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Chris Martin - March 10th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! What the hell happened to the weather? It was a beautiful day yesterday. 'lo the warm climes were swept away by a frigid gale off of the lake. March is like one big manic-depressive month.

In other scientific news, I've discovered that alcohol can result in reduced awareness of life's problems. Hooray!

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Library book needs to be returned.

My manservant Giles shall take care of it.

My knowledge of Japanese: "Hello!", "Goodbye!", "Stop it!", "Idiot!", and "Oh no, more tentacles!"

Here is one of the many letters you've probably gotten regarding the Squaresoft-Nintendo thing. Anyway, right now I couldn't care less about the possibilities of new games in the future, I'm more hoping that they'll port those wonderswan remakes over to GBA, and then we will have an English version of FF2 and 3. If this happens, I can finally have some free time, for I'll no longer have a reason to spend so many hours trying to learn Japanese.


Cheshire Catalyst:
Fans are drooling in anticipation of the possibility of a GBA port of the Wonderswan games. It's entirely possible, and Square might do it if they think they could make some cash. Who knows? The future might even hold portable versions of FFIV, VI, or Chrono Trigger. However, this is all speculation. Square might think, "Why waste time doing a remake of an old game that will result in mediocre sales when we can produce the 'Next Big Thing(tm)'?"
Alsom don't let it slip to your sensei that you're only studying Japanese for that reason. My friend accidentally leaked that he chose Japanese so he could watch anime without subtitles, and he still gets odd looks from his prof.

One of these things is not like the other...

The quote was from FF9 when Garnet was telling the story of the person to get Rahmuh to be her summon.

Now for some questions,

1. What should I play I have FFX, PE2, and Lunar 2 all on hold and was wondering what to play.

2. How is the RPG front looking for the Gamecube I know that Square will finnaly be making games for it but will their be anything else worth playing?

Thanks that will be all.
You know, there just might be a way to bring him back-Magus Magus784

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Lunar 2 is my favorite of those three. Final Fantasy X is also a lot of fun, if not on the complete other end of the whole technical brilliance scale. (I'm pretty sure Auron has a higher poly-count than I do.)
PE2, however is kinda stinky by all accounts: poor controls, and nothing new to the table.

2. With Square signed on, its a whole new ballgame. Patience, my padawan learner. The news shall come...

8 pieces of triforce, 6 crystal statues, 3 pendants, 7 crystals, 8 sacred instruments, 3 jewels, 7 medallions... and room left over for a juicer in Link's belt pouch.

Dear Chesh,

I read your "thesis" on the Zelda timeline earlier today, and figured that I'd throw in a piece of information you might find useful, since you've put quite a bit of effort into this as it is... ^_^

I was reading through Nintendo's own strategy guide to Link's Awakening (You know, from the Nintendo Power line), and it contained the following passage:

"Link's Awakening tells the tale of the hero of A Link to the Past and how after his first great victory he set out on a mission of training, to hone his skills, sharpen his wits and master techniques of battle from around the world...When he felt ready to return to Hyrule, he bought a small sailboat and headed across the Great Hyrulean Sea. The journey ended in a storm that crushed and sank Link's ship"

It then goes on to detail the story of LA. Now, I know even Nintendo occasionally went back on its original definitions of the timeline, but I just thought I'd add two cents, since yours is one of the most rationalized organizations of events I've ever seen.


Cheshire Catalyst:
The whole thing's been retconned and re-written so many times that it's all one big, green, pointy-eared mess. I got my info from, which appears to be nintendo's effort to reconcile all of the stories.
Now, if you ask me to reconcile the Super Mario Bros. timeline, I'll come to your house and murder your pets.


This is a superduper long shot, but I VAGUELY remember the words from the quote in Final Fantasy 9. Ramuh is about to become Dagger's summon. He gives her this story, and she has to put the pieces together, know what I'm talkin about.


First one in gets the tilde. ~! Hooray!

Greetings (you sing) Chesh You know what the Square/Nintendo announcement means. That since anythings possible more than likely I will end up President of the United States at some point so imagine that thought.

Imperial Mog

I'm not worried. We could do worse, IM. (Y'know, like we always have.)

Yo Chesh
Doesn't Chris Walken look like an amano character here?

I thought this was Thor's department. Anyway, he does look like some freaky Cirque du Soleil character. (Not that I'd diss 'Cirque du Soliel'. It's like a regular circus, but without that animal poop funk.)

The Last Laugh:

Till next week, folks.

chesh " Hero? Human? These are just names people give after the fact."
Not so profound, but not as easy.

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