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Chris Martin - May 5 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

College anime club is fun. Sit in a room with 10 people, watch fansubs, and everyone laughs at the same corny jokes. We watched two episodes of "Berserker": a tale of a man with a big sword. He kills lots of people in various bloody ways with said weapon. He also does the nasty with this boyish woman. Two episodes of Kare Kano: Girl, Boy and their relationship. It's done by Hidekai Anno, so the show posesses a bipolar complex. 50% wacky teen humor. 50% teen angst. I liked it a hell of a lot more that I thought I would. Also, an episode of Outlaw Star (Law and Lawlessness). An excellent way to spend the evening, I dareday.

E3 is a week away, and I'm not excited about it one bit. Why? Because I can't go. Fie! It probably won't be that cool anyway. </sour grapes>

I'll mope later. We've got letters to reply to.

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Blarg! A creature!
How do you pronounce...?

What way? Norway!

Just some things I saw in yesterday's column.

I always pronounced Magus like Mage-Uss (but ignoring the E or something

And someone mentioned The Longest Journey, which is actually "Den Lengste Reisen" a new game made in Norway (my homecountry, I'm sooooo proud) and I actually know the guy who did some of the voice-acting in the untranselated. I may be wrong about it's the same game, but I DON'T THINK SO!!!!

Oh, and a question: Does Gargoyles Quest 1 & 2 ring a bell. They where good old RPG's for the NES, but they'r not posted on the site. Ignored or forgotten?

Well, anyway, keep up the good job.


Cheshire Catalyst:
Ah yes, Gargoyles Quest. The predecessor to the SNES's "Demon's Crest". It's a bit of an action RPG, and it's bloody hard. (Then again, the NES had a lot of hard games.) Good graphics too. Some of these older games fall through the cracks here at RPGamer. We'd go back and add them but we're constantly getting and publishing information on new games. Maybe if the industry took a month off for us to catch up, we'd manage.

And yes, those are the same games. When I played TLJ, I said "Who made this awesome game?" The box told me, "A company from Norway! Funcom!" Then I said, "WHAT YOU SAY?!" because, at the time, Wing Zero jokes weren't disgustingly overdone. In short, I was surprised. This is the damn coolest thing Norway's given North America since vikings.

Game Boys on the Side

Yo, acid based catlike life form. ..or something. I'll just call ya Chris.

Yesterday (and wah wah, don't blame me for continuing Google's stuff, you're the one posting it) Google was asked about the quality of the GBA screens, and whether or not they are as bright as the screen shots. All I can say is.. no. ^_^ Now don't get me wrong, the colors are absolutely fabulous, the LCD screen is drool-worthy and oh so shiny.. but the colors just don't come out as vibrant unless you are playing under *direct* light, which I rarely do. And well.. that's exactly like any other GB, just about. ..doesn't Magical Vacation look nice? If they yank the rug out on the version of the game I made up in my head, I'm gonna have to crack a few skulls..

-Hojo, currently only 406 puzzles and 25 stage challenges finished with Chu Chu Rocket GBA

Cheshire Catalyst:
And so, the truth about Gameboy screens comes out. It sounds cool. Magical Vacation is purty. Look for the sequel soon, "Dysfunctional Vacation" where you and your warped family, Alcoholic abusive father, shattered drug-addict mother, insane sister, and prone-to-acts-of-cruelty-and-violence brother, all drive to the beach together.

X-box or Ecch!-box?


I think Goog might have been a little too quick to dismiss the X-box. The hardware is impressive and Microsoft has all the money in the world behind it. Goog says that the because the Microsoft is based in the US, it doesn't stand a chance in Japan or the game market in general. Come on, let's think this out for a moment. As much as we'd like to think so, Microsoft is not run by a bunch of drooling goons. The are capable of running just as many focus groups as the next console developer. And by that, I don't believe Japan is the best place to figure out what the larger American market wants. And if it's the Japanese market you want, you run the focus groups over there! Since console developers are so huge these days they have become internationally based. They are not tied to a single country or culture. Rather, they draw from all societies and the benefits there of. So if one believes the Japanese have a superior ability to make good video games, then that talent will be drawn upon by the international company. So it all makes little difference.

Then there is the fact of MS's shady reputation. Yes, MS has it. But, I don't see how this matters if the actual X-box hardware and development APIs (APIs-- bits of code that allow a program to interact with the OS and hardware) are made well. If they do it right, developers will come. Goog focuses on how Microsoft doesn't have many game developers. Then a bit later, he turns around and says Microsoft's reputation for bad software (well deserved in some respects) will hurt them. As long as MS doesn't screw up the console, I don't think this will be much of a problem. People will of course be sceptical, but after a few initial good reviews (that is, if they are deserved), I feel people will come around. We all laughed at Sony, didn't we? There's another thing X-box has going for it. Every programmer alive knows how to develop for Windows. If X-box and it's APIs are remotely similar, this could be a possible benefit.

I have to say though, Goog was right on with this 3rd point. It all comes down to the games. I don't know, I just felt it was a little bold of Goog to discount the X-box so strongly.


Cheshire Catalyst:
While I've watched enough animé, Star Trek, Star Wars, read enough sci-fi, and played enough video games to satisfy the lives of three nerds, one thing that keeps me apart from my nerd brethren is my lack of ball-burning hatred for Microsoft. I've never had a reason to hate them THAT much. Sure, they make mediocre products - so does Campbell's soup and a lot of other big brand names, but that's not enough for me to initiate a full-scale boycott.
That said, I'm sitting on the fence with the X-Box. The system components look sweet, and it looks like it could be a well made piece of machinery. What it WILL all come down to is the selection of games. That's why I bought my dreamcast and playstation when I did. The selection of games finally won me over. (The two specifically were Lunar:SSSC and Skies of Arcadia, but I digress)
How will the X-box fare? I think I'll wait until after E3 to pass preliminary judgement. Who knows what tricks Bill Gates's has up his starched sleeves?

All that said, Arakageeta sent in THIS fun flash animation of me. Click on various body parts for a fun reaction. (And don't bother with the crotch, pervert). While this technically isn't a drawing, it's still a fun toy. Nice work, Arakageeta.

Curse you, Sony.

Hey Chesh. This is CanadianGhaleon

1. Are you as excited about E3 as I am? I can't wait.

2. Tales of Eternia. Ever seeing our shores?

3. Lunar 3. Working Designs told me it's being developed for the PS2. Any chance of it being made for the GameCube? Game Arts said they are interested in developing for Nintendo.

4. FF 4-6 remakes on GBA. Will it happen? If so, I need to get one.

5. I heard Microsoft is trying to buy Square and might announce upcoming square games for the X-Box at E3. Please tell me this is a nightmare.

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. WAH! I want to go...
2. Start getting on Santa's nice list now. We beleive it's slated for arrival in early January 2002. Namco has yet to make an official announcement, but reports from Babbages and Electronics Boutique not that a "Tales of Destiny 2" will arrive in stores around that time. Things are looking good...
3. My point has been made once again. I refuse to buy a PS2 on the grounds that it has sucky games. However, with this piece of news, I might have to rethink my position. Damn you, Working Designs. Looks like I'll have to break down and buy one in a year after all. Oh, and I doubt it'll be released on Gamecube. Possible, but doubtful.
4. Eh, we'll see. Remember, Square and Nintendo aren't exactly playing nice-nice right now.
5. Nothing about Square being "bought". If they did some sweet games for the X-box, I might have to get one. Ahh! So many consoles, so many games. Looks like I'll have to take up prostitution. (Again. Sigh)

You got anime on my video game! Nooooo, you got video game in my anime!

Hey Chesh,
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssseeeeeeee post this!!!!!!!

1) I play alot of Final Fantasy games...actually i have played them all. Should i bother myself with the FF Anime??? I know that the movie is gonna rock, but is the anime worth seeing?

2) Wild ARM's...I just recently bought both games....and i dont know if the anime is worth watching...i know that there is only like 3 episodes...still should i bother downloading them?

3) Is there any chance of


Cheshire Catalyst:
The Final Fantasy anime takes place in the Final Fantasy V world. It's a hundred years later, and Butz's decendant has taken his place. I hear it's very average - borderline sucky. It has nothing to do with the upcoming movie.
I'm really not sure about the elusive Wild Arms anime. I hear a series was made... sometime. I see some old rumors floating around. Hell, if it's free to download, go for it.
I'll assume for your sake that you were called away to fight even and couldn't finish your third thought. Usually, I wouldn't print something that begs me to print it and is missing 1/3 of the letter. However, I AM printing every letter in my inbox today. (just so you see how few letters I get on Friday)

Last, Mr. Silly.

Hey (monks sing) CHEST-ER CHEE-TAH

I just have to know. Are you going on any silly trips like Guggenheim? Also, where is everyone lately? Also are you Merle's father? Especilly if since you admitted that your Leon's father. Who's the mother in this one. Or is Merle Paws' child or even both are true? Also for some wierd imagery to scar your brain. I got an Austin Powers character saying "large Scotsman power make up". You fill in the rest.

Imperial Mog

Cheshire Catalyst:
I admitted to no such thing. That wasn't me. That was one of my clones. (I have about 3 for... personal purposes) I don't know about their fathers. They could go on Sally Jesse Raphael and cry. She'll give them a free car or something.


Hey Chesh, quick opinion: on a scale of 1 to 10, how much ass do you think the GBA will kick? (with 1 being "alot of ass" and 10 being "ass infinitum")

-Watkesci Cid

Hmmm. "7" Copious Ass.

point 1: Goog, if you read this, and i know you will, you are not alone when it comes to power outages. I live in Central Cali.

point 2: hey guys, who's with me when i camp out in front of Holiday Cinema 8 (the only FULL THX theater in the Central Valley of California, BOOYA) on July 14th?

Danh Tao

California is out of electricity. Yeah, GREAT place to have E3. By the way, Mistress Nightshadow just arrived in America (L.A.) yesterday. If you see a young woman engaging in wacky Paul Hogan antics (Brandishing a knife at E3 personel, grabbing John Romero's crotch and saying "Hey! That was a guy!") you'll know you found her.

Hi Chesh!

I drew you! It's for the competition ^.^ Hope you like it.

From, Alison (Haruka-Minako)

How can I reject a picture from someone who's named herself after the two hottest Sailor Soldiers? Check out the picture of me below. It takes "Kawaii" to new, unheard of levels. Very cool. As for the contest, I'm extending the deadline for reasons I'll explain later.

Do an anime CC contest, ANIME CC contest!

- Beedrill51

Ok ok. It's officially "Draw an anime CC" contest now. Since, anime comes in so many varieties, I won't hunt you down If I don't look "Japanese" enough. You won't get any mean emails reading "Hey! My eyes aren't big enough! And where's my schoolgirl and giant robot?!" Full creative liscence.

The Last Laugh:

Ain't I sweet? Anyway, send in your pictures. I probably won't end the contest for another 2 weeks it looks like. (With E3, and ACen, it's gonna be busy here) So send in your pics. I haven't received very many drawings, actually. (No, my face superimposed on a Japanese prostitute does not count. Funny, but doesn't count)

More tomorrow. 'Night.

chesh "SUGOI!"
That's from Kare Kano episode 20. Funny as hell.

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