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Chris Martin- February 4th '01- 12:00 Eastern Standard Time

I've got a mid-term tomorrow. I've been studying like crazy this weekend. I don't think I spoke 10 words yesterday, actually. It's really creepy.

Someone will host tomorrow. Google will be back next week.

Ok, column, then I study more.

Look out behind you!
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Ha ha. Gotcha.
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Como se díce?
In the PC:
The Longest Journey
It froze. Now I have to play the Mearum village puzzle over again. Grr.
In the PlayStation:
Google, what did you get? (The flu, it seems.)
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How do you wanna live? (Hint: unless you're Amish, pick #2.)
Watch out, sucka! FF9 spoiler!
Handy Game Shark Codes
Hey Chesh,

There's this cool little secret I know in FFT, but I'm not sure if many other people know about it. It's a Game Shark/Action Replay code that lets you fight each other (and it's legal!) on whatever battlefield you wish, plus some extras that haven't been seen. It's a neat little secret, and something to do when you start to get bored of the game. Just put in the code D0198090-0000 80198090-0006 and start the game. When on the world map, open the menu and you notice the cursor is below the window. Confirm that choice, and you'll see a number on the right with 3 digits. Pick a number from 001 to 200 (though some of the last numbers are glitches). After picking a number, this will direct you to the battle set-up. It'll ask you to put 4 members of your party on each side. The first 4 are the enemies, the next 4 are the good guys. Then the battle will start with whatever number stage you picked, and then you get to kill each other! It's really fun when you and a friend make your own parties, and fight each other to see who's the better team. And also, there are some stages you can play on that you couldn't before. Try numbers 000-020. And like I said, there are stages that were never meant to be seen for some reason. So find them and have fun!

Hope this made some sense to you. Just thought I'd like to share this with others (if you post this). And if you already knew this secret, you just wasted a minute of your life! You could've gone to the kitchen to put a mini-pizza in the microwave!! You need to learn to manage your time wisely....... shame on you....... ok, I'm done, hehe.

-Red Swoon

Cheshire Catalyst:
That sounds ultra-super keen, RS. But what I want is FFT ported to the PC with online multiplayer play, revised script, and more character classes. Oh, and a sequel.

Son Crono?
Greetings Chem Kitty and fellow college student extraordinare

I have an interesting question that has probably been answered many times but here goes. I was watching the anime scenes for CT yesterday and came to startling realization... the character animations look a hell of a lot like DBZ characters. I mean look at this list and tell me that I am not seeing this....

Crono: Spike hair, stupid little smile... Goku
Marle: Hair set back, the same stupid little (not that its not cute or anything)... ChiChi
Ayla: Big Poofy Hair, do I need to keep bringing up the smile... Bulma in her Frieza style hair
Lucca: Long Hair, take away the glasses and make the hair the right color... Bulma in her Android style hair
Magus: The teeth, The ears... Piccolo
Frog/Glenn: (Ok this one I'll admit is stretching it) The specific spiking to the hair and the build... Yamacha

Is it just me or does anyone else see this. Maybe I just need to be carted of to the looney bin. Oh well.

Christopher Good

Cheshire Catalyst:
Don't check into Nurse Ratchet's bed and breakfast yet, buddy. Chrono Trigger and Dragonball have the same character designer. Akira Toriyama. Your list points out some of the more obvious ones. Actually, Frog has the same face as the Captain Ginyu frog. (what with the whiskers)
The Mystic "Imps" or Medina village look an awful lot like Garlic Jr. In the anime cut-scenes, Melchior has on King Kai (Kaio-sama for the purists) sunglasses.

Fall, Creature, and feed the earth!


I'm at the end of FFIX and for some reason, I can't beat Tiamat. Every time I go into battle against him, he wipes out my party within five seconds with some spell that's similar to mustard bomb. I tried checking some FAQs, but they don't mention it at all. Is there an ability or something that I don't have that could prevent this?


-Carolyn Chen-
"Mutant Lobster+Ed+Sweet Bean Paste Bun=Instant Comedy"

Professor Cranium:

Tiamat possesses 59,494 HP. This creature also has 3,381 MP. The loathesome beast is weak against Ice magic, and is a Dragon-class creature. USe Ice magic, or use the skill "dragon slayer" you insolent fool. Also, there is a 1 in 256 chance that you can steal a "Grand Helm" from the beast. Naturally, this probability would narrow if you equip skills like "Bandit" or the item "Thieves Gloves". Also, it might be a longshot for such a petulant mortal such as yourself, try to put the dragon to sleep or silence it. "Slow" also works.

Now, go and claim victory! Then cease playing your infantile video games and do some hard science. Five thousand mathematical proofs sound about right.

Ok, enough Lunar 2 for today.

All the stuff lately about Sega dropping out of the hardware business and developing as a third party is interesting, but have they mentioned what will happen to SegaNet?

I'm seriously considering getting PSO soon, and the main thing holding me back is that I'm afraid I'll be buying a primarily online game that won't be able to take advantage of its online component for very long. Since by most accounts the offline play is sort of weak, will the online be supported indefinitely, or will it fizzle out when Sega's support for the DC does?

Mud Pepper

Cheshire Catalyst:
We don't think SegaNet will be going anywhere for a while. I honestly don't think Sega would close off SegaNet just because they've left the hardware biz.

Another PSO letter.
(Extremely minor spoilers, if such a thing exists in a game without a story.)

PSO is great... but some of the single player quests are somewhat ridiculous. The one that sticks out in my mind forces the player to go through all three levels of the Cave to find a Cake shop. Bring the cake back, mission complete. I spent an hour or two crawling through the caves for a fricken cake! The other one that was a lot less annoying, but equally pointless is the quest where you have to get some woman's husband to stop buying weapons.

Also, the censorship in multiplayer is terrible. I can understand some of the more offensive words being censored... but... Damn? Ass? Those are early morning cartoon show words now-a-days! And besides, it's a T rated game.

Beyond all that, I haven't had this much fun since Secret of Mana.

Ari "Weapon-Fetish?!"

PSO: Jedica, Jennyfyre (Yup... broke down and bought a second VMU for this one)

Cheshire Catalyst:
Censorship does suck. But what can I say? In the states, we still love operating under the illusion that video games and animation are just for the kids. I sincerely hope the scene in FF7 where Muki teaches Cloud all about real love is a wake up call for America. ;)

It came from beyond the grave!!!!!

Hi, I thought I'd just poke my head out of the abyss to set some minds at ease, and prove I didn't die or quit or anything.

For those of you disillusioned from Phantasy Star Online due to the lack of broadband support, I have good news for you. PSO does indeed work just fine and dandy with the BBA, the catch is just that it has no built in way to set it up. However, if you just rent or borrow a game that officially has broadband support, you can configure your DC with that (oddly enough you can even use the Japanese version of PSO) then you're all set! At least if you use @home I know you're set, it might not work with some broadband providers, but hey, Sega has a pretty lenient return policy, so it's worth a shot.

P.S. I'll probably post a rant some time this weekend.

- Googleshng

Cheshire Catalyst:
I didn't write Google. Google's "danger-sense" must have picked up your broadband woes. He crawled out of bed, puking and oozing noxious fluids, and sent this email. I hope she feels better. So sad. :(


Someone else that agrees with me that Shampoo is hot.


Shampoo is hot. Way better looking than Ukyo. (Unless her spatula collection turns you on, in an S&M way) Evil anime women are just... too sexy.
Hey CC,

The Masked Mystere wasn't actually calling you a lady but rather was making a Simpsons reference. Remember the episode where Bart has lazy-eye and needs to get glasses then gets a whole bunch of other nerdy additions? That's what he says to the woman who give him throat spray. If you were a true Simpsons fan (ie. one with no life) you'd have noticed that.


That's odd. I can usually remember useless crap like that. When it comes to pointless stuff like Simpsons quotes or Anime, I have an IQ of 300. (Which, incidentally, is Sailor Mercury's IQ.) Sweet God, I did it again!!! Make the suffering END!
Best Front Mission 3 line:

"Enough talk! Let's spank his panties!"

Haha. Panties.
Hey Chris,
I know this is a weird question, but where did you grow up? I only ask this because in your last column you mention an argument about nintendo and sega with your friend Rich. Well i have a brother named Rich who grew up with a friend Chris Martin, and i know for a fact they used to bicker about stuff like that. Thanks.

I grew up in a little town called, "Uniontown." in the state of Pennsylvania. The Rich I'm talking about didn't have a brother. Freaky story though.

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The Last Laugh:

Whenever I finish these columns, I'm all tuckered out. Anyway, tune in tomorrow for more fun and frolic in the world of RPGs.

Chesh"You're a filthy woman now!"

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