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Chris Martin - May 6th '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Two! Two! Two days in a row! Two days of what, you ask? Two days of me printing every letter in my inbox, that's what! I'm such a nice internet content provider. Sad to say, this in no way means that tonight's column is especially long. What a pity. Could we have three days of full inbox happy fun time? Maybe...

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Mmm-mmm! So fine.
How do you pronounce...?

What way? Norway!

Greetings Green and Purple cat thingy that plays with chemicals... thingies...

Er, forgot where I was going with that... ^_~;;

Well, anyway, as the subject says, this is about Video Game Schools. I remember some time back some ppl where asking about Game Design/programming schools in the US. At that time, I was looking for some schools myself, so I didn't reply, but just recently I remembered that letter (don't ask why) so I decided to send this in.

The first school I heard of was DigiPen in Redmond Washington. That is Nintendo's school for those who don't know. There's also a school in Canada, but I forgot where exactly. DigiPen's cool and all, but not bein credited by the Government makes it really hard to get schoollarships and school loans to pay off the really high tuition. Also, they ask for too many pre-requisites before you're even considered to be a student there.

I heard that there was a school in Irvine, but I haven't searched too much into that one (yet) so I won't go into that one. I also heard that it was the best out there.

And the last of the school I know of is in FullSail ( here in sunny (?) orlando Fl. I'm currently attending, and it's alright. They are credited by the government and have loans and scholarships to pay off the (also) high tuition. All you need to be accepted is your highschool diploma, no SAT's no College board, nothing, just that little peice of paper that say "Diploma" on the top.

If you want some more info on FullSail from me personally, just e-mail me at and I'll answer as many questions as I can. Hope you post this Chesh, I think it would help all those that really want to Gamer's but don't know how to get started.

Ok, see ya!

~Roscael "Curse this pure heart of mine!" Nadaron

(p.s. In fullsail, they give you a really neat laptop for your studies. EEE! ^_~;;)

(p.p.s. Feel free to cut this part out, it's just a shameless website plug (my site get's no traffic, but the website is Ok, c'ya!)

Cheshire Catalyst:
There you go, kids. A school where you can learn how to make video games. Professor Mario's office hours are 11-1 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Your T.A.'s for the quarter will be Cloud Strife and Samus Aran. By the way, I hear Samus Aran gets bitchy if you skip Study Sessions. You've been warned...

Funky Letter part 2!

Dear Chesh
After defeating my enemy i come back to finish my question,

3) Is there any chance of a remake of Final Fantasy Adventure, That game rocked.

4) Did you forget about the first game to STAR OCEAN? If i remember correctly Star ocean was a game for the Super Famicon.

5) One last question. How are Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma related??


Cheshire Catalyst:
3. No information at this time. Maybe, but doubtful.
4. Yep, it was. I hear it was a lot of fun, but sadly, was never released here stateside.
5. All were made by Enix. They're also said to be a "series". (Similar gameplay, etc.)

I got a good feeling.

Hey Google or Chesh or anyone who reads this!

After reading all your great reviews and after you comparing everything to it, I finally got off my butt and rented Final Fantasy Tactics. First, let me just say that I'm a HUGE Final Fantasy fanatic. I mean... it's what started me on my RPG rampage! Second, I'm not all that big on anything with the word "tactics" in it. BUT, I just happened to like this game! It had a great story line, great "main" characters (you know... the ones that you didn't have to buy), it also had betrayal, deceit, and almost everything else. Now to my questions... Do you think Square will make any more games like it? And do you think the game would've been better if Square made it a random battle system game instead of the tactics? Yea I know that the name would have to be altered a little, but I think it would help the game a bit. That way you could walk around towns, talk to people, and you could probably ride some kind of transportation around. Sure it would be like a regular Final Fantasy game, but still... the story isn't regular FF material so they could probably just call it Final Fantasy: The Zodic Brave Story and it could be just a gaiden to the FF series. Anyway... it was just a thought.

Cheshire Catalyst:
Keep an eye out for Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth. That's as close as you can get to an actual FFT sequel. Yeah, it would be fun to explore the individual towns. Nice thought.


Hey Chesh,

a few days ago Goog totally discredited a letter about the Wonder Swan Color. He claims that the GBA and the Wonder Swan Color are like night and day, but this is not true. The difference in power between the WSC and the GBA is NOT the difference between the NES and the SNES. The WSC is capable of just as much as the GBC. The GBA is incapable of 3-d graphics the difference is negligible. Remember Sega's 32-bit, 32x? Now, you and I know, it was no where near the PSX\N64 level. In fact, none of the games looked any better than SNES games and later SNES by far surpassed it. Guess what, SNES displayed 256 colors while the 32x displayed 32k colors and that's the exact same difference between the GBA and WSC. The only reason the WSC will fail is the illogical devotion of the unintelligible "Nintendo whores." That said, here's my question: "Will the Gamecube end up like N64?"

The Dark Lord, one who hates liers and loudmouths

Cheshire Catalyst:
If there's one thing the past few days have taught us, is that it's not the console itself that gets people excited - it's the selection of games. A console's graphics and sound capabilty only marks the potential of the system. If enough good games make it to the Wonderswan color, then people will buy it. Granted, there are company loyalists - Nintendo having a great number of them. However, The GBA does have two big advantages. One, it's hardware. (Which IS important, just not as important as the games) Two, it's the name. Nintendo is THE video game company. They just need to get some good games on their consoles. Did the N64 tank? No. There were a few good games on it. Most of them were of the non-RPG variety though. (Goldeneye and Super Smash Bros. comes to mind) I AM tired of all of the "Mario" games. Mario Golf. Mario Tennis. Mario Porn Shoot. (Ok, the last one sounds cool, but still...)

Classic NES goodness

Hey Chesh!

Since I somehow got Goog into putting my e-mail up, I'll try to get you to put this one up. Anyway, enough of my bragging, on to the questions!

1. Are you planning to go out and buy ffX? Or rent it at least? I like the ff series, but I think its just getting too long, and the final fantasy is starting to bug me. Also, is it just me or is Yuna Squall's long lost twin?

2. What's your favorite nes game? I like rivercity ransom and super dodgeball.

3. I've heard that Star Tropics (game on nes) was a squaresoft game. Is that true?

Anyway, that's all for today from me. And I'm not going to E3 either, because I live a little too far away for that.


Cheshire Catalyst:
1. I'd like to play it sometime, for comparison purposes. If I ever break down and buy a PS2 (when and if enough decent games are produced for it) I might pick it up. Don't expect the series to die anytime soon though. Know why? Here's a hint. The top three selling RPG's for the Playstation all have "Final Fantasy" in the title.
2. Ahh, you picked two winners for sure. Seanbaby would be proud. Zelda was fun. I liked the RPG's I had for it. Star Tropics, Final Fantasy, Crystalis. I played the hell out of those games.
3. Nope. It was crafted as "The Next Zelda", but it didn't take as well as Nintendo hoped.

Last, Mr. Silly....again!

Hey (monks sing) CHRIS MAR-TIN

Have you ever MST'd anything. I do that on many an RPG. Just a word of advice, doing it when nobody's around makes everyone think you're crazy. What's real scary is that I said something that ended up as true. In Xenogears when Grahf met Fei I had a joke involving who I refer to as Grahf Vader say "Fei, I am your father", who ever knew I just called it before it happened. Also, be thankful nobody made a Sailor Chesh. You have clones? Are you going to get in a battle against other clones of people?

Imperial Mog

Cheshire Catalyst:
I consider myself decently funny. Usually, MSTing stuff is only funny when done by the MST crew. That is to say, it's perfectly fine to do it by yourself. (Question, how do people know you do it, if no one else is around?) Or, when you're with one or two good friends, and you're watching something silly like anime or a B-movie. Sadly, some people just think they're soooo clever that they have to share their insight with everyone else in the theatre/crowded room/etc. These people must be shot.


It's Berserk, not Berserker!!

My bad. I messed up the name of the show. "Berserk". Cool show. Guy had a massive sword.


I am playing Wild Arms 2 - but I can't find the Lost Catacombs. I think they must be on that island with just the little circle for landing - and I do have Marivel in my party - but I can't seem to find it.

Could you help me please?


Take Marivel to read a book in the basement of Meria castle. That should lead you to your goal.

Hello Kitty! I've been playing Valkyrie Profile for a while now, but one thing keeps on bugging me-

What exactly does the practice/training commmand do? I don't see a point to it, other than wasting time and getting to hear, "Pathetic!", "Final Strike!", "I have to do this, or..." and so forth time and time again. Also, should I go back and play it in the other two levels? I heard Lezard was pretty cool....

"Do you ever sing the 'meowmix' song?

Nope, never sung that song.
That command allows you to practice combos. Combat is "practiced" (No Experience gained, no damage taken) Getting better at combos is a good thing because it allows you to build up your meter faster and do more powerful combos.

I sent this to google about 3 weeks ago but he didnt seem to care and didnt

- Condemned

Umm, 'kay. Here's a nice pic, folks. Oh, and if you ever come across anything that you think should be in our hands new-game wise, head to Feedback for general rules about what we'll accept, and who you should send it to.

Chesh, there is a Wild Arms anime to download? do you know where I can find it?

I've only heard about it. (And not even quality wise, all I know is that it exists somewhere) Check direct connect channels or IRC channels that specialize in trading odd stuff like that.

The Last Laugh:

That's it. I'm tired. Goodnight.

chesh "anime time"
A little Ranma before bed.

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