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Chris Martin- April 15th '01- 2:00 Central Standard Time

All right? Are you ready for the Easter super special? Here it is!

There it is - a piece of clip art. Hope you like it. I could download a lot of clipart and funk up the background, but I don't love you enough for that.

Marshmallow peeps are friggin' gross, aren't they?

Tune in tomorrow...

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In the PC:
Unreal Tournament
Fragball is fun.
In the Dreamcast:
I'm really good at punching.
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Rocket Launcher...

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Flak Cannon... Do I have to choose?
Mr. Catalyst,

This question/comment is rather dated, but I feel it has to be asked. I just beat Emerald Weapon in FF7. I never felt inclined to try it, but I was bored. Ruby Weapon is another matter yet to be attempted.

Anyway, my question is.....


These two weapons were in the North American version only, so obviously THEY didn't feel inclined to challenge these juggernaugts. I mean, there is only one possible way to beat Emerald, and that is with the W-Summon, KOR, and Mimic abilities. And it takes AGES!! My point is......who the hell finds this fun? What brainiac at Square thought "I know what these Americans will love!" Do they really think that little of us North Americans? I sat there, pushing the AV button on my vcr and watching tv while I fought this ultimate monster, cos it was too boring to watch the altercation.

Looking back, I don't know why I bothered.

Anyway, just felt that had to be said. I'm getting down off my milk crate now. Taking down my banner.

-Misery Guts

Cheshire Catalyst:
The Super Hard bosses of FF7, 8, and 9 were most likely added because the actual final bosses of those games were depressingly easy. (With the possile exception of Ultimecia. Though if you gave squall an Aura and made him invincible with "Hero", it got really easy. Squall's turn again? Have another 78,000 points of damage, Ulti!)

This may permanently injure my reputation as a l33t RPG gamer, but I never felt the need to even challenge those bosses. I've never even gone up against the Emerald or Ruby weapon. Why? What's the point? You don't get anything worthwhile. No story unfolds, and the items are ones you probably already have.

Helm sees all! Know that, and be judged!
I've recently started playing Baldur's gate (this game is simply amazing) and I think you could answer some of my questions (since its part of your job and since you're pretty good at it)
1- If I decide to play multiplayer and create a 6 characters party, will I miss a lot of the story, since no NPC will be able to join my party?
2- Should I buy the expansion pack or go straight to Balgur's gate II?
3- In Balgur's gate II, can I use the characters I created in the first game?

Thank you!

Cheshire Catalyst:
A lot of the game's fun is recruiting characters from the field for your party. While creating an entire party from scratch can give you just what you want, you won't have as much fun w/o the NPC's in your party. They're the cause of several sub-plots, they can come with nifty items, and they'll talk to one another occasionally. Stick with the one character you make, and you'll have more fun.
Grab a copy of "Tales of the Sword coast". It adds to the story by giving you some extra quests in Chapter 4. You'll gain more items, exp, etc. Very handy.
And yes, you will be able to port your character from Baldur's Gate 1 to Baldur's gate 2. You'll even run into some familiar faces in BG2 as well...

Dragon power!
LUNAR: SSSC and EB spoilers. Look out!

Heya Chesh,

I just finished playing Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete, and I'm a bit confused about something. Okay, in the first Lunar, you had a white dragon, a black dragon, a red dragon, and a blue dragon. They were used in the machine near the end, and you don't quite find out what happens to them. In the second Lunar, you have a new red dragon and white dragon, but it seems to be the same blue and black dragons. However, Nall at one point says that dragons are eternal, that they will live on forever, outliving their human friends. So, if this is so, what happened to Quark and the other red dragon? Were they so completely drained by that machine that they were actually killed? Or did I misinterpret Nall? I thought it would be plausible for them to somehow die or move on to another plane of existence after 1000 years, but then, why not the black and blue dragons? Also, just out of curiosity, which Lunar did you like better? I'm having a hard time trying to decide myself, they're both so great.

Elena Holman

Cheshire Catalyst:
While the dragons do live a long time, I don't believe they are eternal. Remember in Lunar: Silver Star, Quark was looking pretty up in his years. So much, in fact, that Nall had been born to replace him.

Meanwhile, I'm having a hard time deciding as well. I think I prefer the first LUNAR game, but just by a hair. I mean, the game had Jessica and Kyle. How can you compete with that?

Xenogears Spoiler! ...really

Hello, Hey Chesh,

Man...I really need to replay Xenogears. I completely forgot what this -Zohar- thing is. Could you fill me in? It's really starting to bug me.

Oh yeah, and, in case you couldn't tell, I just got Magic Knight Rayearth. My first subbed anime. (So I watched Slayers dubbed! Whatcha gonna do about it? Huh?! Oww! Stop it!)

~Mesaana (Who is female. Really)

Cheshire Catalyst:

I hear that there were some problems with the MKR dub - as in the repeatedly mispronounced several names.

Zohar is the ultimate power generator. Its original purpose was to power Deus. It was created in the year 2001 by Deus's engineers. It was able to project infinite amounts of energy due to its ability to tap into the 4th dimension. Once it had done this, it trapped a being known as The Wave Form Existence.
As it was being transported on the Eldridge, Abel made contact with it. The ship was destroyed. Zohar was seperated from Deus and was buried deep underground in the northern world. The Zohar Modifier gave the planet's inhabitants the power to use "Ether" energy and powered all of the slave generators on gears. It was later discovered by Lacan 9500 years later. He recieved a large amount of power from it and became Grahf. Id also knew about the location of Zohar. Once there, Fei is able to unite his personas and transform the Weltall-2 into the mighty Xenogears Zohar finally merges with Deus, and attempts to terraform the world. Fei and co. head for Merkava and destroy it.

Actually, here we get Friday and all of next week off. So nyah! I hate you.
If there was a priest cooler than Nicholas D. Wolfwood, I would have heard of him. So who's that guy at #1? That's Jesse Custer, from Vertigo's (a division of DC Comics) "Preacher" title. The book ran for 66 issues. (Because it was intended that way, not because of cancellation. I've always liked it when creators do that - as opposed to just telling more and more story until the continuuity screws up and... well, ick)

Jesse was the host of the Genesis entity - the bastard child of an angel and a demon. This gave him "The Voice". Basically, whenever Jesse uses "The Voice" he can pretty much make anyone (Yes, -anyone- including Him) do what he wants. In issue #1, he orders about twenty state cops to drop your guns and leave us alone. Of course, the series being a Vertigo title, he sometimes tells people to do more naughty things. He's a bit cooler than Nicholas D. Wolfwood, but just by a bit. Oh, and neither of them ever considered male prostitution like #3, even though women can't help but leave them a couple hundred dollars in the collection plate after a night with those two studs. Yeah, boy.

Dear CC,

The word pope, in whatever language it is from, actually means "father". So what you have, is a Magical Father Girl. Have a nice day.


This would be a problem only if Magical Pope Girl spoke English or a romance language. She only speaks Japanese (dub coming soon from ADV films! Expect the first 6 tapes to come out over the course of the next decade or so!) Everytime she sees me, she just hugs me and screams "NEKO NEKO WAI!!!!!!!!!!".

Some days, I really want to claw her eyes out. But, she is too pretty and her heart is too pure! Oh, Magical Pope Girl, save us from the evil youma!

Dunno who to ask, so why not the Q&A guy? I am asking about the Sound Cave, suppose I could ask Matt Scipione, but then I don't get a nifty letter posted do I? I am wondering if the later archives just die, and by this I mean in the older updates, such as from November 17, 2000... are the files no longer up or something? I can't download them.

Thank you.

As you know, efront finally up and died on us. We'd lost a good bit of data, and we're in the finishing process of rebuilding the archives. Your patience while we (well, not me. *flourish* I am a celebrity! I do not do ze data storahge!) fix everything is appreciated.

The Last Laugh:

If you celebrate it, I hope you had a happy easter full of candy and food. To all the Cambodian Bhuddists in the audience, Happy New Year! (Personally, I always thought New Years should be in Spring too.)

And if you get any Marshmallow peeps, don't fret. If you let them age just a bit, and collect enough, you can fashion a bullet-proof vest out of their rubbery hides.

Chesh"Lord, please forgive us for the tricks up our sleeves! 1! 2! 3!"

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