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Chris Martin - February 9th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Being a writer means testing your creative limits. Hence, I'll see what it's like writing the column without any pants on. I'm not sure, specifically, how this will affect the creative process, but I'm sure it'll create drastic changes in my prose style.
In other non-trouser related news, Neverwinter Nights has finally, sorta, maybe been given a release date: this summer. Judging by the absolute sloth-like pace with which I complete games, I should just be getting around to finally finishing Throne of Bhaal.
Let's take a look at your letters...

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Arc de Triumph

Sup Chesh

Hey, I'm a really big Working Designs fan, and love the LUNAR series. Now, I'm sure you've heard of a neat little thing called the Arc the Lad Collection, but the question is: From what you've heard about it, would it really be worth dropping somewhere around $70 for it? I know it's four different games, and they do look somewhat interesting, and not just that but WD always has those nice little goodies to go along with the games.....but I've got a somewhat large list of things to buy in a small period of time. I don't want to waste my money. What'chya say?

Master Margie
"I haven't seen something this weird since the pub in Larpa had a dwarf-tossing contest." -Ronfar, LUNAR 2

Cheshire Catalyst:
Arc the Lad certainly has a lot going for it. It sounds like not a bad deal, 4 games for $70. I have mad faith in Working Designs thanks to the Lunar series. Though I plan on waiting for a review with everyone else, I'd be pretty surprised if Working Designs gave us anything less than good.
Also, you can buy the Arc the Lad anime from ADV Films. Get this: it's a show based on a video game... and it (allegedly) doesn't suck! This is unusually good due to the high suckage factor of the video game - anime transfer. ("Tekken", for example, is horrible. Even "Final Fantasy Unlimited" is pretty crappy from most accounts.)

Chat rooms and IRC clients are abuzz. Who will be the next silent protagonist?

Ok, I heard that Square has trademarked the name "Chrono Break," which is very likely to be the third installment in the "Chrono" series. I dont know if you heard anything about this yet, but you can verify it at I dont know how reliable this source is, so please, nobody go proclaiming to the world that "Chrono 3" is coming out! Now, my question is if Square is indeed making it, do YOU believe square will release it by the end of the year? Which platform would you want to see it on? Personally, I hope it arrives on the Cube. Anyway, thanks in advance.

Cheshire Catalyst:
Trademarking names is usually one of the first steps in production. (Remember the buzz back, years before "Episode 1", LucasArts trademarked names like "Darth Maul" and "Padme Amidala"?)
My money's on the PS2. Also, I doubt that the game will be released in Japan by the end of the year, let alone a stateside release.

This is...Kos...Mos!

Hey Chesh!

Remember me?

CC: Remember? How could I forget. The shock of returning to my hometown to find it burnt to ashes and the heart-wrenching despair of finding my family slaughtered. Ten years. TEN YEARS I've trained to defeat you. Now, you shall taste of the justice you so sorely deserve. But enough talk.... HAVE AT YOU!

That's ok, sometimes I forget who I am as well.......

CC: Oops, my bad. Thought you were Vanna White for a second there. Let's *ahem* get on with it.
anyway, on to the questions:

1. I was recently drooling over some of the xenosaga videos. Also recently, I was driving down the road listening to the xenogears soundtrack. This leads to only one possible question: is Yatsunori Mitsuda doing the soundtrack to Xenosaga as well?

2. Ok, the whole Xenosaga idea is at least 5 episodes long, meaning at least 5 games long. So, what happens if episode 1 and/or 2 get horrible sales because they really aren't that good (suppose the developer rushes the game out without first refining it or something like that)?

3. Have you seen Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust? Personally, I thought it was quite good. It was strange, though, because it blended more American culture into it than I'm used to in anime. I think that about wraps it up, thanks for you time. Paco "If our founding fathers could have looked forward to this day to see us in all our splendor...I doubt the would have even bothered to get out of bed."

Cheshire Catalyst:
1. Yes sir, he is. It's much better news than the rumor that it was all gonna be done by Jimmy Buffet.
2. Actually, Perfect Works projects six episodes. If they run out of money? Eh, maybe someone else will pick up the liscense, or maybe we'll all just be screwed. Wait, and see.
3. Haven't seen it. I did spend the evening watching Utena, Jubei-chan, Nadesico, and Gasaraki at anime cub. (There's a real "Chicks with swords" thing going on...)


That quote is from the game developer's ending of Chrono Trigger. I don't recall the developer's name, but he had the androgenous mage Flea to deliver this line, which is appropriate, I guess.

--Luke Ritchie

You win the tilde ~. Congraturation.

Greetings (Mr. T pities) Chesh-foo'
I have to ask on which anime and RPG characters would be the strangest participating in winter Olympic events.
Imperial Mog

Cloud and Squall compete for the 100 yard ellipsis.

The Last Laugh:

The pantsless experience was invigorating, if not for the fact that it frightened the neighbors and their cat.
Write, send, submit, and we'll talk. Later.
Extra! Extra!

Kudos to Mistake for submitting the link to one of the best RPGs ever made.

chesh "Why not? I don't have anything to lose but my life. . .and I got that for free!"

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