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Chris Martin - April 19th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

What's this? Cheshire Catalyst, international columnist extraordinaire, doing a column on a Friday? Indeed, like an invading nazi army, I have invaded the Poland that is Friday. Considering the fact that there are no new episodes of The Daily Show on fridays, I've now given you a reason to not just stay in bed on Friday. (Besides, y'know, work, school and other stuff.)

New column in a minute, but first this charming story from the Seattle Times because I know most of you aren't nearly as paranoid as you should be.

A electronic national ID system is being considered for us folks here in the USA. And not only that, but the bastards actually want to use Microsoft Passport! Don't come crying to me, Mr. Government, when your massive Orwellian watch-me-while-I'm-urinating-outside-a-sorority computer crashes. Chaos will ensue, and we'll all just decide that we should spike our hair, put on our leather jackets, and make the world of Shadowrun a reality. (Minus the magic, elves, and stupid lingo. Eh, chummer?)

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Can you read me now, suckas?

A multiparter. Also, sex, for those interested.

Wai! Questions for you, Chesh-kun!

1. How do I raise dead characters in Hoshigami?
2. RPGs havbe gotten more mature over the past few years, haven't they? Do you think they'll start using more adult themes?
3. What are better Doritos or Fritos?


Cheshire Catalyst:
And I thought Chesh-sama was bad...oy vey.

1.You don't. Dead is forever. Sucks, don't it?
2. Technically, Role-Playing games don't mature, their audience does. In some aspects, they have. Censorship, especially in the case of console games, has lightened over the past decade. However, what defines "mature" is another matter entirely.
3. I like Fritos better, but they're a bit too salty after your third handful.

If the egg's shell is not broken, then the omlette can not be cooked.

Hi cat, just some general stuff,

1. Any idea where I can download some good game music? Ok ok, maybe I shouldn't ask....
2. What's the deal with the Cowboy Bebop movie? Is it coming to the US anytime soon? Will Cartoon Network air it? Also, is it true that it's about terrorists? If so, would we be able to show it on TV?
3. Ahhh! Why does the AI suck so bad in Vampire: Masquerade? My coiterie just used all of their blood when fighting a stupid ghoul rat!
4. I saw the Utena movie yesterday. Parts of it were cool, especially how they changed Akio, Touga, and made Anthy more of a sex goddess. But still, I have a question. What the HELL was that all about? It's like an acid trip on film!


Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Check out They haven't changed the songs or AMVs in rotation for quite a while, but it's still a nice site.
2. Tristar owns the rights. Looks like the same Dub cast. The movie will probably recieve a Theatrical showing, rather than a censored TV appearance. Yes, it's about terrorism, in a sense. Bio-terror, in fact! However, in Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven's Door, terrorism is merely the dramatic vehicle. The story is bigger and better than Osama Bin Laden...IN SPACE!
3. Try the patch, if that helps. Even with the patch, my coiterie of goths still acts like a bunch of little morons. Way to go, guys. Run right into that gang of armed soldiers. Don't mind my furious clicking.
4. It's a metaphor for growing up, sexuality, falling on love, losing, rather shedding, your innocence, and people turning into cars. Weird? Yes. Good? Very.


Paladins rock.


Damn straight! Exclamation Point!

One of Goog's readers mentioned that they released a girl's version of Harvest Moon in Japan. They did, and I have an advertisement on the back of an issue of Nakayoshi (phonebook-sized little girls manga magazine, published Card Captor Sakura, Rayearth and Sailor Moon.) Unfortunately, it's not one of the issues that I have up at school with me so I can't give you a scan. (I can't translate it that well, either.)

Card Captor Ribby

H4rdc0r3 grrl on f4rm 4ct10n!!!!1111

I learned to put the toilet seat down... it makes you look like a warm, caring, sensitive human being.

- Lyle

And I've learned that when women say no, they mean no. Today was the annual Take Back the Night march on campus. The women march to take the night back from ghosts, vampires, communists, Microsoft, or whoever is in current possesion of the night at the moment. Whoever it is must've really screwed up, though.

Someone asked yesterday about Harvest Moon for Girls, the aptly named version of Harvest Moon where you play as a girl. It's for the Playstation, and is very much like HM Back to Nature, except the playable character is a girl. The same people live in the village, and the player can marry one of the men. No word on whether the player can have a baby, though. Glad I could help!

Lady Starlight

Sorry, missy, but it looks like you're two slots too late! Fortunatly, Lady Starlight does offer us the horrific concept of the main character in a sim getting knocked up. Will you quit your love of farming to raise a baby? Just sell the baby to gypsies. There aren't enough Gypsies in the world, and they need all the people they can get.

In the last column, google assumed the guy in the column before that was refering to SW:G. Theres another PC/Xbox SW RPG, namley Knight of old Repulic (or something similar to that) in the works by Black Isle, its just as likley the guy was refering to that.


For those of you who are curious, Black Isle's "Knights of the Old Republic" will be set four thousand years before the Star Wars story. It will run using the same engine as Neverwinter Nights. Sounds sweet.

The Last Laugh:

We'll see ya'll tomorrow. Be good, y'hear?

Chris "Only those worthy of admittance are allowed in here! You are not worthy!" Martin

God, they're back...

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