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Chris Martin- April 16th '01- 2:00 Central Standard Time

Enjoy your easter? I bet you're reading this, sitting but your computer, contemplating what you'll be doing on your monday off while I slave over a copy of Norton's Shakespeare Anthology for an upcoming midterm.

I hope you choke on your goddamn cadbury eggs.

With all that ugly resentment out of the way, here's today's column. A world of wonder and fantasy awaits!

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Call it a bad investment...

but I don't think I'm going to turn a profit...

on these "What Would Shinji Ikari Do?" bracelets.

The answer is always the same.

This is cool...
Hey Chesh

You mentioned in a reply how you thought the experience cap in the BG II was too low.

Go to, and you can get utilities that remove the experience cap in BG I and II. You can also get other cool programs, like ones that let you create custom items and spells. They've even gone so far as to create an unofficial expansion for Baldur's Gate, called Dark Side of the Sword Coast, and are starting one for BG II.

DarkPaladin (BTW I don't work for the site or anything, I just think it's a really good one)

Cheshire Catalyst:
From what I saw, this looks seriously cool. I did a little snooping around on the site, though I've yet to implemnet any of the patches - so I can't personally vouch for their functionality. The custom portraits are fun. Make your ultimate BG team with Russel Crowe, Deedlit, Merlin, Lina Inverse, Squall Leonhart, and Sailor Mars! The sky's the limit.

Gau's pappy
Hey, How ya doin?
Anyways, didn't mean to bug you on easter but hey, that's what we gamers do on our days off. Now....on to the quesions

1. In FF6, what 4 characters needed to be in the party to activate the scene with Gau's father where the other 3 characters (1 obviously being Gau) dressed Gau up and presented him. I'm thinking Edgar, Terra, and one other

2. I just got Lunar 2, but I haven't finished Lunar 1 yet. Should I wait to finish Lunar 1, or are the story lines mutually exclusive of each other (a la Final Fantasy)?

3. If a priest blesses a water hose, is all the water that comes out of it holy, or just the water currently in the hose?

Thanks and.....if there's any spelling errors, its cuz right now i'm head banging to hopesfall (Everyone download Shines Through by Hopesfall, it's awesome). Anyway,

Peace, Love, and Crabs

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. The only characters you need to initiate that scene are Sabin and Gau.
2. Lunar 2 isn't a direct sequel to Lunar, but there are several plot elements that you'll appreciate a lot more if you take the time to beat Lunar 1 first. (Important stuff about the dragons, the goddess, etc.)
3. Just the water in the hose. Though if he aimed for the local resevoir, then you would be set. The whole town would be pretty much vampire-proof then. The priest needs to be careful with his aim though. Once at our local church, while the priest was trying to shoo away a fly during mass, he accidentally turned an entire truck full of Dunkin' Donuts into the body of Christ. It was truly a good day.

War In The Sun
Possible Chrono Cross Spoilerage contained herein.

As is obvious by the subject line, I'm writing in to thank you for the Preacher reference. That book- wow. *wipes gushing praise off clothes*
Ookay, I'm all better now. Now for my questions:

1. You've named the best priest characters. Now name the best vampire characters. *nice tie-in to Preacher, too. Who says I can't stay on topic?*

2. In FF9, is there a good place to level up on Disc 4, or should I go to an earlier saved game?

3. Chrono Cross - I know HOW to get Razzly into your party, but WHEN am I supposed to try and get her?

4. Concerning Cowboy Bebop - VHS or DVD? I have some money to burn & I've only seen 3 episodes.

If you answer all these questions, and print my letter - I'll be surprised.
Johnathan "AMIGO!!!" Mason

Cheshire Catalyst:
Supplies! (If you get THAT reference, then you are truly a nerd like me)

1. Tough one. Dracula would definetly take the #1 spot. (I got to play Renfield in high-school. Lucky me!) Cassidy from Preacher might fall in between #3 and #5. I imagine some Anne Rice characters would score pretty high too - I don't know much about vampires.
2. Go to the Misty Continent (fly around in your airship) and look for the two entrances to Gizalmuke's Grotto. Above them should be a ledge with two forests on it. Walking around in one forest will take you to that one exit in the grotto. (The one where, previously, the moogle warned you about the very dangerous monsters) Fight some of the dragons you find there. Earn mad EXP and skill points.
3. First, agree to help find the Hydra Humour to help Kid. Then, head for the Hydra Marsh. Save Razzly from that nasty Pentapus to gain her fairy-power.
4. Grab the DVD - then you can watch it Subbed and Dubbed uo your taste. Nice menus and extras too.

1. can you recomend any good games? i already own tales of destiny, grandia, xenogears(fav#2), legend of dragoon, suikoden1,suikoden2,lunar complete, lunar eternal blue, star ocean, shadow madness, chrono cross, chono trigger, breath of fire 4, wild arms, wild arms2, final fantasy anthology(played originals on super nintendo), FINAL FANTASY 7(favorite#1), final fantasy8, final fantasy9, thats all of them i think any ideas?

thankx zenoalpha

Cheshire Catalyst:
I see no copy of Final Fantasy Tactics on your list. Dig up a copy somewheres.

Questions Five
Chrono Cross Spoilers

Hey there Chesh,

A few questions:

1) Why is Xenogears driving me insane?!?! I haven't beaten it, but I'm in the final dungeon and can't bear to play it because of the attacks every two feet.

2) What do you think of CC (no, not you :P, Chrono Cross)? I like most of it, but the end was sort of iffy. Do you know what's with the girl and the school in the ending? Or whether the movie in the intro with Serge running with his swallow against a background of Zappa's shop actually shows up in the game(gasp for air)?

3) I've been debating on whether to buy FFT. What do you think of it?

4) Where is the Omega Weapon in FF8? Never found it...



Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Yeah, the 12 random battles per step was a major turn-off for many Xenogears fans. Grit your teeth and bear it, soldier. You've come too far now.
2. I think that girl is supposed to be Kid/Schala. I didn't like the ending that much.
3. Yes, buy! Buy! Fun TRPG super-goodness.
4. The Omega Weapon can be found in Ultimecia's castle. Have the main party (the party that will fight the weapon) gather at the fountain For your second party, at the main entrance of the castle at the hallway, head upstairs and enter the door on the right. As you descend the spiral staircase, you will see a point for changing your party and a handle to the lower-left of the screen. If you are ready, examine the handle. You'll hear a bell ring. You'll see a timer at the top-left corner counting down from fifty seconds. Use the party changing point and switch to the main party. Head north and enter the room where the organ is supposed to be. That's where the Omega Weapon is.
5. Because no one has the stones to stand up to them.

Have you ever microwaved one of those peeps? They're better that way, much better. It's odd, but they are. If nothing else, it's fun to watch their little sugar coated bodies blow up to three times their original size. My friend likes to take two peeps, stick tooth picks in them, pop them in the microwave facing each other, and watch them "joust."


"Voice from the past, joining yours and mine ... adding up the layers of harmony..."
-From "Melodies of Life", Final Fantasy IX.

Cheshire Catalyst:

Sounds like a fun activity. Try it at home, kids.

I signed up for a beta-testing of an upcoming RPG thingee, and this is the first sentance of the reply:

We've received your Beta Test application, and you have been placed on our list as a potential candidate for our highly anticipated sleeper hit of the year.


A highly anticipated sleeper hit? I thought a sleeper hit was something that WASN'T expected, and the fans were stunned by and loved. Xenogears was one, Wild Arms another. So how can something the fans don't see coming be highly anticipated?

-Scav "I love oxymorons" enger382

Calm down. Drive on the parkway, then park in my driveway and well talk about it over some jumbo shrimp.
Hey Grin Reaction-Helper,
Is it still possible to get a full version of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete? What's the difference between EB Complete and EB non-Complete?

Zero Katama
"My blade shall be a beacon in the night"

The "Non-complete" versions of the Lunar games were once made, long long ago, for the Sega CD. The ones for the PSX are "complete" Yes, you can still get it.
Quick question: Do you like Mountian Dew?
That fluid is the nexus of all nerd power!


I'm a sprite/Sierra Mist man myself.
SO what is the deal with Xenosaga? is it a true sequel or what? I need info. By the way, didn't that scene in Solaris seem "Soylet Green"-esque? (Charlton Heston all the way!)

~ Scott

Yeah, really. The second Citan called it "The Soylent System", we all knew what was going on. Enjoy that snack, Fei?

The Last Laugh:

HAHAH! It is monday. GO TO SCHOOL!

Wait! You don't have to... but I do! Curses!

Chesh"Test your might..."

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