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Chris Martin- March 4th '01- 12:00 Eastern Standard Time

I lie. This column neither refers to nor posts any Pictures of Naked Women. Hopefully, when people enter this oft used phrase into their search engines, they will stumble upon this column. Thus, we'll recieve more traffic. Sure, it'll be just really annoyed guys, but traffic is traffic.

Yesterday's column contained a high amount of "artistic" content. (God knows not actually from me, rather all my Hamlet quoting yesterday) Therefore, to balance out the universe, I'll be using Wacky (maybe even Zany) Video Game Quotes as opposed to those of the chronic-smoking Shakespeare. Squall Leonhart might be an introverted, quiet, unfeeling jerk, but at least he never did DRUGS.

Happy fun time... START!

From all the cool people of Lahan...
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Como se díce?
In the PC:
Microsoft Works
...The Spell Checker is a little like a game.
In the Dreamcast:
Skies of Arcadia
Another game beaten. Are any games safe from my mad skillz? No.
Assorted Nonsense

Grantes is bad!

Pimps are bad!

I hate pimps!
Secret Message #219: The only way you're gonna get cuter is if you beat Big Bro!!!

Better ask Mrs. Fortune-teller for girls.
Hey, Chesh. What's down?

Anyways, couple of things to talk to you about...

1)I recently came into some money, and picked up a few games. But now I'm trying to decide what to play next. Basically, my main choices are Valkyrie Profile, Wild Arms 2, Lunar 2, or Breeath of Fire 4. Any ideas?

2)Is it me or has Imperial Mog replaced Xenochick as Most Frequently Printed Letter Writer On Q&A?

3)I thought FF8 sucked because is was too original. Sci-Fi? Pfff. But Then FF9 came out, and I thought it sucked because it was a rehash! Fantasy? Pfff. I want a Final Fantasy game that is neither original OR a rehash! But you know what? If Square manages to give me what I want, I'll probably bitch about that, too! And while we're at it, I like water, but not in liquid, solid, or gas form! They all suck!

4)Oh yeah, and am I the only one that's probably going to stop playing RPGs after the death of the PSX? Not that I enjoy them any less on their own merits, but a)I don't have that much time, and b)there's just too many of them these days.

Well, thank you for answering my questions and not using excessive force.

-Robust Stu

Cheshire Catalyst:
uh.. the ground?
1.) Play Lunar 2! Wonderful, wonderful game. Memorable characters. Enjoyable plot. Sleek anime scenes. And.. uh... NUDITY! (How 'bout that? The title was accurate after all.)
2.) I haven't recieved any letters from Xenochick in a while. Usually, I just pick letters by printing them out, laminating them, throwing them into a tank of water, then finally throwing in Megaman. As he screams, "Made of metal, I am! Sink! Sink! Glub!", he usually clutches a few as his little metal body floods with water and sinks. Those are the letters I post. Works pretty well, I think.
3.) I see you have something in common with Megaman. He's fickle, and hates water. Just like you!
4.) Sounds like a personal problem to me. I love the genre, and I'll be playing these games as I wither away in an old-folks' home. After I get Alzheimer's, I start to think I'm Delita Hyral and scream "What did you get Ramza?!" at the woman who changes my bedpan.

Japan would never start a war.

*kupos in greeting*

As opposed to most letters you seem to get, this one has a high level of questions and other almost-relavent things, and questions and things are needed for a balanced diet.

1. My main question: I have a reservation for a PSX2, and I've had it for the last 6 or so months. However, after reading the recent installations of the almighty (or at least almighty-in-training) column, I've been having second thoughts. So, should I cancel the reservation and get something else, esp. since my main interest in the PSX2 was FFXI and that's coming out for PC (right?), or is there something else that would makupo the PSX2 worthwhile to invest in?

2. Relating to the first question: Is FFX coming out for PC?

3. The answer to Turqoise Wizard's question on Moogles: I thinkupo the original Japanese name for moogles is 'Moguri'.

4. Related to #3: m00gl3z r0x0r j00p0!

5. Related to #4: Isn't d00d-ish fun?

6. Related to the thingy before the questions: I had /intended/ this letter to be relevant. But it has questions and an answer, so it's still got more wholesome goodness then most letters.

7. Related to #6: There's lotsa other stuff I wanted to say, but I can't thinkupo of it. If I right again and my letter is worthy, can you print me again?

8. Related to #7: Sorry for being so arrogant as to assume your kitten-ness would print this.

9. Related to #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, and this question: No, there's no inbreeding in this letter.

Well, that's all the numbers for today...Adventurers! r0x0r, but it's been linked several times here again so I won't link it, you can insert the link if you really want though...Oh yah, and don't forget to root for my editorial in the contest! ^_^

Kupo later,
The once and future m00gl3
P.S.: Nickels are the ultimate coin!

Cheshire Catalyst:
1.) Hey, Square does make more than the Final Fantasy series. Hanging onto your PS2 certainly wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. There weren't any good RPG's on the Dreamcast for the logest time... now look!
2.) Square has yet to make an announcement. FF9 will not be made for the PC, as far as I know. Hopefully, FFX will.
3.) Thank you for the info.
4.) Uh.. they sure do.
5.) I believe that said language is called "l33t".
6.) If you say so...
7.) Uhh. We'll see.
8.) Uh huh.
9.) You sure?
Ahh, yes, the contest. Winner gets to guest host one of my columns... oh, and a free game of your choice. I should pick up Google's scam to trade games for guest spots... but... eh. Maybe when I'm desperate later on this year. ;)

Congrats on finishing the game. Now get a life!!!
Hey Chem Cat,

Why things shouldn't be dubbed 101:

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, in Arabic.

Nuff said

I saw it on public access. The theme song went sorta like this "Mario mario mario mario super mario mario mario mario mario mario super mario mario mario mario." And last 4 minutes. No more dubbing, or at least don't ruin my childhood memories of the fat plumber.

Oh, and why do people think that the opera scene in FF6 is so important to the love between Celes and Locke? It was for them to trick Setzer, has little to do with Celes and Locke. She sings a song in an opera, and none refer to Locke.

Everything in life should be as simple as possible, but not simpler.

~Albert Einstein~

Cheshire Catalyst:
I used to watch that show early in the morning before school at my grandma's house. You get bonus points for nostalgia.

Also, it wasn't the Opera Scene, per se. (Look! I speak Latin!) Rather, it was that cute lil scene in the dressing room. Also, it was a chance for Locke to see her more.. feminine side.

It's a village of Happy Thieves!!
Hey Ches,

I just bought Shadow Madness for $19.97 canadian and suikoden for $14.97 canadian. I was just wondering is that a good price for them? If you played them, what did you think of them?


Cheshire Catalyst:
Sounds like a good deal. (Condsidering that's Canadian price) It's worth it. Have fun!

What the hell does VMU stand for anyway?

Visual Memory Unit
Hey, Chesh
I think the best quote is "Save the drama for your momma!" HAHAHA! Millenia said that to Elena in Grandia 2. That made me laugh. That game was cool. The music CD had some sweet remixes on it. Very cool bonus.

PS - If this gets posted, everyone check out my band's remix of the song "Flight" from Panzer Dragoon in the music section! Tell us what you think

Nice quote. Write the guy. I don't go to the Music section much. Dangerous place, that is. Went down there once, came back with a knife in my head. Didn't hang there no more.
No, that's my comb and I ain't letting anyone see the thing to clone it, auction it off on e-bay or whatever cause it's mine. :P

What ELSE am I supposed to comb my hair with anyway if you take my comb?

Mistress Nightshadow.

Buy another comb! The fans want your comb. Combs expensive in Austrailia, or something? Do dingos eat them?
To be, or not to be?
weather tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outragious fortune, or to take arms and by opposing end it?
To die; to sleep.

Erm...yeah. I memorised most of Hamlet whan I was 10. Doesn't that desirve a tilde, or at least an asterick?
Yeah, I know my spelling sucks...

-Reoth "You probably got 30 e-mails like this'

~ for you!
Isn't it that Mogs are kings of the Moogles?

Nope. Moogles resent that.

The Last Laugh:

And that's all. I'm tired. If you can give me the origins of all of these wacky game quotes, you get an award. (Yes, they're all from RPG's)

Chesh"This is not a leotard! It's our combat uniform!"

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