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Chris Martin - April 28th '02- 5:00 Eastern Standard Time

Approaching, at breakneck speed, today's column!

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E3 is a magical fairy-land filled with booths and midgets and everything!

Final Fantasy X Spoilers! Avert thine virgin eyes!
Hey Chesh! And hello, all fellow RPGamerans that I haven't spoken to in a long time. I was reading a comment yesterday that mentioned who should be awarded the title of "Sexiest Man Created Digitally" (good ol' Sephiroth) and that's when a beam of realization lit up my consciousness, telling me, "I haven't posted in RPGamer for soooo long."

Well, I do not come without cause. I'm a journalist for my school paper, one of the editors, and I was able to get the Editor-in-chief to let me make a game column. I had at first an FFX review (of course, I haven't beaten it, but I'm at the final bosses, so I think it counts enough *laughs*), then I did an article on Xenosaga (for it recently, a few months ago, came out in Japan, confound them... *wants it*) and so on and I've been pondering what to do my last article on. I want to do it on Star Ocean 3, simply because Star Ocean 2 was such a wonderful and (as I found it to be) popular game. Problem is, I can hardly find any information on it. I would be interested in doing something as well on Grandia Extreme or Wild Arms 3, but I'm lost on information. Arc the Lad I suppose I could seep to, but it doesn't seem like it'd be so popular as the first three I mentioned. Could you possibly tell me any information on those first three games? I would also like to be able to include information on E3, but I don't really know ANYTHING about it, such as who's going to be there and whatnot. I would like to use my journalism editor title to sneak in (hehe..."I'm from the press!") but I'm not even 18 yet. In fact, I'm turning 17 the month AFTER E3. But I was wondering, would you be able to tell me anything about E3?

Finally.... have you seen Scryed? Isn't it just the world's most AWESOME anime?! And if you have seen it, would you be able to tell me where I can find Episode 18? I've only seen up to Episode 17, and 18-20 are supposed to be out *sniffles*

Ok... back to your column ^.^ Thank you VERY much ^.^ -Xenochick

"To be human is to be able to chose your own path in life." - Erich Van Houten, XENOGEARS

Cheshire Catalyst:
All the information on those three games is whatever you can find in our archives. (ie: not much) If I may make a suggestion, why not review a non-RPG for your school paper. People have varied tastes, and they might appreciate a review of something like Virtua Fighter 4 or even the controversial* Grand Theft Auto 3. (RPGamer has cleverly ducked this responsibility by naming ourselves "RPGamer." But if Square or Rockstar started making games about Rocket Propelled Grenades, then we'd have to cover them as well.)

I, also, have never been to E3. Though my staff status could grant me entry, flying across the country is a bit of a problem for me...especially since the whole shebang goes on during the academic semester. Google has been there, so she might be your best choice for real info. In reality, it's where game companies show off their new titles and consoles to the press. Often, this is done with the help of bored models dressed up like Lara Croft. Also, they have food there too.

I've seen the first episode of Scryed. For those of you not in the know, it's a fan-subbed anime series about people with weird mecha-super powers and an organization called "HOLD" that polices them. Naturally, a rivalry breaks out between the brash, young warrior from the villages and the cool, young officer from HOLD. I thought it was ok, and if you're a fan of fighting anime, you'll like it. Personally, I'd like to suggest Fruits Basket and Read or Die.

*Spoken with the most seething sarcasm

Some people don't want to rock and roll every night. Partying every day is still cool with them.

Hey Chesh,

This idea you guys have been discussing, hard rock in rpgs, its horrible!! I can not stand Korn, Ramstein, Godsmack, Linkin Park, or any other new metal band. Puddle of Mud makes me puke. I'd rather jam screwdrivers in my ears than listen to Nickle back. I know tons of sad, sad souls love these bands, but many don't. But listen to the radio and that's all you hear, because I guess that's what the masses like.

I'm a punk man myself, so i wouldn't mind hearing some ska or emo in a soundtrack, but there's probably people who can't stand that. There's no way to please everyone. That's why games have these non-offensive instrumentals that not many can bring themselves to hate.

- Balbanes Beoulve

Cheshire Catalyst:
Simple, orchestrated tracks are often used in RPGs and movies for that very reason: they fade into the background easily and they fall into a sort of "neutral zone" in most people's spectrum of taste. They like it, but wouldn't buy it or listen to it out of context. Everyone's going to have their own musical tastes and I know that, if in the middle of a boss battle, my TV starts blasting a Bee-Gees song, I'd resort to my .45 caliber "remote."

However, there's a danger in trying to please everyone by offending nobody. It's very easy to slip into a repetitive banality when everyone just does the same thing. It's when people take a chance, and risk being hated, that some of the best art gets created.

I'm collecta-ma-ble.

Greetings (Mr. T pities) Chesh-foo'

Now is there a Cheshire Catylyst action figure? They didn't have the chibi-Vladimir Putin action figure or the Donald Rumsfeld with kung-fu grip. Now if Bin Laden is in a fuku as you stated, wouldn't the best plan is to go to Kabul and summon a giant tentacle monster to find him? Only if there were the complete set of RPGamer action figures since what features would they have?

Imperial Mog

Cheshire Catalyst:
If you check yesterday's link, (Check the Archives. I'm too lazy to post it again) you'll see that Mr. Laden is already in a ballerina outfit. I'm not sure what the artist is exactly trying to say, other than the fact that ballet is probably some sinister Taliban plot. So remember, if your girlfriend drags you to Swan Lake.... The terrorists win.

The student council in my high school got to decide where to put the coke machine.

The hidden quote is uttered by Akio Ohtori in the Utena movie. And I've got a bit of good and bad news for you.

GOOD NEWS: The Black Rose Saga is going to be released commercially.


I don't know whether this has been asked before, but what's your favorite dueling song from Utena, not counting Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku? I think mine, from what I've seen so far (first 13 eps and the movie) would have to be the first dueling chorus from the movie (watashi no subete chuusei ni shite etc.)

Oh yeah, I showed the first 7 episodes of Utena to my Japanese roommate, who thought they were absolutely BIZZARE.

Card Captor Ribby who wishes that they made a Duelist Ring that actually FIT her

Cheshire Catalyst:
My favorite dueling songs are, "Angelic Creation Namely, Light" (Juri - Ep.7) "Earth as a Character Gallery" (Shiori Ep. 17), "Virtual Star Hasseigaku" (Saionji Ep. 25), and the duel song from the final duel called "Révolution"
Utena has excellent music, even beyond the freaky choral dueling arena songs. Also, your roommate is right: the show IS bizarre. The whole thing is a post-modern fairytale that explores the established norms of fairy tales. ("Maidens", "Witches", and ..."Princes")


Heya, Cheshire T. Cat,

I've got an FFX question for you. I haven't quite completed the game, so if you can avoid any *major* spoilers and still answer this, I would be grateful. What is the deal with the "Luck" attribute? Fortune/Luck spheres seem pretty rare, at least compared to others, and I was just wondering if they have some colossal effect on something or what is up with them in general. If this isn't column-worthy and you could still give me a personal reply, I would be terribly obliged. Thanks.


A question about a Role-Playing Game? On this page?
Well, I'll make an exception this time.

"Luck" is a sort of catch-all ability that gives bonuses to your Hit rate, Evade rate, and chances of getting a critical hit. The ability doesn't seem to be as important as more direct statistics, however. (Accuracy, Evasion, and Strength) I wouldn't worry about it. Those spheres are pretty rare, but they don't help nearly as much as their rarity might suggest.

When is the earliest i could expect shenmue 2 to come out on xbox in ohio???? or is there any other way i could possibly get it sooner?

Shenmue II has no percise release date, though it is slated for a fourth quarter 2002 release. (That's October 1st - January 1st, IIRC) Even in a magical and distant land like Ohio, Shenmue II shall come. Patience.

Hello, of Cat of Chemistry,

Yesterday's quote was from that episode of the Simpsons where the children all think there parents are Reverse Vampires because they all run into the homes before dark.

Dex, Dark Vampire

While this is the answer I intended, it is not the only correct one.


Ugh! How could someone who quotes Aqua Teen Hunger Force (in the title that is) say it'd just be silly to give a weapon a meat-related ability?

Master Sheik
"Video games are forbidden!"

~. "Do what I said 'cuz I said it."


I am very interested in checking out Baldur's Gate 2 due to your mad props, but do I have to go through the original Baldur's Gate first? Is it as good?


Baldur's gate II is a direct sequel of the original. It's a continuation of the story of your character, an abandoned young man/woman raised at Candlekeep - a library on the fabled sword coast. Baldur's gate II allows you to import your character from the first game, in a bit of coolness.

While it isn't nescessary to play the original game, I'd reccomend it. The sequel starts out by going over the major revelation that occured at the end of the original. Characters from the original also show up, including Imoen, Jahiera, and Minsc! While the game gives you enough information about them, it's better to experience their own backstories in the original as well.

So while it's non-essential, I'd suggest picking up a copy of the original (preferably, one that comes with the "Tales of the Sword Coast" expansion pack.)

The Last Laugh:

Hope I've made your day off especially funny. See you later, and remember to not pray 'till tomorrow. It's God's day off, and She doesn't need to be bothered when She's trying to tape record X-men: Evolution.

Chris "Find out who this "Carson Daly is... and destroy him!" " Martin

Great quote from a great comic. (Not Battle Pope this time. Promise.)

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