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Chris Martin - April 6th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I've returned from a spring break full of sleep, food, and TNN. I can already hear the siren's call of my matress, so I better get started before I fall asleep.

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Hikaru no Go is eerily enjoyable.

Know your hardware!

I'd just like to correct something that came up in Google's letter column the other day. The Seiken Densetsu 3 cartridge didn't contain any special hardware at all; it was just a standard 32 megabit SFC cartridge (the same as Chrono Trigger) The letter-writer's friend is probably thinking of Star Ocean, which did contain a chip to decode graphics which were stored on the cartridge using data compression.


Cheshire Catalyst:
Not much to add here. Just some standard clarification.

You may be able to soak sub-machine gun fire, but all it takes is one lucky punk with a fork to ruin your day.

Yo Chesh!
I have me some questions aboot RPGs, eh? Pen and paper and console, buddy.

1. Is Saiyuki worth my money? I liked Final Fantasy Tactics, but I hear it's not as expansive as FFT. What do you think?

2. My friend wants to start a Werewolf: The Apocalypse campaign. I've played vampire, and I liked it. I like the White Wolf games, but I need to know how the clans are set up in WW. He just got the book last week, and next time I go over, I want to have a character idea.

3. I heard that there's a hunter game coming for X-box. Why hasn't RPGamer covered it?


Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Saiyuki is much happy good time. While you don't have FFT's job system that let you create a myraid of different parties, you do get some cool characters and some fun battles. A good TRPG especially now, because the price has dropped.

2. My GOD, I'm going to earn some good karma for this. Better crack my fingers and get typing...

For those of you not in the know, pretty much every White Wolf RPG has a clan system set up for it's characters. Assigning your character to a certain clan can help round out the characters interests depending on how the clan acts. In Vampire, you have the black magic Tremere, hideous under-dwelling Nosferatu, out-of-their-skulls Malkavian, etc. Werewolf continues this tradition with twelve tribes. (Tribes, not clans.) Here's a really down and dirty explanation of each tribe.

Black Furies: Feminist Werewolves.
Bone Gnawers: Werewolves living on the streets.
Children of Gaia: Hippie peace-loving werewolves.
Fianna: Drunken Celtic Werewolves.
Get of Fenris: Werewolves who act like Klingons.
Glass Walkers: Techno, high-life werewolves.
Red Talons: Beastial human-hating werewolves.
Shadow Lords: Sly politiking werewolves.
Silent Striders: Egyptian journeyman werewolves.
Silver Fangs: Proud leader-type werewolves.
Uktena: Mystic Werewolves.
Wendigo: Pissed-off native-american werewolves.

In addition to this, you have your five auspices. (Character classes)
Ragabash: Rogue
Thurge: Mystic
Philodox: Judge
Galliard: Bard
Ahroun: Fighter

Granted, that's the super simplistic version, and each class runs deeper than those one-word descriptions. It gives you an idea, though. The game offers characters "Gifts" whch acts as the special werewolf superpowers granted by Gaea. Also, these abilities (and others) are governed by the characters Rage and Gnosis scores. This reflects the dual man-monster (person-monster, for you Black Furies) nature of these critters. Last among the basics is renoun. Renoun increases your rank. Higher rank gives you access to better gifts. Renoun comes in three forms: Glory, Honor, and Wisdom.

And that's the mechanics in a nutshell. Next, you learn about stuff like the Triat and the Concordiat. I'd explain those, but then I'd probably start demanding money from White Wolf for doing their work for them.

3. Because it ain't an RPG. It's a third person shooter with RPG "elements" (skills that go up as you shoot more and more zombies.)

This should be in quickies. I'm a bad organizer.

So Dave the nerd wrote a short about 6.02^23. It hurt. Avogradro's (sp?) number is 6.02 x 10^23. Writing it the other way makes the math sooooooo hard. and it hurts. But, then again, I'm from MIT. And yes, it's the number of molecules or atoms in a mole. I normally wouldn't write something this small, but it made my brain hurt seeing it written backwards. I guess I'm just a nerd.


Cheshire Catalyst:
My knowledge of Chemistry:

1. Some things explode when you mix 'em.
>2. Drinking the things you make in class does not give you super powers. (Unless you count the bloody, pus-filled sores that cover your body that give you the repulsion power of 10 mortal men.)
3. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. This is because God knows how cool it is to explode the stuff, and wanted to accomidate us.
4. Helium makes your voice funny, but it could also collapse your lung. Dare your lab partner to do it.

Time for some jokes about the butt.

First letter, a lot of the FF summons suffer from translation errors, Like Shiva, it's not supposed to be the Hindu god of death that's a man with 4 arms, it's supposed to be 'Shivver' (you know, when you shake) but Shiva sounds cooler in English I guess. Also, Ifrit is supposed to be 'Efreet'. I'm sure theres more, or maybe I can't think of any more because there is no more.

Second letter, I'm not defending ballet, but to say that anyone who reads, looks at art, listens to music, goes to operas, ballets, or concerts suffers from some sort of Freudian Complex is not only stupid, but simply not accurate. Almost all Freudian concepts have been completly abolished in terms of people following them in order to gain phycological superiority. I mean everything isn't your mother's fault OK? Some Jungian theories are still valid and utilizaed however. Also, why would people create Ballets, Art, music, or Operas if there wasn't an audience for them. These forms of art rely on their audiences to live. I don't understand why someone would say that unless you too are a dabbler in the arts you can't enjoy them just the same.

I'm not defending ballet or anything (I've never seen one) but what the person in yesterday's column said about art is too arrogant for me to say quiet on this matter. I would like to say that I write AND draw every day, so I'm not defending myself either, I'm defending the nor artistic public whom was probably insulted by your elitest attitudes towards them.

Good Day Chesh,


Cheshire Catalyst:
1. I've heard this explanation before, and it sounds pretty reasonable. The esper/summon/GF/Eidolon/Fayth Shiva has nothing to do with the actual Shiva, but it does sound cool. I mean, it's not like Square's not above manipulating religious imagery for their own games: FFT and Xenogears. 2. I've been to a few ballets in my life. They are a beautiful testament to the form and grace of the human body. There are also a lot of asses in them. There is an element of great art in there, but I just can't get past thinking about the guy who's leotard is so far up his buttcrack that he can taste it. Does that make "The Nutcracker" so bad? No, that's just how I perceive the whole thing. Even if something is good, you're allowed to not like it.
No one likes an intellectual snob. Conversely, there's nothing to be gained by writing off all forms of high art as the result of a mental disease. It's like when the "misunderstood goth" kids in school say, "The football players tease us all the time. If only they could see us for how cool we really are, but they're all a bunch of brain-dead jocks." Countering discrimination with more discrimination isn't a good tactic.


Hello This link is to the guy who asked about the summons in FF yesterday . hope it helps :


A bounty of interesting information just waiting for you!

a friend of mine told me that he saw a preview for final fantasy tactics 2 in a magazine, but he didn't remember where he saw it. do you have any idea what he is talking about?

Unless your friend managed to find a magic magazine from another dimension, that article probably referred to either Hoshigami or a remake of the original on the Game Boy Advance.

Aya to Ultimate Being, [parasite eve].

-Toma Levine, goes to Northwestern too

I never knew I had such a cool classmate. The soda-sake guy himself.
This is in reference to the "born" quote a while back. No one got the "Blackmail." quote, sadly. That was Ryo from Shenmue.
Anyway, ~!

I want to see an updated version of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest for the GameCube... Do I need help?


We all want crazy things. I want a Orichalum Grand Daiklaive and the strength to wield it. We don't always get what we want though.

Hey Chesh.

Is that bit about Link's "uncle" actually true or was that just part of what you said at the bottom of the column? I'm just wondering because all I ever find on Zelda is American info copied from the manuals, ect. I can do that myself, I rather find story info from the Japanese versions. How do you get this info? Not just for Zelda, but all games. I figure a search engine or people on IRC or whatnot, but do you spend hours upon hours looking for this stuff or does it land in your lap? Also, any site with good story info for the Japanese version of the Zelda games would be nice. ^_^

Tristan Adnade has a lot of information on their official Zelda site. Also, I fished my way through a few Zelda fan pages and looked for common themes. (Yes.... even "Geocities." No one ever said this was an easy job.) It took all of fifteen minutes.
Japanese info would be best found on a japanese site. (Which usually aren't in English.) And yes, the inappropriate relationship that I alluded to way back there was a joke. Sadly, it's probably also a disturbing fanfiction by now.

The Last Laugh:

That'll do it for tonight. Send you questions in! I command it!

Chris "If you love someone, you can lie to yourself as much as you need to." Martin

Animé quotes return with a vengeance.

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