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Chris Martin - January 19th '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It's the weekend again! Do you know what's so great about the weekend? Do you?

If so, please email me and tell me why I should be so blasted happy. Weekends are the perfect excuses for my professors to assign more homework than usual. Fortunatly, with the classes I'm taking, the reading is actually interesting. (King James's Daemonologie, for starters)

A quick recommendation; if you have the chance to see "Ghost World", do it. It's an awesome movie based on the best-selling graphic novel (or "comic book" for the counter-culturally illiterate) about two young women fresh out of high school. The protagonist spends her time wondering just what she'll do with the rest of her life in this insane world. A good flick, and worth your time.

That's enough from me, though. Time to answer questions.

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Saw the "Ah! My Goddess" Movie...

I give it a "B-"

Just another anime love story. Not bad, though.

RPGs for beginners. Also, "No Whammys!!!"

Okay, a few days ago I saw someone mention Lufia II as a great starting game for a new RPGer. Now, I agree whole-heartedly that Lufia II is a -{ NO QUESTION }- great game, but I don't know if it would be great for someone just starting out. I found some of the puzzles to be mind-numbingly difficult (like the one with the squares in the castle-tower right after you get Selan). Do you agree with me here, or was I just an idiot then (I know it's tempting to completey crap on me right here, but try to be honest =^> )?

Also, this is kinda venturing from the topic of RPGs, but hey, everyone does it so...I just recently watched that new "game show" The Chair on ABC. It's pretty cool, in some strange, perverted sense. I don't know what happened to the world, but I remember when a game show actually involved games, not just answering questions and/or keeping your heart rate down. Call me old-fashioned, but I'd take Press Your Luck or The Price Is Right over The Chair or Who Wants To Be a Millionaire any day. What are your thoughts on this? Mine are, "Oh well, at least we don't live in Japan, where their idea of a "game show" is strapping people onto a pole and launching dodge balls ain straight at their groin." And no, I'm not kidding; I saw a clip of it on a TV show once.

Master Margie
"I haven't seen something this weird since the pub in Larpa had a dwarf-tossing contest." -Ronfar, LUNAR 2

Cheshire Catalyst:
I liked Lufia 2. I think the reason that it would make a good "first RPG" is the fact that it hads a rather straightforward plot and design. I don't remember the puzzles as being that hard, though. FF: Mystic Quest was touted as an RPG for beginners thanks to its simple design. And while it wasn't the most orignal of games, it was an easy game to play. It might be good for acquainting people with the basic concepts of the console RPG: (Overworld, Shops, Inns, Random Battles, Boss Fights) And yes, I know the fights in FF:MQ weren't REALLY random, but the general idea is there.

When I was a kid, I loved game shows. Watched 'em every day. Loved pretending I was a game show host, too. $ale of the Century was a favorite of mine way back when too. But in regards to your comment, with the exception of "Let's make a deal" (which required contestants to dress up like escaped mental patients who had raided costume shops) "Press your luck" had the most insane contestants. On Jeopardy!, the contestants were always so calm... collected... But Press Your Luck?! In-freaking-sane. Big Bucks! Big Bucks! NO WHAMMIES!!!!!!! Then they'd hit a whammy. I loved it. Such was the dawn of my cruel sense of humor.

Finally, Japan has worse. One show, as I recall, featured a urinating contest... with women participating. How did it work, you ask? Remember the games on Double Dare where you had to fill the cup past the red line? Ok, it was something like that, only horribly wrong.

Again, my opinions are requested!

Hey Chesh,

I'm looking for some new RPG series to get into. I haven't tried out Grandia or Suikoden yet...what are your opinions on them? I'll probably rent them first, but I'd like to know what you think of them.

Also, to the guy who wrote about blitzball on the 13th...among the prizes that you get for playing, it's the only way Wakka will get new Overdrives. Punk. In Luca, get Wedge on your's the only way I ever win anything since I didn't learn the Jecht shot :(

Bullets McDeath

Cheshire Catalyst:
Grandia: Lighthearted, simple game. Fun. Grandia 2: Less light-hearted easy game. Fun, if not too easy. Suikoden 2: (I hear the original ain't too hot) Great storyline, engaging "main cast". Of the 108 characters, only about 10 go beyond the single dimension personality.

I like Blitzball. I'm doing alright with the original team. Tidus has a base shot level of 22, right now. I kinda let him take all the shots, though. (Certainly assures me the "Top Scorer" position)

Hoshigami combo platter

Hiya Mr. Kitty Cat again,
I've been experimenting... wait, let's rephrase to sound more scientific ^.^

I've been doing some testing with coin combos and found some REALLY great combos. None of these help your potency, but they make for some MAJOR boosts to area of effect, max casting points and casting points cost, along with a small bonus to RAP cost. Keep in mind, 25 AOE can occasionally be a bad thing, so no bitching if you screw up your favorite coins. And if you need to, just level up the coins, which I also now have combos for ^.^

Super Combos
Blue Coins:
Yellow + Spark
Force + Thunderclap
Red Coins:
Earth + Mistral
Wind + Land
Yellow Coins:
Ice + Thunderclap
Frost + Purple
Brown Coins:
Fire + Mistral
Purple Coins:
Frost + Yellow
Green Coins:
Fire + Land
Level Up Formulas!!!
Red: Land + Mistral
Brown: Fire + Wind
Yellow: Ice + Lightning
Green: Fire + Earth
Purple: Force + Ice
Blue: Thunderclap + (some yellow seal, not sure yet)

And by popular demand, Combos for Cure Coins!!!
Earth + Mistral
Russet + Lightning
Russet + Green

Whew, that's a lot of crap, ain't it? These really help when you get a good coin's POT up and you wanna take out an entire little squad of troops before they start charging you. Especially if you bring RAP down enough to cast the spell twice in one turn. Well, that's all for tongiht, if I can find some new combos, I'll send them in. By the way, does anyone know if you can get a manual for Bat Wing (Water Deity Lvl. 14)? I want to get the dark god for Fazz, but the water god sucks. Heeeeeeelp.


Cheshire Catalyst:
Yo no tengo Hoshigami, so little letters like this are a big help. If anyone knows the answer to Locke's question, send it in as a way of saying "Thanks for the handy coin guide."


Hey Chesh! Was that Vanderkaum I saw in those screenshots?!?!?! I wanna play Xenosaga...

Element - - - The beginning of that Geri Halliwell cover of 'It's raining men' sounds like the beginning of a battle in Final Fantasy VIII. I hate that friggin' song. Listen to Nonpoint instead.

Since Saga takes place several thousand years before "Gears", I honestly doubt it. Poor Vanderkaum. He sure loved his big, phallic guns, didn't he?

First, In CC, is there ANY benefit for making yourself get all the characters in spite of your hatered for certain unamed *coughLEENAcough* characters? Anything? I finally beat FF VII too... I've seen a lot of editorials about the ending but I was a good boy and stayed away. I must say that, although I realize that it really couldn't have anymore tacked on to the end, I was a little dissapointed. Maybe... something more in that last FMV (with Nanaki's people). how'd you like it, chesh? anyway, i know i had another question, but eh, ill remember tommorow

toodles Mr. Jim

I liked FFVII's ending. Yeah, a lot was left up to the interpretation on the viewer, but at least it didn't seem like anything was really missing.

Oh, and there's no bonus in Chrono Cross for collecting all of the characters except for the satisfaction that comes with collecting a group of personified stereotypes like that under one roof. CHA!

The Last Laugh:

That'll have to be it for tonight, kiddos. See ya'll tomorrow!

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