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Chris Martin- March 3rd '01- 12:00 Eastern Standard Time

As you might be able to tell from the title, I've just returned from an excellent rendition of Shakespeare's (that pothead you've been hearing about in the news) Hamlet. This version had an interesting twist.(Not unlike every rendition of Hamlet done in the past few years it seems). Hamlet was played by a she, not a he. A very competent she, I might add. One important thing that I thought it brought to the stage, was the return of Ophelia's and Hamlet's taboo relationship. In the original, Hamlet and Ophelia are separated by class - something most modern day Americans can't comprehend fully. All in all, an incredibly effective motion.

*Ahem* Ok, enough of me waxing artistic, and onto the cool stuff!

To be or not to be?
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Damn. I hate multiple choice.
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Borrowed from a roommate. Very fun.
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Hello Chris, long time listener first time call...err.. wel you get the idea.

Anyways on to the questions!

1. I know there is a program that you can use to watch the FMVs on PSX games, can you tell me where to find that?
2. How do I get the FMV files from Xenogears and Chrono Cross?
3. I bought PSO instead of SoA am I evil?
4. Heard of Shadow Madness?
5. Any good?
6. Should I buy Lunar 1 or 2 first?


Cheshire Catalyst:
1.) Check around They should have it.
2.) Any special instructions using the program would have to be taken up with the distributor.
3.) Nope. I hear PSO is lotsa fun, providing you have a connection.
4.) Shadow Madness. Crave's first venture into the world of the PSX. Ted Woolsey worked on it, the man who brought us translations for FFIII and Chrono Trigger.
5.) The gameplay is pretty much predictable. Random battles and the whole schpiel. Two interesting elements do stick out. The ability to pick locks. (Feh. I can do this in Baldur's Gate) and the ability to avoid 90% of random monster battles (I can do this in Wild Arms 2). The graphics are very lackluster. All in all, looks like another Legend of Dragoon.
6.) Buy Lunar 1 (The Silver Star Story) first. Buy it now. The game has gone out of production and has been since December 31st 1999. Buy it! If you can't find it in a local store, use eBay. I just checked, and a buncha copies are for sale. Not only that, but you'll -get- more of Lunar 2 if you play the original first. You'll have a greater appreciation for certain characters, locations, etc. etc.

Frailty, thy name is woman
Chem Kitty

I have a response to the memory card thing. Way back two years a go, my friend thought it was funny to try to save over my really good BoF 3 file. I had no choice, I made a dive for the psx, and managed to get the card out before it finished saving. Miraculously, the file wasn't corrupt, and the psx was just fine. Now the question. I bought SoA, but i have no VMU, how quick should i get a VMU?


Cheshire Catalyst:
Stop reading this, and get a VMU. You'll need it if you want to play Pinta's Quest or have Fina's weapon (Cupil) ever be able to do any damage whatsoever.

to thine own self be true

I was just wondering what the Japanese call Mog's race? In FF3 (US) they are called moogles. In FF7 (US) they are all called Mogs as in male Mogs and female Mogs according to the mini-game in the Gold Saucer while the instruction book says Cait Sith rides a stuffed cave moogle. A while back in Q&A someone in the quickies referred to them as moggles.
Other changes in names but not monster designs in the FF series include:
cactrot (FF6) = cactuar (FF7 & FF8)
pugs (FF6) = tonnberries (FF7 & FF8)

Turquoise Wizard

Cheshire Catalyst:
Technically, it isn't "Moogle", because the Japanese language has no way of saying "Moogle." Moogle is the correct translation. Just like the correct translation for the unit of currency is "Gil", not GP. And a Moogle that can't use magic? That would be a Muggle Moogle. (Ow... ow...ow! Those rocks hurt!)

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Hey (monks sing) CHRIS MAR-TIN
Why is Googleshng ignoring me? You have an idea? I was thinking with merchandise, what type of merchendise would RPGamer have? What would be a bizzare gag is a line of action figures. Also I'd love to see someone make an online comic called RPGamer the comic. We could have the Mel Brooks spoof and have RPGamer the toilet paper. I know it's silly but I had to give you an ego boost for the funny idea of a Cheshire Catalyst action figure with Prof. Cranium and others included. The comic I really want to see happen though.
Imperial Mog

Cheshire Catalyst:
RPGamer merchandise? Life size love dolls of your favorite staff members might be doable. I'd have to see if Boss man would approve. Props would be cool. Own your very own replica of Mistress Nightshadow's... comb! Get your limited edition Cheshire Catalyst signed...sock!
Comic book companies already do this. DC Comics sells "authentic" pieces of kryptonite, Green Lantern rings, Batarangs (perfect for unruly little brothers), and Liegon rings. Personally, I think ADV films or Pioneer should jump on the bandwagon. Seriously. How many insane anime fans do YOU know who'd jump at the chance to buy their own limited-edition replica of a Dragonball, Pokéball, Silver Crystal, Eva Plugsuit, Drag Energyst, or (limited time only!) replica of Nagha's thong? Yummy!

THE best RPG quote bar none - "I destroyed their digestion with a poisoned marsupial pie." ~This bit of wisdom has been brought to you by Mesaana

Fresh from, Illusion of Gaia. Will's Grandmother. Don't screw with old ladies!
Granted, this isn't necessarily an RPG question, but I was just wondering...are there any other videogame-based movies comin out soon besides Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy? This summer is looking awesome...
~~Ryuujin, the Dragon Sage
Hopefully, they won't suck. If they simply don't suck, I'll be happy. Games based on movies suck. The reverse works, only ten times as well. "Street Fighter, the movie?" ick...
In response to Goog's comment about why there are so many orphans in fantasy, I'd just like to throw in my two cents. I think it's to allow maximum appeal to the reader. Without well fleshed out reletives, it makes it that much easier for a person to imagine themselves as the hero, breaking away from thier parents and striking out on thier own. Or maybe I just ate too much paste as a child, either way....
-Ice Seraphim

As I go through my stack o' RPG's, most heroes have either A) Dead Parents. B) Issues with their parents. (usually a boy and his father) C) Both
Lunar:TSSSC was refreshing on this subject. Alex is in no way screwed up by his father or mother.
A few people have written in about that god-awful Zero Wing All Your Base crap. Goog said send stuff in about it. I'm sending this to you cause I'll know you'll make the best use out of it. Hope its not too big.

"Crossing the line between everyday villainy and cartoonish super-villainy."
Blade Mackenzi

Oh my God...

The Last Laugh:

Sweet God, make it END!!! Please!

Little did I realize that with last week's closing, "Berevity is the soul of wit", that I again quoted Hamlet. We quote that play a lot, and never realize it. Things like "Every Dog has his day", and "There's a method to the madness".
Friday is a slow letter day. More tomorrow!

Chesh"Now cracks a noble heart. Goodnight, sweet Prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

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