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Chris Martin- February 12th '01- 3:00 Eastern Standard Time

It's late.

AD&D + Homework. You do the math.

Your favorite slime returns tomorrow to answer your questions!

Column...start up!

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Give me your answer, true.
First, something from the slime-in-command
First, of course, the sonnets!

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Isn't Shakespeare in a toaster great? HEY! Those don't all rhyme right! Guess that's what I get for freezing half the lines and rerolling the rest. Oh well, close enough!

Anyway though, I have also attached an image which proves that NOT all anime girls are skinny and pretty and feminine. I could have used a less extreme example (like, say, the fact that on the episode of Slayers where they all go to an all-female village, the main (female) character is the one everyone thinks is a man in disguise), but who could pass THIS up?

By the way, I WILL be back to do tomorrow's column, and maybe if you're all good I'll even tell you what the heck happened to me for the last couple weeks. Meanwhile, read my latest rant, there's going to be a test on it... or something.


Cheshire Catalyst:

Well, now I'm all wierded out. All this silliness and more tomorrow!

American Playwrights are evil.

Just a few things:

1) You say LoD redefines the definition of linear. You obviously never played Front Mission 3. That game IS the definition of linear.

2) I can't believe people still suggest the Dreamcast over any other console. It has 3 noteworthy RPGs. Sure, some more might be released between now and '02, but otherwise it's a dead system. Deceased. Gone. Wasted. Anyone who has a DC now will have to buy a PS2 or X-Box later if they want any RPGs at all. Especially Square ones.

3) How similar is Vanguard Bandits to FM3? They look pretty similar.

4) Nice symbolism. Blue roses are a genetic impossibility.

That's about it. Keep up the great work.

-Red Raven

Cheshire Catalyst:
1.) FM3 has two different stories though. So it' or soemthing.
2.) People just really, really like Shenmue, SoA, and (in some cases) Grandia II. Personally, I think the X-box will rock.
3.) I'm gonna say that FM3 is more customizable. In VB, you only buy weapons once in a blue moon. Front Mission 3 looks a little better, but just a little.
4.) Yeah. I made that up. I'm really clever...


....Back in the box, Williams!

o/ How much is that RPG in the window? o/
I was out shopping and I noticed something funny -at least, to my warped mind it was amusing-.

Vagrant Story, which I have heard to be an awesome game, was selling for 20 bucks in a local Target store. Next to VS was Legend of Dragoon, which I heard sucked big time. Guess how much it was selling for? $33. Tell me, is there logic behind this? That a game that is supposedly inferior to the first title is going for more? Or was it just a sign of Fate that I should buy the game?
"Then again there is no FATE... I destroyed her in Chrono Cross...."

Cheshire Catalyst:
LoD probably cost a lot more to make than Vagrant Story. According to Sony, it was "3 years in the making". They have a lot of mouthes to feed. I also hear that LoD didn't do too bad sales-wise. Point is, if they frop it too far, then they sell it at a loss. Also, think of advertising. I seem to remember Sony really hyping LoD. Comic book ads, Magazine ads, posters, etc. That stuff costs major $$$. Square's a smaller company, so maybe they can sell it for less. But that's just my guess. ;)


Not sure why I'm bothering to write this (especially since I know I won't be the only one).. but to BL Alien's comment that "e.g. is the acronym for the Italian translation for 'For example'," well, no, it isn't. It stands for "exempla gratia," *Latin* for "for the sake of example." "For example" in Italian is "per esempio." ..and while I'm correcting him, the plural of "RPG", as everyone should really know by now, is "RPGs" with no apostrophe. Okay, I'm done being annoying now.


Actually, you were the only one. A "*" for you! Oh, and BL? You suck now. Maybe Google'll let you make it up or something.

Wait till you face Zulwarn in battle, it has 3 times the HP of Ultragunner.... they cheat!

I have. Ouch. Very...ouch.
Hey, I got one of Shampoo's! (holds up a pink lace bra) I betchya you wanna touch, eh?


"Dirty old man! Shampoo Kill!"

The OAV episodes of Ranma are kind of odd. Some of them actually depict Happosai as a nice guy. (Granted, he's only nice to young girls. Now that I think about it, that's pretty gross.)

What do i need to play the Videos off this rpgamer site? The Video is From Lunar silver star story...

Quicktime for the MOV files. AVI files should be playable by windows media player.

"This world is made of PEACE AND LOVE! PEACE AND LOVE! Say it with me!" Vash the Stampede rules. But does he really need to have two nicknames or is 'the Stampede' his last name?


It's "LOVE and PEACE!" Or, if you like it subbed, "RABBU AND PISSU!!" He's Vash the Stampede. Like "Billy the Kid". A lot of us have two nicknames. Google says, in highschool, s/he was called both "Buttmunch" and "Fartknocker". Wild, huh?
Hey! Blue Roses! My friend flipped when she saw the title of the column. It's from Glass Menagerie, right? Do you give tildes?

Ummm. I have no idea what you're talking about. I thought.....AHHH! Put down the gun Tennessee AHHHHHHHHHH! *bang*

"I thought the in-battle sprites were surprisingly well rendered."

Bad kitty. Sprites aren't rendered. Sprites are drawn. MODELS are rendered.

Tennesee Williams:
So, the fool not only steals my symbols, but he's an idiot as well. Chris, you zitbrain! Oh wait. I shot you. Now you cannot hear my taunting. Muha ha ha.

Pleurosis Anyone?

The Last Laugh:

I, Tennessee Williams, am having the last laugh! I invented "Blue Roses". It was poor, poor, Laura Wingfield's nickname back in high school. She was called that by the boorish and insensitive Jim O'Connor. (He misunderstood the word "Pleurosis" for "Blue Roses".) It was ironic, because Blue Roses do not exist in the real world(A short while ago, botanists did create blue roses however). Just as Blue Roses don't exist in the real world, neither could Laura exist in the real world of "Genlteman Callers". The breaking of the Glass Menagerie was a symbol of her imaginary world shattering. Some people claim that Laura was based on my real sister, Rose. That is my secret! I shall not tell you! Muha ha haa haaaaaaaaaaa!

Write Googleshng tomorrow. Send him all your pretty letters. Perhaps if Chesh is alive next week, he may answer your questions. Ah hahahahahah!

Tennessee "I really like Sailor Moon." Williams

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