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Chris Martin - February 3rd '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Tomorrow, I'll be taking advantage of Chicago's prestige, and go and see Metropolis in theaters. Anime movies about future dystopian cities are this cat's meow, and assuming I don't get shot by the dentist/terrorists tonight in my dreams, I'll be leaving tomorrow morning for it.

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The FIRE FIEND will burn everything up!

As if you expected it to do anything else...

Let's have music time...

Hi i'm Keyes italian composer of film music
I've written a song titled "Lord of the rings" obviously inspired by the reading of the works of Tolkien...
You can listen to it for free at .
It is stable on the top 40 chart of film music of from a lot of weeks...I write too music expecially to use as background in role playng games sessions, you cn find mp3 of them in thesame site
Let me know what you think about it , if you have a site you can put a link to it... all the best

Cheshire Catalyst:
I got this in a forward from Mr. Justin Weiss (AKA "The Vortex", AAKA, "The emperor of news updates"). Pay a visit to and have yourself a listen.

Xenosaga, Xenogears, Xenostory, Xenocross, Xenophile, and Xenophobia.

Ooh, I know this one! It's from the ending of FF9. I think someone says it in that play. Anyway, I have a question:

I'm not sure if anyone's asked this before, but I'm in a slight dilemma. I've read that Xenogears is going to be remade for the PS2, after the release of Chapters 1-4. Normally, I'd buy Xenogears now, but there's a chance the remake will be so good it'll blow the PS1 version away. There's no chance of me buying both versions, since I rarely play through an RPG more than once, especially if it's 80 hours long. So, do you think I should buy Xenogears now and be able to more fully appreciate Xenosaga, or should I wait until the remake comes out and experience the series in the proper order?

BL Alien

Cheshire Catalyst:
It's looking like Xenogears is going to recieve a much needed makeover. I wouldn't take this as a sure thing, however. Xenosaga Part 4 might close out with dissapointing sales figures.. (a distinct possiblity, since it doesn't have "Final" or "Ph/Fantasy" in the title.) and Monolith might just decide to simply repackage Xenogears (presuming they have the rights...) Making a game costs money, and some people may not be too keen on playing a prettier version of a game they've already beaten.
In short, the Xenogears remake isn't set in stone. You might as well grab a copy on the cheap now, and thus be able to get all of the references made in Xenosaga.

It's like some horrible fanfiction come to life.

Checking through RPGamer's screenshots and seeing all of the reappearing FF characters, then checking around and seeing a screenshot of Cloud (in a black cape, interestingly) at another site, I have to wonder if Kingdom Hearts is going to end up being a weird collaboration of Final Fantasy schtuff the way Final Fantasy Tactics sorta was. If so (and here's where the question comes in), would Kingdom Hearts be included in the Final Fantasy series? Could it even be in a kind of Final Fantasy continuity? Or is it just a spin-off, like Chocobo Racing or Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon?

That's all.
Matthew Aldrich

Cheshire Catalyst:
The final fantasy "elements" added to the game are likely bait to lure in fans of the series. Big companies do this all of the time, most often in the TV industry. Ever hear of "sweeps week"? That's when stars of a successful show do cameo appearances on less popular shows to boost their ratings. It's like, "Michael Douglas will be guest host on a very special episode of "The Chair?" Let's watch!
Square's done this before, like when the gameboy Seiken Densetsu games for the game boy were renamed "Final Fantasy Legend" just so they'd sell.

And it wouldn't be a complete column without sex jokes.

Hola gato
I think I've found the purrrfect game for you!

Capcom is releasing Black Black for the Gameboy in Japan. The description in Rpgamer's games section lists:

"...the game dispenses with the standard experience and level gaining system of tradional RPGs and requires you to strategically mate with your teamates inorder to grow stronger..."


I can picture it now: Chesh and the lovely white mage. In order to battle evil....

Chesh makes out with white mage

(audio: )

Level Up!!

Now, if they would only port it to north america

hasta luego

Cheshire Catalyst:
I think they need to invent the Nobel Prize in Gaming specifically for things like this.

Thanks to Rikku's customize ability, my dildo has "HP+20%", "Waterstrike", "Sensor", and or course "Piercing".


Oh, come on, can't make 'em any harder? FFIX. I think it was during the play, but I'm not sure.

For the revolution of the world!

Everyone and their mother knew the answer to this one. Sean here was the first to email it in correctly. So ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ to all ya'll.

If you had materia what would it be?

Candy materia. For 16 mp, I could give anything I wanted a delicious candy coating. Not only would it make brussels sprouts taste good, but it would also be an incredibly disturbing way to murder somebody.

Hi Chesh,

Got a simple question. "I wonder" (tribute to Imperial Mog), where are good places online to buy video game soundtracks? I can't seem to find any. Being that most of them are in Japanese and aren't easily available at the Best Buy... If you don't know any, I will maybe ask Google or something. TY :) has a fair amount of stuff in stock. It's a little overpriced though. Hell, I'll just plug the best lil' anime store in Pennsylvania.

They have some of your more popular video game soundtracks, for a pretty decent price.

I was thinking about ff10 is there a world map just like ff7and can u wonder around and get into battles.

FFX is the first Final Fantasy to have done away with the large "Overworld" map that allows characters to walk from miniature town to miniature town while getting into various random battles. Yes, it's different. No, that doesn't take away from the experience.

The Last Laugh:

If you do anything mean to Aegis, Uncle Ben will jump off of his box and devour your soul.

chesh "Ever since I started growing out my hair I've been getting a lot of attention...from guys!"

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