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Chris Martin - April 26th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Final Fantasy X is finally in the can! A fun game overall, and a satisfying ending. (Sorry for those who consider "Good Ending" a spoiler.)

Your wacky piece of news for the day: Elmo spoke before a congressional committee about the benefits of good music programs in schools. Read that first word again: ELMO!
Why they needed a muppet for this kind of thing escapes me. But if you were going to pick a muppet, why ELMO of all things? Why not the musical Miss Piggy or that bald, blue guy who would make random noises by opening his mouth? Besides, aren't there enough puppets in Washington already? Do we need to be sending in more?
*rimshot* If that little sound byte doesn't get me in Readers freaking Digest, then nothing will. Below are letters about video games.

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Yo, Chesh

I know you guys don't like people to drag topicsfrom one columnist to the other, but this is about Goog's thing about hard rock not being good RPG background music. I actually listened to Avoid the Light by Pantera almost the whole time I was playing it. It actually made really good background music. That's my two cents.

Ja ne


Cheshire Catalyst:
Actually, I don't mind picking up most topics that get discussed during the week. Keeping up an interesting forum for debate is one of the goals of the venerated Q&A column. (right after "Promoting peace in the Middle East" and "Picking up chicks who can't do any better.") Submissions to intelligent conversations like "Star oecen SUX F4gg0t!!!111" are kindly deleted, though.

I like hard rock, and I think it could really mesh with the right kind of RPG. Granted, if you and your party are prancing about in the magic faerie forest looking for the mystic crystal love globes while cavorting with flagrantly homoseuxal elves then, yeah, Rammstein's Engel wouldn't be my first choice for BGM either. However, in those rare, beautiful moments when an RPG is made that breaks away from the cliché riddled fantasy worlds, then some rock music has it's place. I think "Other World" works perfectly during the Zanarkand blitzball mach at the opening of FFX. If you're playing a Final Fantasy random-battles turn-based style game in a more contemporary setting, then even better.

The real problem is, like Google said, the lyrics. When you're entering your 28th round against that Malfean Demon Prince, then those Metallica lyrics can start to get pretty stale and repetative.

That said, songs like "Other World" are a welcome departure from the usual fare of RPG soundtracks and I hope that composers like Uematsu and Mitsuda continue to work in excitng new directions. (Like, "A little to the right and downward." That direction's always excited me.

Attention Japan! We have enough bad animé over here as it is. Please only send good stuff.

About the reader yesterday that said we should sign a petition for Star Ocean EX: The reason I don't want to see it come over is because they cancelled the show after the first season. That means the end of the series is only the end of disc 1 of the game. And it's only moderately good. But I will say that it blows Final Fantasy: Unlimited out of the water. Then again, anything does...

"Denton Clark"

Cheshire Catalyst:
I don't sign online petitions, period. They're pointless wastes of space, and are largely ignored. With Star Ocean cancelled, bringing over an incomplete series seems kinda pointless.
Also, I'd like to confirm Denton Clark's assertion that Final Fantasy: Unlimited blows goats. It's a bad, bad show. Go watch Excel Saga or something.

Ultima IX: The ass end of the PC RPG experience.

Hi Chesh.

I've been reading the RPGamer Q&A for a really long time now (several years) and I actually rely upon the opinions of the columnists and readers to influence my game purchases (scary, eh?).

I've always been a console gamer, and most of the discussion in Q&A is about console games, but just lately someone loaned me a copy of the original Baldur's Gate and I've fallen in love with it! Its awesome.

So, now I ask you and the other readers, going back over the last few years, what are the absolute best-of-the-best PCRPGs? Does the rest of the Baldur's Gate series maintain the high level of quality?

What about all these upcoming games? Morrowind, Neverwinter Nights? Do any of them look to be "the next great game"?

Thanks for your input. I really appreciate all your guys (and gals) at RPGamer who volunteer your time to creating such a great site!


Cheshire Catalyst:
The knowledge that my opinions can affect the success of various titles has gone straight to my bulbous, dandruff-filled head. Every night, game companies send a bevy of whores, liquor, and fruit baskets over to seek my etherially whim of a favor. Sometimes, Lord of Darkness John Romero tries to pass himself off as a whore and sometimes, more sucessfully, as a fruit basket. I am only occasionally fooled.

Black Isle/Interplay did an excellent job of bringing the D&D system onto the PC. While Baldur's Gate may get the props for being first, each title that came later improved on the system until Baldur's Gate II's interface had vastly improved on the original.
Other great games exist too. The Fallout Series, Vampire: Redemption, Anachronox, Deus Ex... even more mediocre titles like Septerra Core are worth it. PC games drop in price a lot faster than their counterparts, since PC RPGs have a history of only being marginally effective sales-wise. This is good for you, because you can probably get a good PC game for about $25 if you're willing to wait.

If I had to pick a game that I would hold above my head before a throng of gamers and shout "Behold thy new king!", it would be Baldur's gate II. If Neverwinter nights can emulate the experience of the Dungeon Master as well as it says it can, it shall succeed where RPG Maker failed. As evidenced by the staggering amounts of fan-fiction, fan-art, pretentious E/N sites, and Q&A columns filled with juvenile humor*, people like to stretch their creative muscles. Even if it usually results in bad Star Trek/X-files crossover fan-fiction and erotic Sailor Moon fan-art, people wanna make their own thing. Neverwinter Nights has serious potential for a future game-of-the-year.

*Seriously, what did John Romero ever do to me? I'm an ass.

Europe is a continent. There are seven continents. Greenland is not a continent because no one likes it.

Hello Chesh If I were to import a game from Europe (say... Terranigma) would I be able to play it on my Super Nintendo?



Cheshire Catalyst:
You'll need a PAL/NTSC converter for that little job. I haven't done any importing myself, so beyond this I can not help you. Seek the shaolin monk who lives in the dumpster behind the White Hen. He shall reveal all.


The guest host Thursday mentioned that Katt doesn't wear pants, and was wondering what that meant that he noticed...
That means nothing... Katt is a prominent figure for hentai artists to emulate, thus he is growing up finally. Our little boy is growing up...
*blink* Waitaminit! I don't have a child! Who have you been sleeping around with? I want a divorce!

Shiromori D'gern

Other popular characters in hentai include Terra, Rosa, Princess Gwaelin "Dost thou want my love? But thou must!", Metal Slime, Ashton Anchors, Edward from FFIV, and the indomitable Wakka. (The carpet matches the curtains, ladies. Wink Wink.)

Zeeky Boogie Doog!
Now the worlds will explode!!

- Z

I'm only posting this because Z already put the HTML tags in there. See what a little extra work can do?


-The Hamburgler 8D

I always felt bad for the Hamburglar. Shunned from society, and neglected by his friends Grimace and Birdie, he had no choice but to turn to a life of crime and prostitution. And give the rabbit some freaking Trix, already. "Ridiculous Lucky Captain Rabbit King! Lucky Captain Rabbit King Cereal is for the Youth!"

The RPGamer quote is from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, when you die. As for yours, I believe it’s from Star Ocean II, and that little pansy Ashton says it. I can’t recall when, but probably when you meet him.

-Joshua Hime

That's two right answers, in the same letter. ~~. Three, if you count the correct assertion that Ashton was a pansy. Claude, however, requires theoretical mathematics to estimate just how much of a sissy he was. I enjoyed watching him lose to Dias... very, very much so.

Ummm....Who are you? I don't know you. You sound like a fruit. I'm not trying to sound mean! But the way you talk...When did you start? It just seems odd. Any ways, I don't write to you people so I can get info, I just write for fun!: P I'd also like to say I am a proud fan of the great knight Leo and Velhart! Oh and do you know about Slayers it is a game. Please say something back PLEASE!!

-Gallo Opuk(backwards for Kupo)

It's letters like these that make this job worthwhile.

The Last Laugh:

It's friday! Time to do your homework so the rest of your weekend is free to party!

Chris "A Fire Breathing Dragon Lives In My Garage" Martin

Bil-yuns and Bil-yuns...

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