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Chris Martin - May 10th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today's column will be short because the demands of my English professor outweigh the free time I have in which I write this column and spend money on crank.

Oh, and happy birthday to my neighbor, Ken Wu. He's 21 today. As long as he doesn't go for all twenty-one shots, he'll live to see twenty-two.

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Now with chunks of Kree!

Has anyone else seen the animé version of this? Unless you're a die-hard megaman fan, stay FAR AWAY.

hey chesh,

is MMBN 2 coming out on the 4th of june? says the 14th, and earlier the date was the 30th of may. what gives?

-illegal allen

Cheshire Catalyst:
After looking in a few places, It looks like Megaman Battle Network 2 is set for a June 4th release. Go Rockman.EXE! Who knew Megaman was Microsoft Software?


Dear sir,

I personally own a Japanese import of a game boy game supposedly entitled "Kaeru No Tame Ni," which translates to "For the Sake of the Frog." Nintendo Power briefly covered it once, calling it "Kaeru" and saying that it was a comedic RPG/action game. The game itself is very fascinating and fun, but I always wish I could have it translated!!! Sadly, I cannot find anyone on the internet who is working on a translation for this game, or has even heard about it. Do you know anything more specifically about this game and where to obtain more information about it, if possible?

Thank you!


Marc Villafana

Cheshire Catalyst:
A surf around the net revealed nothing on any sort of translation project. Fortunatly, we have this public Q&A forum! If anyone is undertaking this kind of project or, would be interested in doing so, send in an email.


Hello O weekend host. My friend is moving to Jordan for a while,and is taking his PS2 with him. My question is,seeing as they have different electrical outlets there,will he be able to play his PS2,or does he need an adapter of some sort? Your help is greatly appreciated,and I'll even accept a personal response. Thanks,

The Masked Mystere
"Singing haunted requiems..."

It sounds like some type of power adaptor is in order. Check what type of power outlets are standard in Jordan. Then, check a major electronics outlet and see if they sell adaptors. He may have a better chance of finding a store like that in Jordan itself. If anyone out there has experience with these types of outlets, drop us a line. You'll get a Chesh's special helper award.

That quote can’t be from anything but Superman 2.
-Joshua Hime

Once again, Joshua Hime is quick on the buzzer. He is only partially correct, however. The line IS from Superman 2, but not only from Superman 2 (as the next quickie will illuminate.)
For those of you who don't keep track of things like this, the line is from General Zod. Zod and two of his compatriots were Kryptonian criminals who escape the Phantom Zone and wind up on earth. They gain Superman's powers, and a massive slug-fest begins. The movie was acceptable (except for that stupid, "I'll kiss her and wipe her memories thing. Did they even TRY and explain that one?"), but (as usual) the comic book version was better.
In the comics, Superman winds up going to this alternate world where the three have landed and wreak large amounts of havoc. He fights the three on this alternate world and loses. What's worse, they find out how to get back to our (Superman's) earth. Therefore, faced with the prospect of three unstoppable tyrants destroying his world, Superman does the only thing he can. He has some Kryptonite placed in a lead pipe. He opens one end, and shines the baleful green light on the three Kryptonian exiles. He stands there, unmoving, while the light slowly kills General Zod. For the first time, Superman was forced to kill one of his enemies, and it freaked him out to no small end.
Much better than the movie where the three lose their powers and fall in a misty hole. It's been a while since I read the actual storyline, so some details have been forgotten. If I missed anything spectacular, send me an email.

Oh, and a ~ for Mr. Hime.

Its from Mallrats

PS please have more Kevin Smith quotes

-Josh Smith

This counts too. ~
And, I'll see what we can do about those Kevin Smith Quotes.

Have you seen the Waa-Mu show this year?
-Mike Hughes

The Waa-Mu show, Aka Northwestern University's annual musical extravaganza. Haven't gone yet, and since I'm going to be pretty busy this weekend, I probably won't make it this year. Next year's my last chance, so I'll probably go see it then.

The Last Laugh:

Have a happy friday! No school tomorrow! Send in your letters and read more self-aggrandizement from me! Exclamation Point!

Chris "Trust me dude, it'll be worth it. Tons of models and movie stars got in before we caught Saint Peter accepting sexual favors." Martin

Pretty easy, and yet...not!

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