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Chris Martin- February 19th '01- 12:00 Eastern Standard Time

Monday. No one likes mondays. Unless you have monday off, then they're cool.

We've got lots of fun stuff in store to brighten your monday though, including some clever ways to trick Blockbuster video into selling you video games. Next weekend: How to steal pokémon cards and defraud the IRS.

To Be Continued:
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Assorted Nonsense

Free Chinese food downstairs

Chicken Egg Roll

And a fortune cookie.
Japanese Singers are really starting to creep me out.
Hello, Mr. Martin.
CC: Oh, God. Mr. Martin is for my dad, ok. I'm at the marvelous age of twenty. It's marvelous because the government doesn't trust me with beer, but would trust me with an M-16 if a war broke out.

Ever hear of the J-rock band Malice Mizer? Their former lead singer, Gackt, dressed quite similar to Squall and Irvine in FF8 in some of his photos. Most of my friends who listen to them think Gackt was the main influence to the character designs for Squall and Irvine. Here's some pics as proof.


Cheshire Catalyst:
I don't listen to much J-Pop. In fact, the only time I do listen to J-Pop is when Google says, "Hey! Listen to this!" I play the Mp3 and ask, "Google, why did you tape record torturing your cat? That isn't nice." Then Google gets mad. :(

Seriously, J-Pop isn't bad. This is pretty damn scary though. Let's hope he starts a trend that comes to America. Eminem in a blue body suit with lil blue undies on the outside? Fight for everlasting peace, Slim Shady!

Here's what you've been waiting for. Beware video rental stores!
Hey Chesh...

As a manager at Blockbuster Video, there are a few ways, actually, perfectly legal like, to get them to sell you a game. For starters, just rent it and then tell them it's lost or destroyed, and you'd like to pay for it. They only charge you the PVT (Previously Viewed Tape) of most items like that. Another way is just not to return it ever. Same thing, you'll end up paying for it, but that takes a bit onger. The last one in not to rent it at all. Starting this year, every week the stores are getting used game pulls, so around Monday or Tuesday, the games that don't rent as well get pulled off of the shelves and sold. I myself have scored a ton of games that way. Plus, with the lack of real support for the Dreamcast, pretty soon I'm willing to bet that they're gonna do the same thing with the DC games as the did with every other dead system (not that the DC is a dead system, but Blockbuster really hasn't shown anything but a half assed sympathy support for it since day one. Even then, they didn't get games for it till like 8 months after it came out) and throw all the games into a bargin bin and sell 'em for $4.99 and under. I know I'm staking out a copy of FFT that way myself. Heh heh heh...

DJ Takashi

Cheshire Catalyst:
Ok, so none of that's illegal. It's still a tetch naughty though. A lot of you write in with suggestions, and the most popular was "rent it and 'lose' it"
FFT, despite awkward translation, is a damn fun game. Do what you can to get it! Abandon your principles! If a small child has this game, kick him and take it. Muha ha ha.

Sometimes Catholicism pays off big.

Dear Cheshire,

Over the weekend I received about 250 dollars and a EB Gift Card (Stupid thing doesn't tell me how much) for Confirmation. I am really in need of help on some recommendations on games to get before Tribes 2 and ZOE come out at the end of March...PC UT is getting old on my 56k. I got BOF4, FFIX, Lunar 2, and all for PSX, but I need something new. I don't have a dreamcast, and don't plan on getting one unless it drops to 50. Played SOA and Grandia 2 anyways. Is Persona 2 any good or any of those PS2 RPG type games?
Fhjull Zagar "Must revenge Theo Ratliff"

Cheshire Catalyst:

If you haven't picked up any of the Baldur's Gate games yet, do so. Septerra Core is a fun consoleish RPG for the PC. The PS2 still doesn't have anything special on it. Finally, if you like shooters (Like UT), get "No One Lives Forever". It's beyond awesome.

Advice on how Nintendo could be even more evil.

I have a question:

Since the Nintendo Game Boy Advance links up with the Nintendo Game Cube, Will there be any Game Cube games that you need the Game Boy Advance in order to play?

Here is an example: There is a multi-player Action-Adventure Game that you play on the Game Cube. Yet, you have a list of items and your character condition displayed on your Game Boy Advance, as well as a map of the area.

Cheshire Catalyst:
Highly doubtful. We've only had one game out like that so far, and that was "Pokemon Stadium". If Nintendo of America wanted to do this, the game would have to either be insanely good, or be part of a big franchise. (Like pokemon)

Hey, Mr.CC,
Here's a few questions. Don't you feel special?
1) I'm at the beginning of the second disk of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete. When do those optional dungeons show up? I don't wanna miss them.
2) You do realize that Queen Beryl's evil DC plot is much better than all of the half-baked plots she had in the show, right?
3) While playing BoF4, I was left wondering why Capcom hasn't made a MegamanRPG yet. Any thoughts?
I guess that's all. Later,
Justin "Lady Une is hot, but she's not really evil, just crazy." Harwood

Cheshire Catalyst:
1.) The optionl dungeons show up in the epilouge.
2.) Please don't mock the poor woman. She spent years trying to find the right city to take over. Metropolis, Gotham City(try and guess how many seconds of that energy draining bullshit Batman put up with), Gateway City, New York, Paradise Island, Westchester, London, ... It just got really sad. Finally, she picked Tokyo. A city half-smashed by rubber monsters and defended by girl scouts. She couldn't even win there. She's a very bitter woman. Right now, she's sitting across from me in our secret lair drinking scotch with Professor Cranium cursing, "That insolent Reed Richards". It makes me want to cry some days. :(
3.) Megaman Legends might be as close as we can get to that lil dream. Hopefully, they'll make something cool for Gamecube, Dreamcast, X-Box, or PS2.

Jon Stewart rules, he went to my college, William and Mary...then hated it and dropped out:(

He said he spent 4 years studying Psychology. Why? "It's not exactly known for being hard. Other classes had 'right' and 'wrong' answers, our class has 'I wrote 5 pages...I'll turn it in for a 'B'." A cool guy.
I have the first three Cowboy Bebop soundtracks. Do you know if the remixes (Vitaminless?) are any good?

What?! This is an RPG site? Oh, ok. Hmmmm....Wouldn't it be cool if Yoko Kanno was involved in an RPG soundtrack? What? I distinctly put 'RPG' in the question. You want a real RPG-related question. Geez...What RPG should I get next. Blah. Blah. Blah. Happy?

- Surge "Now listening to 'Chicken Bone'"

My dog, my cat, my mouse want Chicken Bone. I lost my head over the Chicken Bone. Vitaminless is pretty good. The Freelance remix has downright awesome remixes of "Tank!" and "Cats on Mars". It also has spoken tracks. In English! Very cool.

And Yoko Kanno doing RPG music would be very sweet. The game could be about being a magical pretty princess finding biscuits for her dog, but if YK wrote the music, I'd buy it.

Please enlighten me:

What is cosplaying?



Cosplaying is basically when you create a costume and dress up like your favorite anime character. Sometimes it's funny, but usually it's embarrasing. A four hundred pound Sailor Pluto, A male Akane Tendo... it gets pretty scary sometimes.
Hey Chesh.

Have you ever seen the movie "The Relic"? Great movie. However, I bring it up because it is plainly obvious that they have stolen material from FF6! The creature that's going around killing everyone looks EXACTLY like the Atma weapons from that game. What's going on?

Son of Sabin

Sometimes it goes the other way though. Who can forget that scene in FF9 where Quina eats that frog's brain? Nasty.
Hey, aren't we taking this cowboy thing just a little too far?


I cant decide whether i think FF 10 will be great like 1-7+ 9, or mediocre like 8. Is it just me or does Yuna have one blue eye and one green eye- i cant decide if I like that either...


It's because she sees the past with one eye, and the present with the other.
Sorry... :)
Hi Chesh,

With regards to Shinigami's question, who asked why the Lunar bromides are called bromides, the Lunar: SSSC instruction manual says the word comes from the Japanese "promaido", meaning "picture of a famous person" (it's at the bottom of page 116.)


Mathieu 'Enforcer' Petitpas

And that wraps it up!

Sentient Mode is Capable

The Last Laugh:

The weekend is over!

Now go to school! Ahahahahahha! Get on the bus!

Chesh"Relena Peacecraft. Not sexy."

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