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Chris Martin - February 24th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Happy sunday everyone. God, if you're reading this, hope you have a nice day off so you're well rested come monday for all that smiting and commanding that you need to do.

As I noted before, the trifold curse of broken server/computer crash/daily outing caused yesterday's column to not be posted until much later than it should have been. Curses.

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You know something else that wasn't scary?

Alien: Ressurection. God, what a waste of an hour.

For Meis, third base is buying your girlfriend a ribbon.

Hey Chesh. I thought I'd go ahead and answer some of those questions from last week.

1) I'd definately have to take Meis from Thousand Arms (a very overlooked RPG is you ask me...). The obvious reason: Look at how many chicks he gets to hang out/date with!!! A definate plus. Oh, and he saves the world, but we've all seen that before, right?

2) My favorite non-RPG video game is, was, and (probably) always will be Time Crisis II. That game is more addicting than heroin (and I'm taking an educated guess on that one)! Between the Arcade and the PS2 I must've beaten that game 200 times, and I still can't get thru it without being hit! That is my life's goal. But seriously...The only chance of me liking another game more is if they make another sequel (which they should, I've memorized this one!).

3) DUH!! Gandalf is sooo much cooler! Merlin is lame. All he can do is wear that fruity star-dunce cap and point his magic wand. Now Gandalf, he can rock! Not only does he skool all those Orcs and such with awesome magic, but he also can use a sword in close quarters. That is skill!

As for my questions:

1) What's the scoop with some of the cooler games comin out for the GBA? And have you heard anythin about Square comin back for a few remakes? I need some info. I'd love to be playin FF6/CT in school (What else is Math good for, anyways?).

23) Do you agree with me that Star Ocean II was a very underrated game? I'm havin the time of my life playin through it again. Also, do you think it is humanly possible to beat that entire game while only recruiting Claude and Rena (and I mean permanently, like obviously Noel has to be with you when getting the Synard, but you can tell him not to join)? I sure am gonna try.

Master Margie
"Sometimes I think of what life would be like if I wasn't insane, then I think .. 'Hey a banana.' " -Brett, A kid I know from School

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. No news from square. However, Lunar Legend is making it's way to the GBA along with a Megaman Battle Network Sequel. (I know, Capcom doing a sequel. It's CRAZY!) Tactics Ogre is coming too in May, if you can wait that long. If you need something that's already out, check out Advance Wars or Golden Sun.
23. (What happened to 2-22?) I think Star Ocean 2 was a lot of good concepts with a less than spectacular execution. Private Actions were sorta cool. The prospect of making your own food, while fun, was a little TOO much to keep track of. The dialouge and voice acting were also a little sub-par. However, I played it and still had fun with it. For me, I give it a "B." Also, I think you HAVE to get most other party members. (Celine is one, I believe.)

It's not "Pre-owned" it's "Used." Same with "Hearing-impared" and "Differently abled." Deal.

I feel the urge to buy Preowned PS games. Alas the problem, What should I buy? I have no clue what should I start with and which one should be covered? To start with, I have several PS games. I am behind the times. Chrono Cross, FFIX, Legend of Mana, FFT, Saga Frontier 2, and Dragon Warrior VII are in my inventory. I will purchase FF Anthology and FF Chronicle. I am interested in different games style like tactical and traditional. I can't decide which one should I buy. I don't know how many I will buy. I just want to hear your input on some games that I might have missed and should have played. I am also wondering which store should I order from? GameStop or EBGames? I can't decide. Appreciate any input.

Hobbes Lionheart

Cheshire Catalyst:
For me, used has always been the way to go. You can save some money if you're willing to wait awhile. (Though I do get stuff like GTA3 and FFX when it comes out, I'm willing to wait for stuff like Devil May Cry to drop to the $20 range.)
Saiyuki is old enough that you could find a good used copy somewhere. As I said in the last letter, Star Ocean 2 is a good "Traditional" style RPG. Front Mission 3 (TRPG. Robots) Lunar (if you can find it) Grandia. Wild ARms 2. Suikoden 2. Etc. etc. You can pick up some good stuff on the cheap for the PSX now.
I've always picked up my used stuff from local retailers. Granted, they were all EB stores, so going to EBGames might be a wise choice. They have a good policy on returning any defective titles. (A risk when buying used. Most are screened, but some always fall through the cracks.)


Hey Chesh!

1. Are there any good RPGs based on anime?
2. Who's hotter? Kaoru Nagisa or Vash the Stampede?
3. Do you play tabletop RPGs?

-NinjaGrrl "Let's protect the universe and eat cheesecake!"

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. None that I can think of. Sakura Wars maybe. Arc the Lad and Orphen are both games made into anime.
2. I am SO not the person you want to ask. Besides, Allen Schezar out pretties them ALL!
3. Sí, señor. Lots of 'em. (Though admittedly, not all at once.) I play D&D, Exalted, Heroes Unlimited, and Shadowrun. I also know how to play, though I never really got around to rolling up any characters for, various White Wolf games like Vampire, Werewolf, and Hunter.


"Ah, you seek meaning. Then listen to the music, not the song."

Why, is that everyone's favorite Vorlon ambassador? Why yes, I believe it is!

- ChocoMog ZERO

Ding ding! I figure a non-RPG quote won't kill you people once in a while.


Thanks for sharing your fears. I have two fears that continue to haunt me. The first is a fear of bugs. As a young kid, I had an extremely high fever (my parents couldn't afford to take me to the doctor) and I discover that: polka dotted sheets + halucinatorily high-fever = bad news. Soon those polka dots started moving and I was horrified thinking I was covered with thousands of ants! AIEEE!! I still shudder while watching B-movies about bugs.

My other fear is of the water. Again while a young tyke, my mother coaxed me into the tub to take a bath. Then she attempted to drown me. She claimed she was washing my hair and needed to rinse it off. I discovered it was hard to breathe under water while someone is holding you under. Needless to say, whenever I climb into a swimming pool, I cling for my life to the pool edge, much to my friends' amusement.

Well, now my fears stand exposed before my peers.

So, what is your biggest fear in an RPG? Mine is that I will save over my backup file and be stuck in an impossible situation (ala FFTactics or Saga Frontier ) and not be able to go back and build up levels.


"Only a FOOL has no fear!"

Speaking of him, here's a picture of the green faced sumbitch.

What's even scarier that, as I grew older, the feeling of fear was slowly replaced by a seething hatred of Mr. Sticker. The fact that he had frightened me as a tyke drove me to hate that which had debased me so. As a result, I started destroying Yuk stickers whenever I could. (This is how supervillains get started out kids.)
Will this result in me becoming a supervillain? Well, I don't have the solid tech background to design elite robot armies or underground mountain lairs. However, I am working towards my English degree, so that means I'll be able to say things like...
"Good night, sweet Batman, and my flights of angels sing thee to thy rest." See? It's a literary reference and makes me look all cool and detached and stuff.

Dear Cheshy McCatCat,

My only irrational fear is also the only memory I have from my early youth ("sleeping in a crib" early). I was deathly afraid of an orange stuffed giraffe that had been given to me by an aunt. I recall having a nightmare, waking up, seeing the thing, and being even more scared. To make matters worse, when I threw the giraffe from my crib, my mother would give it back with a soothing, "Poor thing, you lost your giraffe."

You're not the only one afraid of Mr. Yuk, either.

Sweet merciful Jesus Gonzalez. That's one for a horror movie (not a very good one, but it would HAVE to be better than The Granny.
We could call it "Terrorizing the baby." It could star Julia Roberts as the unwitting mother and star that Haley Joel what's-his-face as the baby. Say the catchphrase that will adorn Taco Bell big gulps and novelty bumperstickers everywhere, folks! "I see orange giraffes...." Since that's not enough material for a ninety minute flick, we could include some stuff about poison control stickers, water and bad soap too.
We'd make it, but then it would become SO popular that other Hollywood studios would just copy our sucessful formula incessantly (Baby + Terror). Then, after a few years of bad rip-off's like "Infanticide!" and "Scaring the hell out of baby.", Leslie Neison or Marlon Wayans would make a parody film of our popular genre.
Lo, wast I not cursed with these abilities of foresight. Lament lament lament.....


My irrational fears are completely normal to me, and down-right disturbing to those who stay in my house. First off, I am literally unable to bring myself to use the same shower as any of my house guests. I just think its gross... I can't do it. Secondly, they'll borrow my bar soap from my private shower... AND THEN RETURN IT TO MY SHOWER WITHOUT INFORMING ME!!! I don't want someone elses body hair stuck to my soap. I won't even touch it, I'll just run hot water on it until it disintegrates. And of course, my third fear is indeed frightful - I once had a dream that Queen Brahne, Shrek, and Ed Grimly got into a threesome. It still haunts my dreams to this day... pity me...

"Who's your ogre! Who's your ogre! Tha's right Brahnie, I'M YA OGRE!!!"

I knew a friend who, while he was in college, shared a room with some other guys. On of these guys was so picky about his soap that he owned two bars: one for his privates and one for the rest of his body. Naturally, my friend and his roommates took the much needed initiative and switched the bars every so often. Y'know, just to keep him normal.
But other people's funkiness? That's pretty gross. While I don't mind sharing a shower with three other guys, (No, not at the same time, you perverts) sharing soap just ain't too kosher.

The Last Laugh:

Play nice with aegis, and don't forget to GO TO SCHOOL ON MONDAY! Ahhahhahah!
Now to defrag my hard drive. (Something that I haven't done in a bleeding YEAR.) Today's quote is pretty obvious, but I really like it. So Nyeh.

chesh "Serge, ask yourself what ze most important zing in your life to attain iz and go for it. If it iz not you, zhen whom? If it iz not now, zhen when?"
Plain as day.

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