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Chris Martin- February 24th '01- 12:00 Eastern Standard Time

You thought the Cowboy references went away, didn't you? You really should have known better.

Thanks to the magic of capitalism, I bought a Dreamcast last weekend. I would have told you people about it, but I thought I'd wait until I had a week's worth of experience with the thing. I bought Skies of Arcadia as my one and only Dreamcast game. I must say, I'm really pleased. Maybe it's because this game is my first DC game, but the graphics are absolutly gorgeous. The game is also awash with beautiful diversity. It's nice to have different locations look different as opposed to an entire planet covered in plains and mountains.

Oh, and Aika's really cute.

The food I want...
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Pancakes! Yum.
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You can win if you believe!
Samus Aran thinks her theme song is better than "I try" any day of the week.

Hullo, CC!

1) Are you planning, or even thinking about getting a Nintendo Gamecube? I want one, despite the lack of announced anything yet. First person Metroid...mmmm...
2) No awards for video game music at the Grammy's...I sense a complete lack of recognition...
3) Uhhh...Oh, right, real question...Do I get any thing for doing the card quest in FF9?? I might play through it a second time, want to no wether or not to spend my time on it???

Justin "Sample my goods!" Harwood

Cheshire Catalyst:
1.) I don't know. I'm certainly not the Nintendo loyalist I once was. Stop mocking me, Dreamcast. First Person Metroid? I don't know about that... There are enough FPS games out there. We want another Metroid!
2.) Eh, it's ok. We don't need no steekin' Grammy's, despite their excellent choice for a host. And am I the only one who thinks Macey Gray sings like Donald Duck on Cannabis?
3.) You don't get didley squat. Collecting all of the collectable cards has no reward. And they say video games aren't like real life.


Dearest CC:

This is in regard to Goog's statement made yesterday about video game scores not being considered by the Grammys. The Grammys are designed to honour contributions made to the medium of music with respect to it as a self-standing discipline of the arts. That video game scores are written and utilized as strict accompaniment plays a crucial role in the affair, parallelled quite exactly by the lack of inclusion of film scores in the event as well (not to be confused with songs that appear in films, for they have an outside inspiration and are thus void as unaltered accompaniment). The Grammys are about artists using their capabilities in music to express themselves, not about using music to assist someone else in expressing something; there is a large difference between being inspired by events than being inspired by another work with the intention of your production being rudimentary to the presentation of that work. With film and gaming, the focus is not wholly on the music, nor is it the central one. Instead, it is written as inspired by the respective game or film it is intended to be a part of, and is included to aid the original artist (the writer, choreographer, game designer, whomever) in conveying their original message. As a result, film and game scores are essentially pieces of film and game, and fall under those categories first before entering themselves into the discipline of music. Straying from this would be little different than creating a 'Best Full-Motion Video Sequence from a Video Game' category at the Academy Awards. They are no doubt examples of cinema, but they are created to assist the game they were created for, and not to stand as competent examples of film on their own, even if they happen to do so. Employing your mind to this train of thought, then, film and game musical scores, as examples of direct accompaniment, should therefore not be honoured by an organization concerned solely with music, but instead by groups associated with their own respective mediums.

This is, of course, not to say that the Grammys consistently honour the most deserving (I, for one, have to question the worth of a prize, and the merit of its givers, when the Album of the Year award is ordered to an entirely inconsequential Steely Dan album), and the tendency to border the individual disciplines of the arts is no doubt a problem in general. But as things stand, the non-appearance of game soundtracks at the Grammys is not an example of the "tendancy of the general public to ignore any possible artistic content in games," as Goog mentioned. And to remark directly to that comment: Yes, many people tend to scoff at the splendours of the gaming world, but little more than gamers tend to scoff at, say, dance or even film outside of anime as active and contributing members of the art world. Perhaps the world begrudges us, but I feel perfectly comfortable saying that with the way we tend to look at them, first off: no wonder; secondly, do you think our pretentious attitudes will change their view? Let us all step it up a bit as people and not have such a distaste for everything outside of gaming and science-fiction fantasy. Perhaps people with interests outside of those genres will then be willing to reciprocate the action. Then again, perhaps we like our Secret Garden. We had our chance with 'Final Fantasy VII' to really show the world what we have and when they responded positively we shot them down. Those damn "New-Schoolers," eh? Give me a break.... they just wanted to see what we were up to. Why did we hate them for that again? I haven't argued mindlessly for a while now....

Nonetheless, to end the rant, let our minds be opened.

M J Harnest (tuinte)

Did I just actually damn gamers in nothing less than a gaming forum?

Cheshire Catalyst:
I see your point regarding the issue of the grammy's asnd film/game music. Perhaps the Grammys isn't the best forum to reward video game music. However, I think it's a matter of fans of VG music simply wanting some recognition. Video games are often stereotyped as something produced and marketed for kids and teenagers who are one Eminem album away from shooting up a HomeEc class. Does this suck? You bet. Look on the bright side! If, say, "Melodies of Life" was picked as best video game vocal track, then lengthy flame wars would erupt. (No! The song from Lunar 2 or Vanguard Badits is much better!) That would make my job harder, and consequently, make me sad. :( Maybe ZDTV could do a video game awards show. Tilde could host it.

I'm going to have to disagree with one aspect of your rant though. I don't think it's fair to lump all gamers into the "Anime and Sci-Fi isolationist Otaku" category. A lot of us like Sci-Fi, but not everyone. Some of us like Anime, but not all of us. I knew one kid in school who hated the stuff. I also think that there's an important difference when talking about "scoffing" at something, and simply not having any interest in it. As a stereotypical gamer, I couldn't really care much about March Madness. However, I can see why others enjoy it. Fine by me. I'm a gamer, but I enjoy an occasional game of football (tackle. touch is for wusses) or frisbee when the weather is nice. I also enjoy some theatre every once in a while. Point is, we're all different. Every single one of us. Respect other people's pasttimes, and you'll make the world a better place! Sailor Moon Cheshire Catalyst says.

One last note. Stuff like this really does belong in the editorials department. I don't mind getting the occasional rant, but responding to these is usually a pain in the butt. It results in me creating a half-ass (rebuttal/support) statement in five minutes. And that makes the column less magical.

Dear CC,

I don't know if you can answer this but I thought I should bring this to the attention of someone/everyone. I just read two editorials regarding Final Fantasy 6. One side thought it was the best game ever and the other hated it with a passion. But they both were completely extreme, biased, and nasty. Can't we put our opinions of RPG's aside and all hold hands (or controllers) in love? For crying out loud, who cares? I couldn't stand the phantasy star series, but I don't go and call a PSO player names. For shame...


Cheshire Catalyst:
People get nasty over the things they like. Emotions go something like this:

I like "Game X"
Someone hates "Game X!"
If he thinks Game X sucks, then he must think I suck!
Hey you! You suck!

We get along pretty well, considering. I went to a Pittsburgh Pirate playoff game once. A guy in front of me was making some really nasty racial slurs. (He was comparing a black overweight female Atlanta braves fan to a certain confection) All things condiered, we get along decently. We do have snippy arguments in IRC channels about crap like this though. Fortunatly, we never gather in stadiums to watch a guy play Final Fantasy Tactics. Good thing too. I don't wanna pick up a paper and read "Man beats Final Fantasy IX! Extatic fans burn cars, smash windows, and assault women in ensuing riot"

Secret Message #9! Don't eat pool chalk.


I was wondering how to convert English names to Japanese....Now how do I convert Chinese names to Japanese, or English to Chinese?

- Beedrill51
This'll change any name into a Chinese name.
My Chinese Name: "Mai Kuohan" Kuo meaning "expand" and "Han" meaning writing.

I found this pretty quickly too.
My Japanese Name: "Chiisutofupuru Maruchinu". That's a mouthful. Chi-kun would have to work, then.

Am I the only person that thinks Freya from FF9 strongly resembles a My Little Pony? I'd even go as far as to say it was Wind Whistler...

Luv ya!

I have never in my entire life watched "My Little Pony." I was a wierd little kid, but I wasn't THAT wierd. That said, Freya does have a but of a horse face.
There's a great RPG cute sidekick that was left out of the poll. I speak, of course, of mighty Boo, the miniature giant space hamster from Baldur's Gate! Go for the eyes, Boo!

You are correct. Boo is too good for any of these second-rate sidekicks. If Boo was part of that poll, would anyone else stand a chance? Hold my hamster! Butt kicking, for goodness!

Why do people say music in modern RPGs isn't as good as the older games? Are the older games' soundtracks more memorable, or are they just imprinted in gamers' heads from the uncountable replays of those games?


You have to factor in nostalga. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wasn't nearly as ludicrous back when we were all ten years old.
Heeeeeey Chesh!

There has been one thing on my mind ever since this 100% pure kick-ass game came out: Is there going to be a movie based on ShenMue?

Oh, and damn you, Queen Beryl. Your plot to remove the DC from the shelves has gone too far. You are evil... Eeeeeeeevillll........


*blank look on face*


No word on any type of Shenmue movie. Also, it's Queen Beryl's week off. She's vacationing in Europe this weekend. If the owner of your favorite French bistro becomes a mindless slave dressed like an insane aerobics instructor, you'll know why.

The Last Laugh:

I ate pool chalk once.
When I was a kid, I remember being at aparty with my mom. I saw it and thought, "This must be an hors d'ouevres!" (Actually, I was about 5. I probably thought, "This must be an orderve!") It was nasty.
I don't know why I shared that with you. Maybe...*sob* we're growing closer. You wanna go out for ice cream? Sweet. I'll get my coat.

Yeah, short column today. A lot of mail got misplaced by the server. Send more mail tomorrow, and we'll love you for it.

Chesh"Secret! Secret!"

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