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Chris Martin- January 13th '01- 12:00 Eastern Standard Time

Three day weekend!

What's that you say? You have a question about a Role-Playing Game? Well send it in! Don't wallow about in your own ignorance like a Pig in the mud, write today! A world of knowledge awaits you!

Ha ha! Just kidding. It's more like just an island of knowledge. At best, a penninsula of knowledge.

Now. Stop playing "Burger Time" and read. This is going to be on the quiz.

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Baldur's Gate 2
Illithid! Be sure to pack some Bufferin.
The Longest Journey
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Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
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Final Fantasy IX
I finally beat you! A winner is me.
Assorted Nonsense

I beat FFIX.

The ending was cool.

Now to finish Lunar 2.

Let me say, first off, that I have to heartily agree with your lecherous comments about Garnet's butt (In Final Fantasy 9, of course, though it's sort of unnecessary to say so). I have never seen such attention to detail, such obvious loving care spent in rendering a rear.

Ahem... anyway...
I've been playing Final Fantasy 9 excessively, as you can probably tell, and especially enjoying Chocobo Hot and Cold. For some reason I find this game far more entertaining than Chocobo breeding in FF7. Your opinion? On the other hand, There's the card game. I detest the cardgame. In Final Fantasy 8 (Which I liked, even though I appear to be one of a dying breed), you were actually told how to play. This time, even after I went to all the effort to figure out how to play, it just doesn't seem worth it. Again, your opinion?

Well, I've rambled long enough, and I think I've just about run out of valid things to say (Like I had any of those to begin with), so later, Chesh!

-Crymsun"Later, Space Cowboy!"Wyrmz

Cheshire Catalyst:
Good to see I wasn't the only one who noticed the disturbing amount of detail that went into Dagger's heiny.

I liked Chocobo hot and cold more than FF7's system of going back and forth between the Gold Saucer and the Farm eight million times. Rushing around the lagoon and forest searching for chocographs got a little maddening though. A tetch too tedious for my taste, but I did enjoy searching the world map for treasure.

I didn't spend too much time playing either card game, but I thought FF9's was needlessly complicated. FF8's was fun, and took you a second to learn. FF9's was especially hard, considering the instruction book said "It's hard to explain how to play in so many words. Just play, and you'll get the hang of it!" Thanks. :P

RPGamer: Making Birthday Wishes Come True

Hey Chris! Today is my birthday! Print my letter! Yeah, and stuff.

Actually, I do have a question though. I was recently looking around on e-bay for no reason at all, and I started looking at the various videogames that people were selling. Lo and behold, some of them were selling for a LOT. Panzer Dragoon Saga, Shining Force III, and Chrono Trigger all had copies that were selling for over 100 dollars. Secret of Mana was selling for 60. I realize that e-bay probably isn't an authoritative resource for the value of rare games, so I was wondering if there was a resource that does list a large collection of games, the rarity of the games, and has a collector's pricing guide. Anything from a FAQ, to a website, to a book/manual would be of help.

The second part of my letter is a shameless plug for my website. I realize that if you do print this letter, you'll probably remove this part, but even then, I would appreciate it if at least you went to it. 2077 is a group of 3 kids, all highschool juniors, who try to bring humor and entertainment to the internet community. We are a completely non-profit organization, and have no advertisements. You can visit the site at

Thanks for your time,

Cheshire Catalyst:
Usually, you have to be a little dying boy or a hooker to get a wish granted. But I was feeling especially benevolent today, and the site made me chuckle. ;)

Lance, when it comes to selling stuff like that, there's really only one earmark for prices. You can sell it for whatever some dope wants to pay for it. I hear some games like CT and FFIII go, in some places, for as much as their original price, if not more. But, like I said, it's all what someone's willing to spend. Take a slice of cardboard worth less than a penny, stamp a Charizard on it, and sell it to a poképhile for a hundred bucks.

This debate will last until the end of time.

Hey Cheshcromancer,

I was reading that piece of garbage Watashi wrote and it pisses me off. I have been gaming since I was a wee lad, I started on FFIV, I'm not going to be like 90% of the people that write to you guys and be like; "I started on DQ", because if we ALL started on DQ it would have actually been a success, not a colt following, you get my drift?

Anyways, New RPGs are just as good as old, they tell a story, but now they can tell it in so much more dramatic ways, its for the better. The reason older games seem to 'tell a story better' is because they were made when no plot was considered 'spent' and common RPG cliques were not around, because time hadn't created them yet. So you see, people like him have 'lamer' written on their heads. I am not old, I am not new, I am a GAMER! I simply play games that rock and dont play games that don't, isn't that the root of all entertainment? We all do it, why cant we stop classifying people and creating stereotypes and just play games?

-Mephtik-X "Who knows he should have won the Magic Pro Tour last year, but that god damn Finkler guy beat him out in Day Two, oh and he also knows that he can lay the smack down on some chumps in Diablo II....HADRYAH THE NECRO IS GOD, BOW BEFORE HIM OR BE INFINITELY MINE, IN LIFE AND DEATH, I'm done..."

Cheshire Catalyst:
It will never end.
Cities are built and they crumble. Babies are born, the elderly pass on into infinity, nations rise and fall...
The debate between Old School and New School rages on for eternity. And it's not just RPGs. Movies, music, books, cars, clothes, Comic Books (Here's a dare. Go to any DC message board and ask "Who is your favorite Green Lantern?" You'll start a flame war the size of New Mexico.)
Enough, I say! I have released my staff from their cages and now they will use their combined super human abilities to end this purgatory of a debate once and for all.

During the few precious minutes that I can spare when I'm not building nuclear superweapons and giant robots, do you honestly think I'll be playing video games? Insolent fool! Catalyst, you shall PAY for taking me away from my daily tasks for this foolish endeavor.

Hmph. Anything old school is bad. Only the NEW SCHOOL shall prevail! And the denziens of the weak and pixelated OLD SCHOOL will suffer under my wicked, naughty reign of evil. You think you're bad? I dress up grown women like appliances and make them beat up schoolgirls. There are no depths to my sadistic heart. What!? My plan to trick girls into giving me their souls by telling them they're not pretty has failed? Curse you, Tuxedo Mask!

Truly the Old School is better. For when we change that which is old, into that which is new, we lose something. We lose precisely just what made the game old, for now it has changed and now it is new. I believe that only by playing Old School games, we can be truly at peace. And if you disagree? I'll have Lady Une spank you like a red-headed stepchild.

Damn Straight.

Hee Hee. I like to play Pac-Man. One time, Roll and I stayed up ALL night just trying to get the cherry in the first level. When Dr. Light asked what I was up to, I said "I'm just trying to get Roll's Cherry!" He gave me SUCH a spanking.

Ok, I think Megaman is on the right track. Find what you like, and play what you like. If you play something, and you hate it, feel free to complain. If someone enjoys something you don't like, then leave them alone. Don't get all bent out of shape just because someone's having a good time.

One last thing, if you have any more thoughts on the Old School/New School debate, please feel free to submit to the editorials section. Mistress Nightshadow says she can't wait to hear from you. ;)

The Name Game.

Having completed Chrono Cross with Leah the first time I played, I can tell you that Leah is not Ayla's daughter as Goog suggested. In fact, the situation is reversed. Leah tells us in the end that her daughter will be named "Ayla," indicating that Leah is Ayla's mother.

Still no idea where Leah came from or who her family is, though.


Cheshire Catalyst:
Kids, Googleshng was joking yesterday about the Ayla/Merle comment. And even though Leah wants to name her kid "Ayla", that doesn't make her the same Ayla. CC takes place a few years after the original, and Ayla was born millions of years ago. Two people, different name. If it worked that way, when my parents named me "Christopher" I'd have would up carrying babies over streams or playing with stuffed animals in the hundred acre wood.

Phinal Phantasy?

Both Goog and others have been saying that FFXI will be a bad game because of their experiences with online RPGs being bad. At the same time, everyone's jumping for joy over Phantasy Star Online because as Goog said, "It's got Phantasy Star in the title..." Using that logic, wouldn't FFXI be good simply because it's a Final Fantasy game. (The supposed favorite rpg.) I simply don't understand the reasoning that drives you guys. (RPGamer staff)


Cheshire Catalyst:
I have yet to play Phantasy Star Online. That said, it is all a matter of preference once again. Google loves his Phantasy Star games, and thinks the FF series is over done. I've only played a little PS4, but I think it's decent. I also had fun playing FFIX despite the fact that it's so derivative. Hey, what can I say? We're human beings here at RPGamer. (Except for our boss, Mike. He's a soulless computer program designed by The Qward)


soundtracks: what does OSV stand for?


Original Sound Version. See also, Ovulating Symbiotic Vampires.


Maybe it's just me but doesn't FFX's Tide look a tad... fruity?


It's just you, Rad. Looking at a video game character in such a lusty way. Tisk Tisk. (Returns to admiring the fine, silky legs of Ms. Pac-Man)

Yesterday (1/12) someone asked if there were any web-sites that had game source code posted. As I recall, Bungie, the makers of the upcoming Oni and Halo, have posted the source code for their first-person shooter Marathon. It's the Mac version (they supposedly lost the Windows source code at sea somewhere) but it's source code none the less. I don't know if this is what he's looking for, but it's there.

Cool. Personally, I still enjoy playing with rpgmaker2000 for my PC. ;)

The Last Laugh:

Another letter shortage, as you can tell. If you need me, I'll be playing Lunar 2 so that I can finally answer some questions about the later stages of the game.

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