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Chris Martin - April 7th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Hey kids! Another day of fun and frolic with me! Pickings are a bit slim on the letter front, so this column'll be a little on the short side. I'll just chalk it up to your utter despair at the terrible theft of an hour from your precious, precious weekend.

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Gods and Monsters

Thought I'd follow up with a few more gods-turned-summons:

- Fenrir is another Norse one. He's a giant wolf who's currently imprisoned, but will play a key role in the Ragnarok.
- Maduin (Mael Duin) was a legendary Irish hero (from about the same era as King Arthur, I believe). I don't know too many details about him, but I'm pretty sure he was supposed to look human.
- Raiden (or Raijin, ya know?) is the Chinese god of thunder, and that's all I know about him.
- Hades is the Greek god of the underworld (he doesn't have a skull for a face, though).

And as an interesting side note, Cait Sith is the Celtic god of luck. FF6's "Stray" was originally "Cait Sith", but Woosley inexplicably changed it.

- ChocoMog ZERO

Cheshire Catalyst:
There some more history for all yunz. The note about Cait Sith is especially interesting. I'd curse Woolsey for his change, but he was the man kind enough to give us such lines as "Son of a Submariner!" and "You all sound like chapters of a self-help booklet."

And some questions about FFVI

1. How do I get the Genji glove in the returner headquaters?
2. Is there any way you can get leo as a playable character.
3. Is Shadow Relm's father?

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Make like Peter and deny Banon three times. Tell him that you won't join three times in a row. Go back in the headquarters and ask one of the soldiers. He'll give you the lucrative Genji Glove.
2. No, no, a thousand times no.
3. Yes, yes a billion times yes.


Welcome back Sailor Chibi-Chesh!

I hope you had a fun spring break. If not, maybe this will cheer you up: , since I know you're such a "big" Sailor-Goon fan. Also, check out my new muse for playing Smash Brothers: Stomp That Pikachu!!! (Sorry they are real-player files).


"The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death"

You realize that what you have done is grounds for a public flogging in most countries. And not the good kind of flogging that you imagine Ryoko giving you either.

Hello! Okay, sixteen thousand people have probably gotten this already (estimated), but the quote:

"If you love someone, you can lie to yourself as much as you need to." Anthy's explanation of Keiko's behavior at the end of Utena #21, "Troublesome Insects". Good ep., but then I like Keiko (I'm annoying like that). ;)

Thank you for the quote, g'night. Sarah/StB

We have a winnah!

The Last Laugh:

And that'll have to do it for tonight. Send Aegis your love, I'll be cursing Ben Franklin's name well until the dawn. Goodnight Everybody!

Chris "When he's not leading Mass, he's out kicking ass." Martin

If you know this one, then you know it's from a very bad-ass comic.

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