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Chris Martin- January 29th '01- 12:00 Eastern Standard Time

Half-Life is an awesome game. I'm borrowing my roommates copy. The monsters that hang on the ceiling and let their tongues hang down like ropes are downright freaky. The hero looks a little dorky though, with those fat, black, perscription glasses.

I'm feeling a lot better today, thanks. Goodbye Sprite and Crackers! Hello Coke and Potato Chips!

Yeah, it's the major shift back to normal now, folks.

Speaking of abnormal, it's guest-host week this week! Aegis, The Vortex, Chimerasame, and more will be here for Q&A madness! It's the sweeps week of

Aegis will be here tomorrow. He currently updates the RPGuides section of RPGamer, where he's in charge of posting new and updated FAQs, walkthroughs, and the like. He should be able to provide good information on questions about the original Phantasy Star, nearly all of the big name SNES RPGs, Legend of Mana, Final Fantasy 7, the first 2.64 discs of Final Fantasy 9, the import version of Phantasy Star Online, and Samba de Amigo.(Especially "Samba de Amigo". Send him some questions, and you'll make him happy.)

He promises to provide "not necessarily great but possibly helpful and at least humorous info on questions over most any other games." He's so modest. Ain't it cute?

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I love pistols.
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Ninjas rule.

So do giant robots.

You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
Memory Card Madness.
Dear (to use the Capcom abbreviation system) Cheshire.C

About a month ago, as I was getting ready to finish Mt. Gulug in FF9, my memory card suspiciously crapped out on me and erased everything. Needless to say, I was pissed (I had 30 hours in FF9 and probably 80-90 on CC with all the characters saved except Pierre).

What's worse, is yesterday, it crapped out on me AGAIN, as I was getting to Esto Gaza. I trashed the card (which was one of those third-party doodads), but I have to wonder: since it happened around roughly the same spot (30 hours in), do you think it was in the card or (gasp) a glitch in the game? By the way, I think the actual erasing was done when I did the L+R+Select+Start reset thing. Have you heard about anything like this before?

By the way, since I horribly mutilated the thing (crushing it with rocks and whatnot), I'm gonna have to get a new one anyway. Would it matter whether I got a first-party card or not?

Here's a tanka for you!

In Tenchi Muyo,
I hope there aren't Ranma-like
Nippleless boobies.
I know there is nudity.
Crud, my parents don't approve.

Cranium "Hey, you forgot your hidden messages"

Cheshire Catalyst:
I've heard dozens of complaints from friends and readers alike concerning non-Sony Memory cards. Namely, the "free" one that came with FFIX and the Strategy guide. I have a little Lara Croft memory card, and she hasn't broken yet. Try getting a first-party card, or something manufactured by Sony. "They're called 'Hidden' for a reason."

Bombarding you with useless information since 1876...

Okay, here goes, all of the equipment for Lunar 1 are as follows:

Swords: Dagger-Basic Pointed Weapon, Short Sword-Adventure's blade, Long Sword-Lenght DOES matter, Broad Sword-Wide and wicked, Saber-Dueling sword, Ice Blade-Chilly cleaver, Silver Sword-Shiny stabber, Samurai Blade-Hari-kari made easy, Flame Sword-Forged in fire, Bastard Sword-Long battle sword, Great Sword-Really good weapon, Wind Sword-Blows enemies away, Crystal Sword-Shimmering Sword, Dark Sword-Blade O' Evil, Master Sword-Swordsman's weapon, Insane Sword-Cuts like crazy, Althena's Sword-Dragonmaster's blade. Flails/Maces: Mace-Iron club, Flail-Whip it good, Ice Mace-Freezing staff, Water Mace-Moist magic, Judgment Mace-Lest ye be judged, Holy Mace-Healing staff, Dark Mace-Wicked magic. Bows: Sling-Throws stones, Poison Darts-Pointy projectiles, Small Bow-For archers on a budget, Battle Bow-Arrow-flinging device, Stone Bow-Rock-solid aiming, Holy Bow-Death from above, Pixie's Bow-Prarie Tribe weapon, Dream Bow-An enemies nightmare, Starlight Bow-Glows white and warm. Canes: Fortune Cane-Good luck to carry it, Water Cane-Splash magic, Fire Cane-Casts fireballs, Dream Cane-REM rod, Ice Cane-Ice is nice, Ethereal Cane-Spiritual staff, Sage's Cane-Wise Walking-stick, Wind Cane-Conjures gusts, Dragon Cane-Powerful bite. Armor: Peasant Clothes-Everyday apparel, Heavey Clothes-Bad-weather workwear, Leather Clothes-kinky, yet comfy, Leather Armor-Reinforced rawhide, Iron Armor-Fortified metal, Chain Mail-Linked armor, Steel Mail-Stainless and shiny, Holy Armor-Stronger than prayers, Silver Armor-Light and strong, Carapace Armor-Prairie Tribe armor, Dark Armor-Evil protection, Insane Armor-Maddening metal, Dragon Armor-Dragonmaster's armor, Cool Clothes-Priestly formalwear, Purity Clothes-Washed in holy water, Sage's Clothes-Cerimonial robe, Radience Clothes-Sacred Robe, Saint Clothes-The fabric of our lives, Holy Clothes-Althena's fave fabric!, Robe-Thick cloth wear, Magic Robe-Magically delicious, Sorcerer's Robe-Magic Guild attire, Intelligent Robe-Smart-looking garment, Saint's Robe-Delightful duds, Wisdom Robe-Knit with knowledge, Spirit Robe-Sewed by sorcerers, Sage's Robe-Wise man's outfit, Holy Robe-Blessedly informal, Aegis Robe-Imbued with magic. Shields: Garbage Can Lid-Almost a shield, Wooden Shield-Lumbering defense, Iron Shield-Heavy and easily dented, Silver Shield-Better than gold, Steel Shield-Deflects damage well, Holy Shield-Holy, not hole-y, Dark shield-Dusky defense, Insane Shield-Legendary protection, Dragon Shield-Dragonmaster's shield. Wristbands: Iron Braclet-Heavy gauntlet, Silver Bracelet-Shiny wrist-wrap, White Bracelet-White is alright, Crystel Bracelet-NOT cubic zirconia, Jewel Braclet-Rainbow band, Star Bracelet-Heavenly hoop, Stone Bracelet-Rolling wrist-ring, Iron Armlet-Wrist gaurd, Steel Armlet-Wrist reflector, Silver Armlet-Steling shielding, Crystel Armlet-Shimmering band, Rainbow Armlet-A circle of color, Dragon Armlet-Beastly bracelet, Hell Armlet-Repels evil magic, Fire Armlet-Brighter than sunlight, Wind Armlet-Bracing bracelet, Detonator Armlet-Althena's Armlet, Spook Armlet-Don't be afraid. Headgear: Scarf-Silky, soft and warm, Hat-Orange chinchilla fur, Headband-Keeps forehead dry, Iron Helmet-Solid skull shield, Steel Helmet-Absorbs noggin knocks, Holy Helmet-Heavenly head-holder, Dark Helmet-Black brain-bucket, Insane Halmet-Crazy cranium can, Dragon Helmet-Dragonmaster's helmet, Bandanna-Lassos long locks, Fruity Bandanna-VERY colorful attire, Spirit Bandanna-Spiritual and silky, Lucky Bandanna-Do you feel lucky, punk?, Dragon Bandanna-A lovely length of linen, Holly Bandanna-Boosts wearer's magic, Jade Hairpin-For ladies only, Rainbow Tiara-Colorful crown, Ruby Tiara-Encrusted with gems, Fire Tiara-Flaming headpiece, Spook Hairpin-Hairy-scary, Holy Hairpin-Sacred scrunchie, Phantom Ribbon-Haunted headpiece.

*sigh* Yes I have no life and if I ever do anything like that again I'll ask someone to shoot me. Thank you for your time and attention.

Jamie "Gods! Why did I do that?!" Harper >8^()

Cheshire Catalyst:
That's a disturbing amount of information. Jamie knows more about LUNAR than I know about donuts. And baby, I know donuts.

Once again! Cheshire Catalyst's Opinion! Da-na. DA DA!

Yo Chesh!

Uhh...I think I have come down with something too. Blehhh. Anywho, I have a couple of questions as far as purchasing a new game...I'm in the mood for a nice, new game on either PSX or Dreamcast. I am especially interested in Breath of Fire IV, (LOVED BoF3!) Misadventures of Tronne Bonne, Mega Man Legends 2 and RPG Maker for the PSX. As for the Dreamcast, Grandia 2, Skies of Arcadia, (not sure if I'd like it) and Jet Grind Radio have caught my attention. I like RPGs where random battles, if they are random, are few and far between and there are alot of neat activites to do, and there's an innovative storyline, lots of freedom, and cool characters. (Some of my favorites include Star Ocean: The Second Story, Thousand Arms, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, Xenogears, and Azure Dreams as far as these aspects go) I loved the battle system in Star Ocean 2- I actually enjoyed battles in that one. So, any suggestions? Thanks and get well soon.

-Rinoa the "Whopper in the Milk Duds" Resistance Fighter

P.S. Did you hear about the glow-in-the-dark monkeys they made through genetic engineering? Apparently they intermixed the genes of some kind of jellyfish with a chimp's. Weird, huh?

Cheshire Catalyst:
Google will ooze up my noze and dissolve my brain if I don't endorse SoA a bit. It's definetly a favorite of the RPGamer staff as a whole. I've never played it though. You might want to pick up Grandia 2 is Star Ocean's combat made you happy. Jet Grind Radio looks like a lot of fun. It's a game about kids commiting vandalism! And they're in street gangs! Looks like a shoe-in for the "700 Club's choice for the game that is perverting our children the most" award.

Why no hidden text? I guess I'll let it slide since you are sick. Get better!

There's a reason it's called 'hidden text.' Muha ha ha.

there is a very good reason why fan fic was not updated this week.

thursday evening, when attempting to install a hard drive for a friend of mine, I broke my finger against the side of the cd rom case.

give me a week or so to figure out how to use the mouse without my right index finger, and we'll be good to go.


No fan-fiction posted this week. So sad. So many good stories that will remain in limbo for a week. Well, a bunch of good stories, and some..."crossovers" (shudder)

How's it going, Angry Cat Scientist-kun?

That voice in my head that provides me with stimuli when I'm bored was wondering what your favorite Weird Al song(s) were. My personal fav's are Phony Calls, Pretty Fly for a Rabbi, and any of the Star Wars songs. Actually, they're all pretty good. Have you heard Polkamon? I have, otherwise, I wouldn't have mentioned it. Ok, I spent a long time thinking up a good question, so I'll quit while I'm ahead. Goodbye!

BL Alien

I grew uplistening to Wierd Al music. The polka-mixes are all awesome. Some personal favorites from right off the top of my head are, "Nature Trail to Hell.", "UHF", "Pretty Fly for a Rabbi.", and "Smells like Nirvana".

Thermal Expansion. How embarrassing.

The Last Laugh:

One final note from Aegis.

"I'd like to encourage questions/small discussion over the upcoming Japanese launch of Game Boy Advance, the releases of the GameCube and the Xbox this fall, the whole Sega games on PS2/GBA/etc. situation, and any other hardware/industry-related topics." Send Aegis your love, folks! I'm out of here. This weekend of ill-health has left me exhausted. Good-freakin'-night.

Chesh"The Tired Cat"

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