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Chris Martin- March 26th '01- 12:00 Central Standard Time

Airplanes are fun. I flew from Pittsburgh to Chicago today. I gained an hour! It's like I had a 25-hour day today! Isn't that wild?

Not really. The flight was pleasant enough. None of those airline-horror stories that commedians like to tell happened to me. It was on-time, the staff was pleasant, and the engines didn't explode. Those are three things that are important to me, as a consumer. They gave out bagel chips too. Yum!

Now I'm back at school with my nice computer in a much better working environment. It's hard to write a good column when your father is snoring three feet away from you. All is well now, however.

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Questions Three
Hello, Q&A sage of the day;

I was wondering a few questions.
1. I just got a PS2 for my birthday, and it's time to get an RPG. So far I have Onimusha and Kessen, but I am at a complete loss as to what to buy for a RPG. Are any of the ones currently out worth getting, or should I get Lunar 2 and wait for Suikoden III?
2. When is Suikoden III coming out?
3. uh.........What should I buy at Fanime? I have too much money and too little anime.

That's it for now. Do I get this printed 'cause it's my birthday, or will I just get a disgruntled kitty throwing chemicals in my face?

~Bilious, the Oh God of Hangovers

Cheshire Catalyst:
I'm a very disgruntled person.

1. People say that Red Ring is cool. I'd pick up Lunar 2, personally.
2. So far, all Konami has done is announce that they are producing the game. We have yet to even see a Japanese release date. We'll keep you posted on anything Konami says about the game, though.
3. I have little compassion for your problem. If I was evil, I'd say "Buy La Blue Girl and show it to your grandma! Fun for the whole family!" Instead, I'll try to suggest something other than my usual gushing praise of Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Escaflowne. Try out Nadesico! I've yet to see any of the series, but I'm hearing nothing but super goodness about this show. ADVFilms is marketing the series. That means, you can expect a new DVD/VHS of episodes about once per presidential administration.

Again with the three question format! If you read the second question, this is sorta ironic. ... or not.

Hey Cheshire Catalyst, got some nice and juicy questions for you. That's right. You want these scrumptious questions, don't you? Don't you? Well, you'll have to get on your knees and beg for them!

Just kidding. Here they are:

1. Why does everyone think that Kefka is a clown? He's NOT a clown!

2. What do you think of all these clones that Squaresoft has put out in recent years? Einhander, Brave Fencer Musashi, Ergheiz, The Bouncer...these are all clones. Next thing you know, Squaresoft's going to release "Pong Quest". Do you think Square is trying to branch out into other areas?

3. An "X-Men" RPG? You've got to be kidding me. And how is Warioland 4 an RPG? I've been confused about the RPGamer game-coverage policy ever since they've decided to include Pokemon Snap.

Thank you for your time.

- Macabre the Incognito

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Well, he DOES dress up in a lacy outfit, wear make-up, and laugh a lot. He's like a clown, sorta. I also wanted to punch Kefka several times throughout the game. Likewise, I want to punch clowns too. Ronald McDonald is on my hit list. I'm gonna smoke his ass in the Skokie, Illinois McDonald's Playplace. Who laughs last, clown?
2. Here's a one-act play I just wrote.

Scene. A meeting room for MegaGameCorp. Mid-day.

Executive #1: It's time to decide what our new game will be about.
Executive #2: What about chestnuts? People like chestnuts.
Executive #1: I have a better idea! Remember that game we made last year, and the year before, and the year before?
Executive #2: I like where this is going...
Executive #1: Let's make soemthing just like it! The original game and its seven sequels made us lots of money. This one will too!
Executive #2: Perfect! (High fives him) Now to the company spa filled with champagne and prostitutes to celebrate our victory.
Executive #3: [Speaking up before the other two leave] Shouldn't we try something new? Take a chance? Break the mold? Re-live the glory days of the NES when developers like us would make whatever wierd games we thought of just to see what people like?
Executive #1: Those days are done. Now, we know what people want! The same sports game with an annually updated roster, platform jumpers with humorous characters, violent shoot-em-ups, fighting games, and the occasional RPG featuring the same battle system used in every RPG since the dawn of time!
Executive #3: But if we take a chance, we could re-invent the industry! We could produce the next Pokémon!
Executive #2: Speak not your blasphemies and lies! Be gone, demon! [Shoots him with a crossbow]
Executive #3: O! I am slain! [dies]
Executive #1: The rest is silence....


Ok, I admit to getting a little artsy at the end. (If not a little fartsy as well) You get the point though.

3.) I have no idea. X-men RPG might be ok, we'll just have to see how it pans out. My theory is that out boss, Mikel, is actually a pokémon. His name is "DoTheColumnOrI'llEatYou" because that's the only phrase I've ever heard him say.

Holy Spumoni! Someone's done their homework.
Hey Chesh.

Once and for all let this whole BoF debate end!

I sent Goog a letter about it, never posted it, oh well. The BoF series ARE connected. Aside from the fact that the series itself has been stated many times to be connected (BoF2 takes place several thousand years after the original, same with BoF3) with each other. If anyone wants actual in game proof then here you go.

1. Nina. She isn't like cid, a reoccuring character. Every Nina is related to the one in the prior games. Nina from BoF2 is a decendent of the Nina from BoF1. Nina from BoF3 is decended from the Nina's from 1 and 2. Nina from BoF4 is the same way. If you even want direct proof of this relation then Nina from BoF2 speaks with Nina from BoF1. Ho can you tell? The character sprite is pretty much the same exact one used in the first game.

2. Ryu from 1 and 2 both have the birth mark the legendary hero is supposed to possess. The first two games follow the legend that the hero from the Dragon Clan bears a birth mark on his forehead and travel with his seven friends to save the world.

3. In BoF3 there's the mural with the hero and the characters from BoF1, minus Karn and Mogu.

4. Bleu/Deis (actual name is Deis, odd translation from BoF1 and 2) makes references to the original hero not only in BoF1 but in BoF3. Deis is able to live for a very long time and has been alive through the first three games, unsure about the fourth.

5. In BoF2 those giant floating pieces of metal were created by the Dark Dragon Clan in the first game. The final area in BoF1 is one of the giant floating islands.

6. Several places in BoF2 are in the same vicinity as in BoF1. Tunlun, Gant, Wind Tower, Dragon clan village. Windia really moved from the area it use to be near. The maps from BoF1 and 2 can't be compared to 3 since they just went loopy with the BoF3 map.

7. People argue that in certain games clans will have huge kingdoms, and in the next game they won't. Example - the Highlanders, Sten's clan. Well for one thing they didn't even exist in the first game. Did they evolve over those thousands of years? Come on people, Capcom will not make every game to match up the previous and next game. If they wanted to do that they would've at least kept Windia in the same place as it was in BoF1. Then there's Bo's clan. He is not the same race as Bow from BoF2 or Mom from BoF3. Bow and Momo are actually of the same clan, stated in Japanese sources (such as the OSVs). Bo from BoF1 is not though. You don't see anyone from his clan for a while, maybe they burrowed under ground with the mole people. =P

8. Want me to go on? The goddess from BoF1 and 3 are the same. Keep in mind that translators change. Ted Woosley, despite his great translational skills, changed some things, such as Deis' name to Bleu. Not only do the two are goddess' they both have the appearance of a blonde girl. The demon from BoF2 even mentions the goddess', and that he's basically just an underling.

9. Ray from BoF2 is decended from the Dark Dragons from BoF1 prior to the unification of the dragon clans. Why would Capcom even mention the Dark Dragons if the games weren't connected? Let's say the games were not connected in any way, what purpose would there be to make Ray a dark dragon decendent? There is none, unless you enjoy bad character development.

10.I believe that Teepo is also decended from the Dark Dragon clan, I haven't played BoF3 for a while. Anyway, I'm almost sure he is. Why would Capcom even reference the Dragon Clans? There's no merit in doing so. It does not add to the story unless the games are connected. By referencing to previous games it adds to the depth of the game itself. If the games were not connected it's just a lame tie-in.

11. Want me to go on? Seriously, I can go on. People can think the games aren't connected but in fact they are, made to be, and are so connected it's hard to believe anyone can argue otherwise. Anyone can go on ahead and do so, I'll gladly send in more in-game evidence. Just remember that the games are all seperated by thousands of years. That the trnaslators aren't the same. Anyone remember the horrible translation from BoF2? Let's not forget that small factual things in the Japanese version could've been left out, willingly or not.

Tristan Adnade

Cheshire Catalyst:

That's...a lot of Breath of Fire information...

Slice! Slice!
Hey (monks sing) CHRIS MAR-TIN
I noticed you made a pledge that you won't miss a single column for three months. That means it's till the end of June. What punishment is there for breaking your oath. Do I get to throw you into some cursed springs and turn you into a female, or even a magical girl. If something happens to you, who would take over Q&A. How's the line of sucession for it and do I even fit in.
Imperial Mog

Cheshire Catalyst:

If I miss a column, all you hot girls out there can come over and "punish" me. And if I die, I've already willed the weekend column to my cat, Stinky. She'll do it then.

hey chesh

i made a screen name on aim called professorCranium.
he's my hero you see.
My hero for the longest time was Sergant Joe Friday from Dragnet. That man took zero B.S. No hippies were safe when he was around.
I believe my little bro holds the record for greatest RPG battle. He was playing FF9, in the last dungeon at levels 37-42, and decided to battle Hades. Four turns into the battle, all were dead except Vivi, who only had 1 HP and was frozen. Through the devil's luck (and a bit of my help) he came back and won. Against Hades. Around level 40. Anyone else have any good war stories?

~Casey Edwards~
I've heard a lot of stories along those lines. I remember beating Hades with marginal HP. My friend killed the final boss in FF9 with one HP on Freya. The closest call was in the Blue Dragon Cave in Lunar 2. Damn, I won that one by the skin of my teeth. [Gross! --Ed]
Hey Chesh,
I hate cats, except for you. I threw my grandma's cat in a pool once.

Curtis ( . Y . ) Do i get banned?

Hmmm. The throwing of the cat into the pool, in and of itself, isn't so bad. Cats can be arrogant little bastards and need a swift kick in the butt sometimes. Still though, that was your grandma's cat. Be nice to old people, dude.

The Last Laugh:

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