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Chris Martin- January 28th '01- 12:00 Eastern Standard Time

Feeling a bit less diseased today. My head is killing me, and my throat is sore, though I do feel a tetch better. That just means I still have to eat crackers and Sprite or I'll puke. You won't fool me, occasional feelings of good health!

As I may have mentioned, I'm a comic book junkie. I'm pleased as punch to find out that, this fall, Toonami will be adding "The Justice League" to their lineup. Featuring: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and the Martian Manhunter. Read that roster again. No Aquaman, No Wonder Twins, and no Marvin, Wendy, and Goddamn Wonder Dog. It's being made for us nostalgia-obsessed teens and twenty-year-olds. Soon, everything will be marketed for the Seanbaby generation. It's only a matter of time. Dare I say it? Yes, I do. "Muha ha ha."

*ahem* Column.

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Assorted Nonsense

Ramza. He's a Monk with the "Two Swords" ability

200 damage per turn at level 20.

Not bad.
Lunar 2. Mega-EXP Goodness.

Sup Chesh-meister

This isn't really a question, but a response to Shinigami's letter and a comment for all the fellow LUNAR followers. There are two items/descriptions that always stick out in my mind:

Flail: Whip it Good! and
Dark Helmet: Absorbs Noggin Knocks

As for my comment, it's for anyone who has beaten the game and is in the epilogue. The absolute BEST place to level-up is back in the White Dragon Cave. Remember those pesky Chiro Mongrels that either attacked for 30DMG or ran away? Remember how you could only deal 1DMG to one per attack? Well, now you can fight them, and actually win (I was at level 52 when I did this).

Just unload all your strongest attacks on them (including Triple Blade and Catastrophe), and with a little luck you could kill one. Now that I'm done rambling on about what to do, here's why to do it: Each Chiro Mongrel gives you 33,333EXP and 11,111 Silver!!! Rack up those levels and buy a new wallet; the one you have won't be able to hold all the silver you'll get!!!

-Master Margie

Cheshire Catalyst:
Yes, the "Chiro Mongrel" trick. Excellent for building mad levels.

I'm a sucker for a damsel in distress.

Hey Cheshire!!!!

I have a MAJOR problem with Wild Arms 2. It seesm that during the first disk of the game, I overlooked whatever dungeon contained the world map. Now, I'm on the second disk and am trying to reach the Sleeping Volcano (I think that's waht it's called- Irving wants me to get a dragon. It's right after I took out the Nuclear Dragon), and every walkthrough I look at just tells me to "look at the green dots on Kanon's map." Well, they don't appear if you don't get the original world map. I'm stuck, I can't find a world map, and I can't find the volcano. Irving told me "head west from an observatory", but just saying that doesn't help because no one tells me the names of the observatories, so there might be just one but i wouldn't know because, like I said, I don't have a world map. Please, help me!!!! Please tell me if it's possible to get a world map, where it is, or could someone please tell me how to find the volcano? I will grant 1000 wishes to whoever does amd grovel at there feet!

Peace, love, Xenogears

Cheshire Catalyst:
Ok. I'd tell you, but... a) I haven't gotten that far in WA2, yet. and b) I have a huge headache.

Anyone want to help her out? I'll split the wishes with you.

Deja Vu All Over Again
FF9 Spoiler-Rama.

Hello all knowing kitty,

Is it just me or does parts of Final Fantasy IX reek strongly of Final Fantasy III? The whole scene at the end of disc 3 with your party talking to Garland. The whole scene gave me deja vu back to the end of FFVI. Remember when you confront Kefka? All that dialog in FFIX about "life is worth living" sounded just like that end scene in FFVI. Also when Kuja kicks Garland off the cliff, Floating Continent anyone? I was getting some hardcore deja vu all through the end of disc 3. I also remember having to get the Supersoft item. Was this supposed to be a parody of the rumor going around about Porom and Polom in FFIV? I heard a while ago that you could find the super rare supersoft and then you could un-stone them. I am not sure if it was supposed to be an allusion to that, but that is what it reminded me of. Just some of my weird thoughts on the subject of FFIX.

Shin "the super-intelligent shade of blue" Karasu

Cheshire Catalyst:
FFIX was a really good game. Its biggest drawback, however, was how incredibly derivative it was. The game had damn near zero originality. A bad thing? Well, yeah. You can't make a truly awesome game just by plugging everything into your "RPG Formula for success". Skies of Arcadia was a fresh, mostly original game that brought some really cool ideas to console gaming. FFIX was FFIV and FFVI's love child. In the end, FFIX outsold SoA big-time, and that's what matters to corporations like Squaresoft. (And Working Designs, and Konami, and Interplay, etc. etc.)


I was reading the FFX tidbits section, and I noticed he said about summons, "treated as idols and celebrities by normal folk"...does that mean, like, Bob Dylan could be a summon?

Not summon. "Summoners." People in the FFX world will revere those who can call forth (espers, eidolons etc.) as celebrities. Sounds kind of interesting.

Hey Chesh,
TNN is "The Nashville Network", hence TNN.
Question : I read somewhere that Xbox wil be compatable with the Dreamcast? Is this true?

Rumors were abound that the X-box would be able to play Dreamcast games. Everyone got excited. Everyone jumped the gun.

There's the link to Daily Radar's attempt to dispel the rumor. Thanks go out to Mistake for giving me the link.

Number of Hours spent playing Pokemon Gold : 153

Number of Pokemon caught, in above game : 250

Sleepless Nights spent awake trying to catch amount above : 4

Number of times gameshark used : 0

Getting published in the Quickie section by Cheshire Catalyst, for having the greatest RPG accomplishment of my life : Priceless

Eric "The Pokemon Master"

A winner is you. Now you're a pokémon master. Go beat the crap out of that snot, Ash, and we'll see about getting you a yacht and your own cadre of nude, female, contortionist, nymphomaniac ninjas.

This'll all be over in Sixty-Two seconds.

The Last Laugh:

Short column. I'm sick. Sorry. :P

Important notice though.

Mistress Nightshadow says that you should not reveal your identity in regards to the Editorials contest.(You can get disqualified, or even attacked by piranha) Also, tricking the sickly Q&A host into helping you isn't nice either. MN says that she let yesterday slide though.

One last thing. Maybe "Seanbaby Generation" doesn't suit you. "Sharkey Generation", "Thor Generation", and "Toastyfrog Generation" work too.

Chesh"The (still) Sick Cat"

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