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Chris Martin - February 2nd '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Happy 02/02/02, everybody! Enjoy it. A day like this won't come around again until March 3rd, 2003 (assuming we haven't all moved to the super-moon colonies that we'll be living in by that time.)

Have you ever had a dream right before you wake up, and when you wake up you think you're still in the dream, just for a little while? (Hint: Combine this with a nocturnal emission for an especially lethal combo.)
I had that sort of dream last night. (The one you think you're still in, not... you know) I dreamt I was Solid Snake and I was sneaking around inside a dentist's office and picking people off with the M9. (Tranq gun.) While I'm doung this, some Indian kid stabs me with one of my own darts. (It should be noted that said kid was from India, not Native-American Indian. Also, he wasn't wearing a turban or anything like that. I take pride my dreams for not underrepresenting minorites like that, I suppose.)
Anyway, I'm like "You jerk!" but the drug starts to take effect. I realize that if I want to survive, I'd better hide myself before I pass out. So I crawl into a small room, and huddle up in a corner.
Then, I wake up. I look at my alarm clock (9:01 am. Class @ 10) I think, "Holy crap! I've been hit with animal tranquilizer! I better lie down! Fortunatly, I realized at about 9:30 what an idiot I was being.

Well, that'll have to suffice for my self-depriciating story for today, (unless you wanna hear about how I fell on my ass outside on the ice?) Column tiempo.

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A letter from Mr. FanFic

I'd like to ask all English and European RPG players to make their voices heard about the piece of news above. Sony have effectively made importing illegal, and coupled with their long history of not releasing games in the EU, and when games /are/ released, those games being released 8 months later than the US, this effectively stonewalls European gamers getting their hands on any new releases.

There is no reason for this injunction, nor is there any sense. It matters very little whether Sony US or Sony UK get the money from the game. It matters very little what country the games are played in. While stopping pirates is a noble goal, all well and worthy, this bullheaded approach towards anyone who even tries to get a game that Sony has deigned to refuse them domestically is an affront and should be reversed.

In addition, I know multiple games stores in England who depend on imports for the bulk of their trade. One of them is my favorite store in England - without it I wouldn't even own a large proportion of my domestic games.

Do whatever it takes to make your voice heard, and spread the word. Tell your friends, tell local game stores, tell other major sites. Boycott Sony, demand they either reverse the injunction or release RPGs promptly and regularly.

Thank you.

(The views in this post are those of TSG alone, and should not be considered the views of RPGamer as a whole.)

Cheshire Catalyst:
Chalk another one up to the archive of retarded litigation. It's an important issue, and one that requires a measured and rational response.
So, who's up for spray-painting "The Queen bites" on the side of the parlament building?

Gimme some of that old-tyme Religion PSone


Im an avid RPG player but, unfortunatley, i still have a PS1. I would like to know what are the best RPGs for the old PS1. Like I said, im an avid player so I have played alot of games or at least seen them played. If you could help me out this would be great.


Cheshire Catalyst:
Recently, Saiyuki and Hoshigami have made for worthy additions to the PSOne library. (If you're into that whole TRPG thang.) FFVII-FFIX are "instant classics." (WARNING: Host has used review cliché #262!) Xenogears is perfect if you're in the mood to have a bucket of religious symbolism dumped on your head, and read more text than Ulysses...


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The Last Laugh:

The pickings were slim, and it's late. Column's done, here's a quote, hasta manana.

chesh "No cloud, no squall shall hinder us."

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