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Chris Martin - February 16th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Don't listen to them, I still think you're the best figure skater in Morocco. Now, dry those tears and read. It'll all be okay, I swear.

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Laundry is never easy.

Especially when you put it off for a few...months.

Choose your (Sphere) Destiny

Greetings, Chemical Kitty:

This is my first time ever writing so please be merciful if this comes out as sort of bland. Onto the questions then!

1. I lied. This first one is actually an answer. "Fall Creature! And Feed The Earth" is one of Jaheira's battle cries in BG2. Actually, I'm only 95% sure of this since I also own BG and I sometimes get them mixed up.

2. Question this time. I have about enough money to buy either Planescape: Torment or Icewind Dale but I'm not sure as to the specific differences in gameplay between the two games. And the reviews that I've read haven't really helped. Any suggestions?

3. Regarding FFX, which is, in your opnion, the best Sphere Grid path that Kimahri should take?

4. Why won't Lulu stop haunting my dreams?

Thanks for reading this and hopefully it wasn't a complete waste of time for you.

-Sir Gau

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Courage and wit hath served thee well. Thou hath guessed the correct quote.
Thy tilde ownership hath increased by 1. ~

2. Both games are Black Isle RPGs using the engine that made Baldur's Gate so popular. There's a BIG difference in play styles though.
Icewind Dale is all about dungeon hacking. At the start of the game, you create six playable characters and never pick up any additional ones. Naturally, this increases customization at the expense of role-playing. While the story is adequate, your characters are unable to interact with one another (one of the joys of the BG series.) The setting is in D&D's Forgotten Realms. Specifically, Icewind dale. A northern part of the main continent just north of the Spine of the World. (A major mountain range.) Lots of dungeons, a couple towns. In short, a decent game for dungeon crawl fans.
Planescape: Torment is about as different as you can get. The game takes place in a city called "Sigil". This city lies in between the dimensional planes and acts as a neutral ground of sorts. The city is also called "The city of doors" due to the high number of portals within the citys walls that lead to everywhere in creation, and beyond. Your character has a unique curse: he can't die. You have no memories of your past lives, but if the scars that cover your body are indicative of anything, it was probably a bloody existance. You awaken in an odd place called the Mortuary. There, strange men called "Dustmen" collect corpses for their own studies. You can find allies such as Morte, the talking skull, along with other demigod allies. You character customization is pretty much limited to: fighter. You can, however, be trained as a theif or mage. It's a fun game, but keep in mind the fact that it's really really ...wierd. Bloody corpses, death, despair, and interchangeable body parts don't exactly put Torment at the top of Joe Liebermann's list. In short, my choice would be Torment, but it really boils down to what you want more of. Spooky story/role-playing, or hack and slash.

3. I made the choice, after sending him down the generic fighter path that he has, to send him down Lulu's magic path. As a consequence, now I have a half-and-half fighter/mage who sucks at both. I'd send him down Wakka's path just to enhance his natural fighting abilities.

4. Wednesday Addams is all grown up, and she's hot.


*Deletes the 200 virus mails that arrived within the span of 5 minutes*

For future reference, could those of you who have people using your computers that are prone to opening random file attachments please not keep RPGamer employees in your address books and just use the great big mailto links all over the site instead? Receiving half a gig of virii in one mail check is none too pleasant.

- Google

Cheshire Catalyst:
Do what the slime says. Also, it's 'viruses' silly slime. Three 'i's in a five letter word is just too many.

I have no idea where sailors hang out. Go away Ryo, you creepy bastard.


Yesterday the subject of ordering Shenmue II from EB came up. However, it does not seem to be available anymore from them. I assumed that they got some pressure from Microsoft or something about selling the import. Do you know anything about it?


Cheshire Catalyst:
A recent trip to a local EBX revealed that they weren't stocking anymore import copies. Looks like it was a one-time dealie. Sucks, don't it. Hey kids! Wanna get posted tomorrow? Tell us where we can get a Dreamcast copy! (Besides eBay, silly goose.)


Greetings (moogles sing) Cheshkupo

I have heard some rumors about you from my information sources and I want you to respond. Did you have some wild Mardi Gras party with anime characters this last week? Also have you been doing anything at the Olympics, like say being there and unleashing weird cute animal characters there? That and what skill do you have that you'd get a gold medal for?

Imperial Mog

Alas, there was no Mardi Gras party to be had. I spent much of last night reading and preparing a report on George Fox's religious pamphlet for my Ren. Lit. class. Here's the short story: "He was completly out of his mind."
Even Professor Cranium knows not to try anything at the Olympic village what with all the security. Strangly, this year's Special Olympics didn't have nearly as much security or media coverage. I even managed to sneak in a pair of toenail clippers and a slurpee: (thusly violating the 'no outside food' rule. Fight the power.)
Those Olympics was just a bad experience. I know it's wrong to gamble, but I really thought Nikky Johnson would win the figure skating competition. However, he stopped halfway in his performance to go hug his mom. Cost me fifty bucks, the little SOB.

Everybody is cheering!
-DDR Guy

Sounds more like laughing to me.

The Last Laugh:

Gogai! Gogai! Gogai!

Tomorrow, answer any or all of these questions three.

1. Some idiot has decided to make a movie/series out of an RPG. You get to play whatever role you'd like to! Looks aren't an excuse (and we'll even allow a little gender bending.) Who would you like to play the role of?
2. What's your favorite non-rpg videogame right now?
3. For the sake of a debate going on with a group of friends, weigh in on this. Who wins in a fight? Merlin or Gandalf?

Hasta maņana!

chesh "You see, there are worse fates than death...many worse than unlife as a vampire."
I vahnt to suhk yo bluhd! Bluh!

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