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Chris Martin - May 5th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I saw Spiderman, and now my weekend is complete. Third best comic book movie I've ever seen. (The first two being the first Batman and the first 80% of the first Superman)

A little light on the letters tonight, so read the brief missives below and get back to bed. There be school tomorrow!

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Blue Spring

Hi, Chesh. I've got one comment and two questions for you. Sign here.

As someone who's never picked up an MMORPG and has no desire to do so in the future, I'm still intrigued by the idea of EverQuest 2. After all, thanks to EA's complete idiocy in the Ultima Online: Origin fiasco, no popular online RPG has yet gotten a sequel, and now we're looking at two - EverQuest 2 and Asheron's Call 2. I can't help but wonder, though, how they're going to balance the interests of current and prospective players. After all, both games already have considerable fanbases. Unfortunately, the more devoted the fan, the more likely they are to have invested way too much of their time in the first game, and asking them to give up their achievements to start over in what might end up being a very similar experience seems to me to be an uncertain bet at best.

Anyway, questions...

1. Any word on a PS2 price drop? It's one of two things that can force me to get one, the other being Xenosaga.

2. Does Valkyrie Studios exist anymore? I picked up Septerra Core a while ago, and I'm enjoying it enough to wonder if they're planning anything else.

Oh, and the quote is from Utena episode 34, the official Weirdest Backstory Ever. Although it doesn't manage to beat out its own ending.


Cheshire Catalyst:
There's always the chance that Everquest 2 will allow the player to port his stats into the new system. The screenshots make it look pretty, but that's stilll not enough for me to play a game the centers largely around murdering animals in the forest for XP, Corpse Hunting, and listening to whiny 12 year olds beg for Spirit of Wolf.
1. Not really. The price will probably drop shotly before the PS3 is released or the first of the next wave of consoles hits the market. 'Till then, Sony will try to milk more money out of you than a 30-year old live-at-home son.
2. They do. Valkyrie Studios has a website set up largely devoted to singing the praises of Septerra Core. They have a 3rd person action game set up called "Seraphim", and are currently looking for a developer.

~! A very strange episode for a very strange series with a very strange ending. (Strange cool, BTW. Not Strange-Bad. Aka: Evangelion)

Blue Summers

what are the chances of project ego being ported to the PC? I mean if Microsoft could be letting Halo slip to computers, i would think Ego could with Peter Molyneaux's PC background


Cheshire Catalyst:
No news on any port. If any games have a chance of receiving a PC port, they would be X-box games.


The reason the "Youth of a Nation" fans remained silent is they aren't fans anymore. That song has been overplayed more than my SNES copy of Chrono Trigger.

Please name more column titles after Trigun songs!

"I always figured you were no mere mortal... but I never imagined you were a cat."

Cheshire Catalyst:
I'll do you one better! All letters will be titled after Tsueno Imahori "Trigun" songs! I love making people's wishes come true.

The Last Laugh:

No quickies, and that's it. Have a nice week with Googleshng.

Chris "Come out, son of Jor-El! Come and kneel before me!" Martin

Easy as all hell.

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