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Chris Martin- January 8th '01- 12:00 Eastern Standard Time

Good morning students. I hope everyone had, ah, a productive and enjoyable weekend and is ready to get back to, ah, work today. Before leaving for first period, we have, ah, some announcements that we need to go over first.

Uh, first off. I'd like to commend the student body as a whole for being, ah, so well-behaved at the assembly yesterday. The career day coordinator said that you were the best set of students she has, ah, ever presented for and that you should be commended.

Ummm. Mistress Nightshadow has informed me that there will be an editorial contest taking place within the near future. The winner of the, ah, contest will win a copy of a game of his or her choice and a chance to be my personal guest host for a Q&A column sometime in the future. Runners up can expect to win either a book of Fan Art or some LUNAR parephinalia. You can expect full details at the next Editorials update. So, ah, good luck to all of the entries.

Umm. The cafeteria staff has informed me that due to the mad cow disease outbreak, "Taco Tuesday" will be henceforth known as "Tofu Tuesday". uh, please adjust your schedule accordingly.

Thanks you, and ah.. good day.

Tired of the same old burger?
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Google made me watch "Utena"



Good morning atomic kitten sir.

well, first off, this be the first and virgin letter i've ever written to you (or any other dudes in RPGamer for that matter) and I think you guys/gals/

and to add a little spice to this letter, i must say that i have enjoyed your columns tremondously, wit, grit, insults and all...(not sucking up...........much)

anyway, questions questions, regarding some PC stuffs.....specifically, Arcanum Obscura...(hope i got the name right..) but am I the only soul who still remembers it or something? where is it? did i miss it or what?? FallOut 1 & 2 were some of the best RPGs ever borned of the PC, and I was really looking forward to Arcanum. ALOT.
hope you can shed some light....or maybe rant at me for being dumb or something.

and just as a sidenote, i was kinda wondering what other good PC RPGs are out there at the moment, cause playing Baldurs Gate 2 and killing Irenicus over and over..isnt really that fun. much.... ok...its kinda cool..but..heck..the alcohol is killing me...and i am beginning to see........funny things flying across my buzzing head...raved too much.

ok, thanks for bothering to read this obscure letter of mine. and to you and everyone in, have a raving new year and hellish millenuium...or sumthing.

"If you're feeling good about Life, don't worry. You'll get over it"

Cheshire Catalyst:
The name of the game is "Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura". For those not in the know, this game combines elements of technology and magic in a Falloutish Death and Doom setting. Pick your own class; elf, dwarf and other Tolkienesque characters. The game can support up to 8 characters. Check RPGamer's archives for even more info. Expect it to be released on or around the first of Febuary this year.
So? You need a new RPG for the PC? If you liked Baldur's Gate 2, then any of the other Black Isle/ AD&D games are worth a look. (Icewind Dale, Torment, and the Original Baldur's Gate) Heart of Winter, an Icewind Dale expanion not unlike "Tales of the Sword Coast", is coming soon. For console like fun, pick up a copy of "Septerra Core". It should have dropped some in price since it was released. Deus Ex is an excellent shooter/RPG hybrid, and "The Longest Journey" is a fun adventure game.
Fair warning. Stay away from Ultima IX. It "looks" cool, but I picked it up for $9 and it wasn't even worth that. It was fun, at first, but then the bugs started to make the game impossible.

Everytime my roommate comes into the room, I play "Quina's Theme." He hates it, for some reason. :(

I'd like to continue the topic of favorite music by asking you what songs from RPGs you enjoy the most. My personal best are-

6. "Time's Scar" Chrono Trigger
5. "The Place I'll Return To Someday" FFIX
4. "Wind Scene" Chrono Trigger
3. "Liberali Fatali" FFVIII
2. "Opening Theme - Terra" FFVI
1. "The Legendary Battle" Chrono Trigger

Also, I'd like you to settle an argument between a fellow Squarehead and I - hasn't Nobuo Uematsu been the music director for at least FFVI through FFIX?


John Mason (A.K.A. jemstone21)

"Bah! Only a flesh wound!"
-Sorry. Being a Monty Python fan, this line cracked me up.-

Cheshire Catalyst:
It would be damn near impossible to list all of my favorite agme songs without forgetting a few. "Dancing Mad" and "One Winged Angel" top everyone's list. "Aria de Mezzo Cattare" and Final Fantasy Four's overworld theme are two other favorites of mine as well.
And yes, Nobuo Uematsu has written the music for all off the final fantasies that I can remember. If I'm wrong, don't hesitate to send an obnoxious letter to Googleshng about it.

More and More...

My antisocial Maine Coon ordered me to get up and write you, so here I am.

1. Just finished the Lunar 2 epilogue with everything and I can't decide what to play next, should I play Valkyrie Profile or should I make an actual effort to get off the first disc of FF9?

2. Christopher is a good name for a paladin or a crusader, isn't it?

3. Your quote at the end sounds like something from the ever observant Millie, who seems to have all the reasoning power of creamed corn.

4. Fifth Moon was a good episode, but now I can't wait for the next DVD...WWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

5. I found out something interesting from my friend after he watched the third ep. of Trigun. There was an arms company during the American Civil War that made an unique looking pistol. It looked exactly like those built by the drunken gunsmith Frank Marlin. The company eventually sold out to someone else though. How do I know this? The company was also named Marlin, and my friend just happens to be Seth Marlin.

I talked more about Trigun than RPG's, didn't I? Pity

Christopher "The Crusader" Ackerman

"The eyes are open, the mouth moves, but Mr. Brain has long since departed."

Cheshire Catalyst:
1.) Finish Final Fantasy IX. I'm on the final disc, so I have reason to celebrate. It's "hunt for subquests and items" time...
2.) It sure as hell is. My Paladin in Baldur's Gate 2 is named Christopher, after yours truly. Though I'm only called "Christopher" when I do something bad.
3.) Didn't Vash comment on how she's smarter than she realizes? I like Millie. Oh and congrats to the approximatly 7 billion people who got that quote.
4.) Very, very cool episode. I can't wait for "Rem Savarem" Looks like it might jusrt answer some questions: being narrorated by young Vash and all.
5.) That's... pretty damn cool actually. O_o. Cooler than the fact that my cousins's grandfather invented the first "Gundam". Named after what he used to call us. "Gun Dam kids with yer Gun Dam nintendo." bad bad joke. Sorry.

And yes, you did. Shame.


No, NO! Kenshin on Cartoon Network bad! Dub bad! AAACK!


I got about 30 of these...

Sorry, I saw Perfect Blue last year at a pop culture convention screening, and had to guess the name spelling myself. This year they're gonna play End of Evangelion plus may others. Whoo-hoo!

Just watch out for the Shinji/Asuka hospital scene in the beginning. It will scar your mind.

I want to kiss Squall!

...I'll settle for looking at Garnet's well rendered butt for a few more hours, thanks.

donde estan mis pantelones?

Su panatalones esta a la casa de mi madre.

The Last Laugh:

The weekend is over!


Chesh"College man"
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