sharon and Yassir Arafat sharing a hug on tv shortly after the magic of video games does its work.


Chesh, to the person asking about power in Jordan, here's a site that should get him well on his way:

Jordan's power system seems a little wacky, as they have four different styles of of receptacles in use, and only 2 of them are compatible. Good luck with that. For adaptors, try They have everything I've ever needed.

He should also be aware that Jordan uses the PAL broadcast standard, so he better thake a TV with him. ;)



I don't know what the shape of the outlets are in Jordan or their voltage, but anybody bringing US electronics to just about any foreign country will have to bring along a power converter. I know that they sell sets for specific regions at places like ompUSA, but I don't recall if I saw one for the Middle East. Also, since he is using video equipment, he will have to make sure that he only uses his American PS2 on a NTSC / U/C TV and not a Jordanian one(unless NTSC TVs are used is Jordan).

Hope this helps in some small way. The friend should probably contact someone in Jordan(maybe call a local Home Depot there? ^_^) and inquire as to the shape and voltage of the outlets and the type of TV.

-Kenneth Staples
CC: If you can't trust the advice of a man named after office supplies on this, I don't know who's word you can.

...That was bad. I'm sorry. :( <- The sorrow of a cat that weeps under the baleful moon.


The person moving to Jordan is dealing with what is most likely a 110VAC to 220VAC change.

What the person needs to do is find out the exact voltage changeover and then purchase the appropriate step up or step down transformer. They are big, heavy, and ugly.

However, play may or may not be affected by frequency, though I have never seen frequency affect anything other than devices which use that for timing purposes. Folks in the States run at 60Hz whereas those, say, in Europe, use 50Hz. Hope this helps...

I might also add that the person heading to Jordan do NOT, I repeat DO NOT just buy an adapter... he will fry his system like rice in a wok. As I said before... he needs to buy the appropriate step down transformer.



To use any 110/127-V (North American) appliance overseas (most countries with electricity other than ours uses 220/240-V), you need to buy a transformer from your local electronics/hardware store to convert from 110-V to 220-V, as well as a plug adapter (which you should probably buy in Jordan, because I have no clue what kind of outlets they use. The transformer should cost no more than $20 for a small one, while the plug-adapter cost is minimal (Italian ones are less than a dollar)...there's another problem though. North American TVs run on the NTSC standard, while most other countries (except for Japan, I think) use PAL. To plug in an American PS2 into a foreign TV, you need to get a SCART adapter from an electronics store (I have no clue how much they cost though; I'm using a Multisystem TV).

Well, while I'm at it, I might as well ask a question...what's the deal with this ToP game for the GC? It's like it appeared out of nowhere one day...
Moux Cow Petau

Cheshire Catalyst:
And there you go! No information about the latest tales of Phantasia game yet, Moux Cow.
Special thanks to everyone who contributed on this issue! We got-a the best-a readers.

I can't win.

Hey there Cheshire,

I have a couple of FFX questions and a comment for you, if you have the time...

1. Is there any point to having my Aeons learn the revive spells (e.g., Life, Full-Life) other than to use them on Zombi-fied creatures?

2. How do I get the guy in the Monster Arena to open more bosses for me? I've got the originals up to Th'uban (or whatever) opened, but I'm missing a couple of the 'Species', and I want the other originals, too.

As for my comment:

I didn't see you at the 2 Good Singers concert, CC. What the dealio? I know the "cool" thing is to act like Google and say you've "never heard of" the group, but I think if the two of you would just stop trying to be so "hip" and just listen to the music, you would really enjoy it. Please, Cheshire, listen to 2 Good Singers. Look into your heart; it will tell you what to do.


Cheshire Catalyst:
None of the Aeons really need to learn cure spells. Also, make sure you've explored everywhere in the world several times over. It's easy to miss monsters.
And I'm not being hip. I honestly don't know who 2 Good Singers are. I'll ask around and, (puts on his eyepatch of software piracy +2) maybe be downloadin' an Mp3 from AudioGalaxy. Yar!



Inavder Zim and an all-nighter of GTAIII and Arc The Lad 2&3, or Prom with my insanely beautiful girlfriend...

choices, choices...

-Chibi Victor

I take it an all-nighter of Invader Zim, GTA3, and Arc the Lad WITH your insanely beautiful girlfriend isn't an option, is it? I think I speak for a majority of the people viewing this document when I say that It'd be nice to have a problem like that.
*Ahem* Go for the prom. That only comes once. TV and Video Games are for anytime.

Dude! That was Pre-Crisis! None of that matters now!

Ah, comics. Having crises of continuity since 1957.


Fnorder here is refering to the whole "Superman kills Zod" storyline. DC had this big storyline called "Crisis on Infinite Earths" a while back where a lot of characters died, and a whole buncha universes were erased from existance. It was DC's way of trying to fix all their continuity errors.
Thing is, shortly after the whole "Hal Jordan becomes the Spectre" storyline, Hal/The Spectre goes and taunts the JLA, because he can only see the evil sides of people. He taunts Batman for almost becoming one of the psychos that he hunts, and for all of the people who've died/been injured during his vigilante career. He also messes with Superman about the whole Zod thing. This happened many years after "Crisis", so I assumed that it was somehow worked into the Superman mythos. I thought it was a good story, and it helps to round out Kal-El's character.


-Deranged Wraith

Nope. My Promises of Kevin Smith goodness threw a lot of you for a loop. No correct answers! It was another quote from Battle Pope. Pope was worried that there would only be "librarians and nuns" up in heaven. "Not that there's anything wrong with nuns, of course."

Greetings (professors sing) CHESH

Now what news do you think will come out in the next few weeks? Now can someone give me a PS2 since I of all people deserve it.
Imperial Mog

I forsee Osama Bin Laden coming back, only this time as, RED OSAMA from the DARK WORLD. Also, I will announce my engagement with Paula Zahn.
We live in a capitalist society, Mr. Mog! Go out and work for your PS2! Only a communist or a very, very nice person would give you a PS2 for free, and we're fresh out of nice people here.

AP/IB exams suck. I took've already taken IB Spanish SL, which wasn't too bad, but Friday (today/yesterday) I have AP US History, Monday I have AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics, on Thursday and Friday I've got parts one and two of IB Economics SL (SLs for IB because I'm only a junior so I can't do HLs yet).....damn, I just realized I'll have about three times as many tests next year. S---. Oh well, wish me luck.


All is weeping. I took my AP exams in high school. You do too! We only had three at the time. AP English, Calculus, and Chemistry. The AP Chemistry exam was hell on carbon paper. We weren't even prepared for the last section, which asked questions like this:

You are at a lab table with the following equipment:
One Earlenmyer Flask, one graduated cylinder, one undergraduate cylinder, one cylinder who has his GED and just made Starbuck Assistant Manager, Three Moles of Sodium Chloride, 50 cc's of water, one communion wafer, a box full of hydrochloric acid, and a copy of the unabridged works of restoration playwright William Congreve.
Using a standard proof, describe how you would use the above equipment to explode the planet Mercury. Use only the metric scale.

Warning! Revolutionary Girl Utena Spoilers Here! God dag din skabbiga gamla Sheshire-katt.

"Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery" is the title of Akio's dueling music in Shoujo Kakumei Utena. It's the best d-music too, IMO.

/Pfeizer "The only swede with inherited mad skillz"

Pfizer? Like the pharmaceutical company? First Staples, now you guys! Who knew RPGamer was so hot in the corporate sector?
And you are correct about something else, Mr. Pfeizer. That was the best duel song. Right up there with Allegory, Allegories, Allegori; Angelic Creation, Namely Light; and Earth as a Character Gallery

All aboard the man-train!

All your internet catchphrases, apparently, are belong to us.

The Last Laugh:

Good night. I'm off for a night of sleep before answering questions about logic and then proceed to beat the crap out of some Nazis.

Chris "The most important part of dance is music. So now let us listen to the music, and identify the beats." Martin

But that was too soft...

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