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Chris Martin- April 1st '01- 2:00 Central Standard Time

Let's all give a happy cheer for capitalism! $14 got me a copy of Front Mission 3. A fun TRPG for the PSX that, frankly, rocks my ass right out of town. It's got everything, man. Robots. Women. Big Guns. Guys who make robots out of Cow poo. A double plus.

Got a few letters about this, so I'll clear it up.
The song, in FFIX, that plays after "Melodies of Life" is the Final Fantasy Theme. It has had several names throughout the years. In FF1, it was called "The Bridge Theme" because they played it when you first crossed the bridge after leaving the first castle. Remember? In FFIV, it was called "The Prolouge". (Since, it's played as Cecil and Kain leave Baron castle - thus ending the Prolouge) It's also been a part of a larger song called "Ending Theme" (In 6 & 8) Another name is "The main theme." Lots of names, one tune. Tomahto, Tomayto. Oh, and the song that plays at the very end is "The Prelude".

I'll be doing the next Editorial's update for reasons that'll be explored in "Quickies" and in the Ed's section. Right now, fun column time!

Get out of my dreams.

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Get into my car.
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A blue man in red panties.
Now I have 26 AP in total and can't do more Deathblows! Damn you Chesh! My Super Poke of Doom must be left out now...

1. What was the point of the Elements in Xenogears? Granted, Kelvena was cute but the rest were evil.
2. If you could have a Gear, what would you call it? The Chem Kitty?
3. Would you, Goog and MN pose for a picture? I can see it now...the RPGamer Elements.
4. What's your favorite RPG storyline?
5. If you wore a dogi, what color would it be?

Orochi 'My legs are more beautiful than yours.' Yamazaki

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. The got the idea from popular 70's band "Earth, Wind, and Fire". Originally, their purpose was to get together and perform a Solarisish rendition of "Godspell" and teach Fei that having humanity act as spare-parts for the almighty was a good thing. (One could speculate, that performing Godspell would be infinitly more sinister than just killing someone outright)
2. Something screwed up and in German. Like "Kirschkuchen" (Literal Translation: Cherry Pie)
3. Maybe one day. That picture idea has me thinking, though. Evil, evil thoughts.
4. Geez, tough one. Maybe FFVI, Xenogears, or the Baldur's Gate series? 3 way tie, how very desicive of me.
5. Do you mean 'Dog'? I dunno. Golden Retriever, I guess.

Seven jillion playable characters! Of which you'll use.... three.
Chrono Cross Spoilers in the response. Run and hide!
Alright, ordinarily I wouldn't write if I didn't have an RPG question, but dang you Chesh, you've gone and caught my interest now, so it serves you right! I have heard various criticisms about Cowboy Bebop but yours is COMPLETELY new. Congratulations, you get a tilde! ~~~~~

But now you have to answer the question: why do you think Megumi Hayashibara's Faye voice is bad? I'm not a rabid fan of hers but really, I'm curious. Why bad? How bad? Is it even possible to critique a voice actor without being fluent in the language? (Side thought: wouldn't it be interesting if it turned out that all the Japanese VA's suck too, but we couldn't tell because they're speaking in Japanese?)

Look, I've got a bad ear for judging sound. I don't deny that. But you must have some reason you can give me... Oh wait, I need an RPG question too. Okay, how many of Chrono Cross' 48 playable characters do you play with regularly? I try to give everyone a shot, but why torture myself with the likes of say, Funguy?

Benjamin Davis

Cheshire Catalyst:
Tilde's for me! Finally, I feel so wanted. ;_; *snif*

Ok, anecdote time. You know how, in high school, your parents would be pissed whenever you'd get a single 'B' on your report-card, while whenever your half-retarded little brother would make it through an entire schoolday without being suspended, they'd gush him with praise? The same theory applies here. It's not that you did poorly, you just fell below expectations. Same with Megumi Hyishabara. Her performance wasn't really that "stink-o", as I said so eloquently. Rather she does such a nice job in other roles, but this time she just wasn't quite up to snuff. Her Faye Valentine is both a little too high-pitched, and lazy for me. Maybe it's that, or I just really liked the English VA. (I don't know her name. I DO know she did the English roles for Sazuka from Outlaw Star and the Mima's manager from Perfect Blue) The rest of the sub really didn't shine for me. In some places, the dialouge wasn't as funny, and I thought that the Japanese actors made the characters sound lazy, as opposed to laid back. (Also, I thought the Japanese Spike sounded too sinister and, in contrast, Japanese Ed wasn't upbeat enough.) Still though, you're right. This is my perspective, one of an English speaking American. Perhaps if I spoke Japanese, I might discover that the dialouge is more clever that the subtitles give it credit for being.)

I played about 4 different characters in Chrono Cross. Serge/Lynx, Kidd, Harle, and Glenn. That was it. Sure, I collected the other characters, but I never used them other than maybe once just to see their special attacks.

The Mary-Alice Davies signal burns in the sky again.

Just get a Gameboy cleaning kit and have it at ye. That works. You can get one at the store or off Nintendo's website at (look for the Nintendo Store) I don't think Nintendo minds but they're secretly helping the enemy there. You can also get cleaning kits there for every console Nintendo's ever made there. So don't blow on the blasted thing just clean it!

Mary-Alice Davies

Cheshire Catalyst:

That's how to clean your stuff. I just spit on it, personally. Might explain why everything's so sticky, though.

Faster than a speeding Bulette.
Do you know what level Articuno learns Ice Beam? If you do, you just MIGHT be a dork!
Hey Chem Kitty,

This is knida a flame, but it's not directed at anyone, this has just been bothering me for a long time. Why is it that some people see the need to flaunt their "knowledge" of a game. There's no reason to, I mean the point of a game is to have fun, not to...hmmm, beat it into the ground with useless trivia. I'm not against useless trivia though, I think useless trivia is great in small amounts. But enough of my ranting, onto a question. Who is your favorite anime/videogame heroine? Mine would have to be Elly. Not because of the announcement on Xenosaga, but because she's a really well developed character, and she's really strong. That's bout all I have to say, other than Kenshin is cool.


Cheshire Catalyst:

Miguel, you're right. Personally, I feel no small amount of personal shame when I discover that I could write detailed auto-biographies of every Final Fantasy character. But when people pull that "Are you a true fan? How much useless trivia do you know?" crap, then I feel the unexhaustable desire to give that person either a wedgie, wet willie, or Native-American burn [uhh.. -Ed]. Games are for fun. Reading about the characters and game world can be fun. But lording your extendive knowledge of thac0 over people? That's being a dweeb.

Oh, and the greatest RPG Heroine of all time is Jahiera of Baldur's Gate 1 & 2. That woman kicks no small amount of heiny. You should see how pissed she gets at the villain in BG2. Hol-eee Spumoni, she's hard core.

Hey Xenochick I think your Xenorrific!

-The Great Cornholio


This is my first time writing in to the column, even though I've read it for quite a while (Don't you get tired of hearing that?) Here goes:

1. Is Asheron's Call any good? I saw it at this place called Fry's Electronics for free basically ($20 game + $20 mail-in rebate). I was wondering if it's worth picking up, and are there any games to compare it to?
2. Do you know if Sega will release the disc for Dreamcast with all of the old Genesis games on it seperate from the console, or am I SOL? I saw on the back of a Dreamcast box that it had Phantasy Star 2, Shining Force, Altered Beast, etc; That would kick ass!
Thanks for your help! -Daniel "Waiting patiently for the Xenogears sequel" Viramontes-
Asheron's Call is a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG like Ultima Online or Everquest. You'll have to pay a monthly fee and all that crap. Brad like it, though. Personally, I hated Everquest.

Well, this would be a BIG thankyou to you Chesh for putting up eds up and agreeing to take care of it...
Well, maybe you DID owe me for the coverups I had to do for you, but they were fun too. I'll miss you guys.
Really, I will.

Well, I better run to see my new wife at the airport and try not to be late for the big day! ^^

Just a thought.

Mistress Nightshadow

Yup, Mistress Nightshadow's tying the knot. It's really sweet. She was a really great friend and ally here at RPGamer, and every single one of us wish her the very best. Just be sure to mail me some cake, MN. ;)

The Last Laugh:

It's weird having your friends get married. Just a year ago a girl I knew back home got married too. Very, very awkward.
Me go hunt woman now. Me drag her back to cave. Make little me. Ug. See ya'll tomorrow, and be sure to send your best wishes to Mistress Nightshadow.

Chesh"Miracle Romance!"

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