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Chris Martin - April 27th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Here's your ridiculous link for the day.

An action figure company called "Hero Builders" is releasing a collection of action figures based on the War on Terrorism. You, yes YOU, can own such action-packed heroes like President George W. Bush (comes with pistol and combat knife), Ex-mayor Rudy Guliani (The man who proved the clicheacute;, "What a difference a day makes."), and British Prime Minister Tony Blair (complete with adorable little knickers.) Even villains like Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein(pending) are available for sale. I plan on getting a Tony Blair figure, and putting him up with my Green Lantern, Vash the Stampede and Evangelion Unit-01 and make them all fight.

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The coke has been cleaned.

Joey in the #1 slot again.

Final Fantasy X Spoilers! Avert thine virgin eyes!

Hello Chesh,

In FFX, do you think it's worth it to build up everyone's weapons and stuff before I fight Sin?

Bye bye *waves hand*

Cheshire Catalyst:
Getting the ultimate weapons requires some work. But is it at all worth it? The ultimate weapons all share two abilities that make them incredibly useful. First is "Break Damage Limit." This simply allows characters to do more than the usual cap of 9999 damage to an enemy. This applies to all forms of attack, and even includes magical attacks. (Making Yuna and Lulu's ultimate weapons especially handy.) Second, you get the "Double AP" ability. This ability, while not exclusive to the ultimate weapons, makes them really worth it. Against the right enemy, a character will gain a sphere level at the end of every battle. (Sometimes, as many as two or even three.)

The other abilities aren't chopped liver either. (Which would just be silly, giving a weapon a meat-related ability) Many come with "Evade-counterattack" (self-explanitory.) Also, Yuna and Lulu's ultimate weapons each come with the "One MP Cost" ability. Combine this with a broken damage limit, and I had Yuna casting Holy for about 17,000-35,000 damage every turn for only one MP.

Yuna's Nirvana is by far the easist weapon to get. (Remember: To make the ultimate weapons, you need the weapon, and its respective Sigil and Crest.) As long as you took the time to get Yojimbo, Anima, and The Magus Sisters, then everything else is a breeze. Hers was the only one I really needed, but I imagine that getting Tidus's Caldabolg or Auron's Masamune could be really helpful too. Lulu's Onion Knight, while as powerful as Yuna's weapon, is much harder to get. (You need to dodge 200 lightning bolts on the Thunder Plains for the Venus Crest)

Are they worth it? Yes. Broken damage limits are fun. Just don't kill yourself trying to get all of them.

Attention Japan! We have enough bad animé over here as it is. Please only send good stuff.

Hiya Chemmy Kitty ^.^ How're you today?

If you ask me, the best PC RPG is definitely Baldur's Gate II. The game was just awesome. After being set off to raise the necessary cash for your transaction with the Shadow Thieves, you're pretty much as non-linear as you can be while still having story. And the fact that, like Deus Ex, you can totally choose how to play (kill em all, sneak around, talk your way out of everything) is way cool.

And the story! <> I won't spoil it for the newbies but i about peed my pants just cuz I didn't want to leave the desk. But that will not last much longer (the thing about it being the best)! With Neverwinter Nights being in the last stages of development, we're on the verge of the coolest experience ever! Woo! Yes, I am fanatically waiting for the release, just go with it ^.^

Locke The Elf

Cheshire Catalyst:
Baldur's gate 2 does a good job of turning your character loose and allow you to do some real role-playing. Basically, for certain reasons, you need about 50,000 gold. How you get it is up to you.

Deus Ex, the only game reviewed on SomethingAwful to ever recieve a positive score, is another excellent RPG.

Yuna ditches the kimono for some leather and rocks the night away.

Warning:Final Fantasy 9 Spoilers

Hello O mighty weekend host. I was wondering about the whole "hard rock in video games" thing,and I think it's a wonderful idea. I'm actually planning on using Van Halen's "Jump" as the opening theme for my game,along with some classic Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate for the end bosses. Music has had a heavy infuence on me,and as a result,shall always have a place in my games. Do you know of any places in any RPGs where hard rock would have sounded good? I think the battle with Necron at the end of FFIX could use some Rammstein,eh? That's it for now,oh and,the quote form yesterday's quickies is form the Powerpuff Girls,when the criminal hides the diamond in a box of cereal and,well you've seen it.

The Masked Mystere
"Enter the Sixth Circle,barren and laid to waste."

Cheshire Catalyst:
While I can't think of any specific songs for any specific moments, a guitar-driven pounding soundtrack would be a nice change from the usual orchestrated fare. How about we just play the song "Detachable Penis" by King Missile whenever Kuja comes on the screen?

Credit where it's due.

While Interplay did publish BG and Black Isle may have worked on the subsequent games and expansions, the real credit for Baldur's Gate should go to BioWare; the happy people who are making Neverwinter Nights.

Also IIRC, the only thing you need to do to play a European SNES game is either have a Game Genie or take a piece of plastic out of the inside of the system. As far as NTSC/PAL go the SNES had different versions made for specific territories.

Brian Easton

Cheshire Catalyst:
God bless Bioware, Europe, and Boston Creme donuts.


I believe FF VII is the best console RPG. It had great characters with extreme depth. Also, Sephiroth was the coolest bad dude ever!


If only Sephiroth had used his status as a bad dude to help mankind. (Rescuing the president, etc. etc)

Just FYI, PC games drop price so fast, I've seen less than a year old games down to $9.99, but, if the game does really well. Like The Sims (who live a life of boredom until you light the house on fire) which last I checked was $44.99, only $5.00 off what I bought it for. And Diablo II being $39.99, and the Battle Chest with the Expansion and Diablo I for $49.99.


Popular stuff keeps a high price. Fortunatly, a few RPGs that are actually a lot of fun to play drop quickly due to unpopularity. Then again, the $4.99 I paid for Ultima IX was too much.

Hey! There are some people that actually use RPG Maker to make games. Sure, it has an extremely limited number of options, and imputting dialogue is equivalent to the kinds of things the Spanish Inquisition did, but there are still the utter obsessives like myself that still put up with it. Check out for dozens of them! Hey, we waste hundreds of hours making the damn things; at least some people should see them!


Imputting dialouge with a controller is a punishment we should reserve only for terrorists and people who pay for a gallon of milk at the store with a check.
But yeah, give the games a chance. You may discover the next Warren Spector!


When in an airport, the best place to hide heroin is inside the bomb.

Conor Edmiston

They'd never suspect it. Also, it's a lot less painful than the alternative.

Dear Chesh.......

Just a fun (Meanin ng stupid) site for fans of Mr. T.

Hasn't been updated in years, but Mr. T vs Bill Gates and the Mecha T makes the site worthwhile.

Farewell, for now.....

Dex, Dark Cleric

I seem to recall an interesting (Not Really) page depicting a battle between Mr. T and the Evil Queen Beryl herself. She read it, got all horny, and went back to writing erotic fan fiction about herself and Vincent Valentine.

The Last Laugh:

Enjoy the rest of your saturday, minna-san. Go forth and remember the three rules of shoujo anime: Transformations are both nude and uninterruptable, almost everyone has good in them, and nothing is stronger than a fourteen year old girl who believes in herself.

Chris "A car without its key will rust....Ciao!" Martin

Yesterday's was from Carl Sagan.

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