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Chris Martin- April 2nd '01- 2:00 Central Standard Time

Richard II is one hard play to read. Every character is called by his first name, surname, and title. Sure, if I was watching this play there would be no confusion. Such is not the case as I pour over my massive Norton Shakespeare and read couplet after couplet.

Not many game related letters today. I did get a lot of letters about one thing though. No, there was no typo, Mistress Nightshadow IS getting married to a member of the female persuasion. Though, if I may speak frankly, it came as quite the surprise to us on the staff, we're all behind her one hundred percent. I'd be lying if I said I saw it coming, but I suppose love abides by nobody's day-planner.

...Geez, I should write this crap for Hallmark cards. "Happy Halloween to my Weightlifting Brother", "Hope your Bar Mitzvah is a joyous occasion to my son the kickboxer."

Excuse me...who are you?

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Ryo, you're such a dork sometimes.
RPG's using primitive parchment technology.
Two quick questions about Shadowrun. The original paper game, not the SNES one you're actually expected to know about.

1- Attacker fires a big gun, and rolls 0 successes. Does this count as a complete miss, or does it just count as 0 successes when the target makes his damage resistance roll?

2- If the target number for something is a 7, is it effectively a 6, because no matter what you roll on the second die, you get at least a 7, or is it effectively an 8, because the rule of 1 overrides the rule of 6?

- The One Who Controls Your Destiny

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. After pouring over the ranged combat section of "Shadowrun Third Edition", there seems to be no direct answer here. You would think that this would constitute an automatic miss, but the game never implies this. However, all the opponent has to do is roll one success on his dodge roll to evade.
2. Six and Seven are the same. If you look at some of the tables in the book, you'll see that they list six and seven together on difficulty tables.

Strategy Guides. MIA
Hey Chesh. I know this question sounds dumb but please answer it.

I want to buy the Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete stategy guide. Where are some of the places that sell stuff like that? Where I live, there is a Microplay (which said they didn't have it) and beyond it, there are places like Wal-Mart, and they probably won't have something that specialized. And we don't have an EB (the closest one is very far away)


Cheshire Catalyst:
Locally, you'd want to find yourself an Electronics Boutique or a Babbage's. The guide IS in print, but both and are out of stock. Good luck on your search.

Can't sleep...Clown'll eat me.
Greetings Cheshire Catalyst.

Blablabla long time reader blablabla first time writter blablabla

So, let's see...

1- One of my friends is trying to get me to buy Xenogears. I heard a lot of good and bad points about that game. Is it really worth it? I wanted to save my money for the Game Boy Advance and the Game Cube...

2- Is it me or you are a fan of Mega Man? Mega Man rules!

3- Why should I bother getting through FF9? I'm somewhere in the middle of CD 3, and I lost interest toward the game... The music isn't that good, and the plot is similar to FF6 to me...

4- What was your favorite RPG in 2000? Mine is Chrono Cross (love that game!)

5- Do you want us to put the HTML tags in our e-mails?

I think that's all for now. *hitting Send button*

Cheshire Catalyst:

1. The game itself is about 60 hours long. If you can find it, I'd imagine that you could get it relativly cheaply. It's a decent game, with an innovative plot and a battle system that was the forerunner of Chrono Cross. If you happen to be an anime fan, and you like Eva, then pick it up. If heavy-handed games with lots and lots of text aren't your style, then you might want to save that dinero.
2. Mega Man is, excuse me, THE man. He was one of my childhood heroes. He was the little robot boy with the courage to stand against Dr. Wily and his nefarious plan to build evil robots. The robots never really terrorized anyone, they just sat around in their rooms waiting for Megaman to kill them. Do I smell a conspiracy here? Was all of this just some plot for Megaman to act as executioner in a bloodsport [Oil Sport?] match for the perverse joy of Dr. Light. Probably.
3. If you get bored with it, it's no longer a game. It becomes a chore. The ending is really nice, but if you really don't like it, sell it or trade it into your local game retailer.
4. Baldur's Gate II. No question. (For me, anyway)
5. If you know enough HTMl not to screw it up. ;) The occasional break tag does help.

You can't coach that. That's talent.
Evil! Meet my sword... Sword! Meet! EVIL!!!!!!
More questions for Chem-a-kitty

1. Just so you know, In SC I did equip the masks on each of my guys, and Maya still complained of the poisonous air.

2. Not a question really, but would everyone who noticed my little mistake on Friday STOP EMAILING ME ABOUT THE ENDING THEME! I know I goofed. It was because I saw the bridge part in FF1 without sound. Why didn't I have sound at the time? You wouldn't believe me if I told you...

3. I'll have a Xenogears Alternity conversion up by Friday for everyone interested. Don't bother looking before then, there won't be anything there.
4. Any reason why you like to play paladins and the such?

Talk to you later Chris

Chris/The Crusader "And I say north is where I want it to be!"

Cheshire Catalyst:

1. Hmmm. I think you have to take care of something in the Bone Circle village first, though. I'll look it up...
2. Yeah. Cease the mailing.
3. Sounds spiffy.
4. The "Knight of Justice" is a fun persona to play, personally. Also, the abilty to go toe to toe with powerful monsters AND be able to heal yourself makes for a nice combonation. Paladins can serve as simple cleric's in times of need. Also, I really like smiting evil. Baldur's Gate II gave me that chance. Vampires, Dragons, all kinds of evil pricks met my divine wrath. Eat Holy Avenger!

i miss my girlfriend...i havent seen her since yesterday...whats that? im not psyco!! i object....i only have voices in my head sometimes!!! I'd remind you of the proverb about the bird in the fist, but that's not my job. Try down the road.
Hey Chesh!
Beat this- you got FM3 for $14? I got Chrono Trigger, the SNES version, for $10. It works like a brand new game.

And thanks, The Great Cornholio! ^_^ It's great to know I'm loved ^_^ Peace, love, Krelian!

Xenochick, -the Xenogears Goddess-

Sweet deal.

Just so you know, Faye's English VA is Wendee Lee. She also played Kiyone in Tenchi Muyo, and... Oh, she's done a number of other roles, but they all escape me at the moment.

That's it. She's good. Also, I've noticed that Kiyone is a lot of people's favorite "Tenchi" girl. Poor woman has to put up with Mihoshi all day. :(

Interesting side note, thanks to popular demand, a new Tenchi series is currently in production. And, here's the great news, instead of starting over from the beginningand giving every character new backgrounds, it will continue where the OAV series "Tenchi Muyo!" left off. 13 more episodes! Yeah BOY!

The Last Laugh:

Time for......SCHOOL! AHahahah! (Yes, I know I have to go too)

Chesh"Love will grow"

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